Rustic Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Enjoy a cozy, old-fashioned Christmas with family and friends this year by incorporating rustic Christmas dining room design.

Rustic Christmas Tables And Chairs

A dining room set is the central focus of any dining room, where you and your guests share great meals, laughs and conversation. Give yours a rustic holiday look with:

  • Solid wood construction: Wooden tables and chairs with good, country craftsmanship are just right for a rustic Christmas meal, whether you stick with a natural finish, a distressed look or paint in forest green, deep red or black.
  • Warm, natural fabrics: Try subdued country prints, bright Christmas colors and themes or plaids in cotton, flannel or burlap for tablecloths, table runners or chair covers.
  • Homey place settings: Cloth napkins and placemats in Christmas colors whisk guests away from the age of cheap, modern disposables. Enhance this rustic charm by putting a pinecone placeholder with each guest's name on a colorful card, and rolling napkins in jingle bell napkin holders, easily made by stringing jingle bells on shiny ribbons.
  • Simple, festive tableware: Use natural materials such as stoneware, wood, china and glass for a rustic dining experience. Choose Christmas themed patterns or solid colors for dishes, or natural wooden plates and salad bowls. Red or green stemware brings a bit of simple holiday elegance.

Warm Windows And Floors

Expanding the rustic Christmas theme to include the areas surrounding your dining set helps keep your design authentic and consistent. Hardwood floors are ideal for this look, whether they have a natural, stained, painted or distressed finish. If your dining room has wall-to-wall carpeting or another more modern flooring surface, you can still achieve a rustic holiday look by adding simple braided or woven area rugs.

Rustic Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Dining room windows offer a number of opportunities to enhance and compliment your holiday decorating. Here are just a few:

  • Country curtains in natural opaque fabrics for cozy, insulating warmth.
  • Decorative, indoor holiday wreaths made of evergreen sprigs, pinecones, red berries and simple Christmas ornaments
  • Frosty window stencils
  • Homemade paper snowflakes
  • Sponged on snowy designs.

Creating a Rustic Holiday Atmosphere With Warmth And Light

Cozy warmth and soft lighting are just right for a festive country Christmas meal on an icy cold night. Bring these elements into your dining room with:

  • A rustic hearth: If you're lucky enough to have a real fireplace in your dining room, light it during dinner to allow your guests to bask in the radiant warmth, gentle flickering light and earthy crackling sound. If you don't have a fireplace, consider purchasing a realistic looking, affordable electric one. Many electric fireplaces even produce heat.
  • Candlelight: Tall Christmas candles have a simple elegance that never goes out of style. Light some at your table, or on your sideboard or buffet.
  • Low-watt lighting: Try a classic wrought iron hanging lamp with soft, low-watt bulbs for a gentle lighting effect.

rustic christmas table decoration ideas

Music And Scent

Music evokes old memories and becomes etched into new ones. Simple acoustic holiday recordings enhance the rustic feel of your Christmas meal, as long as the level is kept low enough for comfortable conversation. Renditions using natural instruments such as harp, guitar, violin, drums and clear voices are excellent choices. Look for historic or rural versions of Christmas classics such as:

  • Medieval Christmas tunes
  • Authentic American folk or mountain holiday songs
  • Celtic, European or other historic cultural variations.

When thinking about mood, don't forget scent. Gentle holiday scents, mingled with the smell of all your delicious menu items will be unforgettably sweet for everyone involved. Introduce holiday scents with fragrance oils, decorative scented candles or pinecones, natural potpourri in a woven basket or wooden bowl or convenient room sprays. Many of these homey Christmas scents smell good enough to eat:

  • Cranberry
  • Peppermint
  • Apple pie
  • Balsam fir
  • Bayberry
  • Sugar cookie
  • Cinnamon
  • Cedar
  • Brown sugar
  • Cloves
  • Frankincense and Myrrh
  • Gingerbread cookie
  • Orange.

rustic christmas table decoration ideas

Rustic Christmas Dining Room Centerpieces And Accents

Complete your rustic Christmas dining experience by adding some little touches. Here are a few ideas:

  • Adorn your mantle or window frames with evergreen garlands, red ribbon bows and berries.
  • Hang some classic felt, flannel or hand-knit Christmas stockings over the mantle or on the backs of dining room chairs.
  • Replace your wall art with country style holiday prints in wrought iron or wooden frames.
  • Suspend rustic Christmas baskets from your ceiling.
  • Put out a bowl of steaming hot chestnuts or unshelled nuts with an old fashioned nutcracker.
  • Display antique wooden, ceramic or pewter Christmas collectible figures on shelves.
  • Create a table centerpiece using a woven basket filled with homey touches such as pinecones, winter fruit, evergreen sprigs, Christmas candy or simple ornaments.
  • Fill a glass vase with an attractive arrangement of bare, winter twigs.

With your beautiful decorating touches, your rustic Christmas dining room will be as warm and inviting as a Norman Rockwell painting.

Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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