Wall Color Ideas For Dining Rooms

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When deciding on a color scheme for a dining room or dining area, there are several factors to consider. Although there is no cardinal rule for dining room colors, you should keep in mind a palette that encourages an appetite and does not remind you of foods you might despise.

Dining Room Design Inspiration

A dining room does not have to be all one color and can have a bright color for accent, however the color scheme should be a comfortable one because it is a communal space where people congregate. Color will also depend upon lighting either overhead or perhaps from sconces on walls. In addition, windows and doors leading to open spaces can also determine a color scheme.

  • Depending on where you may live, a dining room color scheme can evoke blues and light tones of the ocean or greens and sage colors of the mountains or forest.
  • A dining room is also a great space for wallpaper on all walls or even just one. Color schemes can be created from a favorite pattern or motif in the wallpaper.
  • Depending upon the furniture and style of the dining room, color can play off wood, glass and even iron tables.
  • Dining rooms may even include mirrors to make a small space bigger and mirror frames can dictate a room's color scheme. However, mirrors can be intrusive while eating and can make guests feel uncomfortable.
  • Color for a dining room may also come from an inspiration about food and dining. Darker brown tones may work for a western-style hearty living and lighter greens and pale yellows for a country atmosphere of freshly picked from the garden. In a city where space is limited, a dining room may have pale colors to make a space feel bigger.

Dining room spaces are often an extension of a great room or a family room and may play off a dominant decorating theme from these spaces. In an open room space or a sitting area, the dining area may be less formal allowing ideas for a color scheme to be an extension of the adjoining or shared spaces.

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Dining Room Furniture

A dining room can include several types of furniture such as side tables, bar carts and shelving. These items and others should be considered in choosing colors for a dining room so the furniture feels like a part of the dining experience.

Benches and straight back chairs can incorporate color in cushions or in the chair itself. Remember white is not always the best color for upholstery in a dining room because accidents do happen. Bright white is stark for a dining room and can feel institutional, warmer shades of white or cream colors are usually better options.

Dining Room Uses

If a home has a particular style including a collection of art, items or memorabilia, a dining room color scheme can incorporate colors or a color from the collection creating a semblance of flow in a home.

Dining rooms can also be a multipurpose space for a family and for anyone who conducts business from home. A color scheme of neutral tones beige, light browns and creams will work for a changing and busy atmosphere.

Selecting The Color

A dining room may also be an extension of a kitchen where a color scheme can rollover from one room to another, or carry a single or more accents that bring both areas together. Since dining rooms and the kitchen are so closely related, a color scheme should complement the two spaces.

When deciding on a color scheme, take a moment to browse paint and home improvement stores to see all the options available for painting. In addition, it might be helpful to take paint chip cards home to get an idea of whether or not you can live with a color that looks great in the store but does not match anything you own.

Ideas for color schemes for a dining room or area can be found in numerous home décor magazines as well as online. In addition, when sitting down to a meal in the dining room, take a minute to notice what color inspiration might already be in the room around you.

Last Updated: August 22, 2011
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