11 Easy Vinyl Tile Craft Ideas

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You can use vinyl tiles in a variety of creative ways to decorate or make something useful around your home. Vinyl tiles are easy to cut into whatever shape you would like, but can be easily used in their original size and shape. You can cut the tiles with a heavy utility knife or tin snipping scissors. Warm the tile slightly with a blow dryer to make it easier to slice.

Pet Food Tray

You can create an easy-to-clean tray for feeding messy pets. Just line the bottom of a metal cookie sheet with vinyl tiles, snipping as needed to fit.

Printing Stamp

If you like to create ink stamps for scrapbooking or making greeting cards, you can use old vinyl tiles. Use a fine-point marker to lay out your design on the tile, and then carefully cut it out with a utility knife. Press the adhesive backing onto a block of wood, and you are ready to start using your stamp for crafting.

Inspirational Sayings

Use your tiles as the backdrop for your favorite inspirational saying. If you have a steady hand, you can paint the words onto the tile directly with acrylic paint. If your artistic skills aren’t quite up to snuff, use stick-on letters from the craft store. You can find a wide assortment of foam, plastic, paper or wood letters to spell out a motivating message. Prop the finished tile up on a small easel stand, or stick the tile to a larger block of wood as a frame and hang it on the wall.

Cover an Ugly Cabinet

If you have an old, ugly metal filing or storage cabinet, cover it with vinyl tiles for a new look. This works especially well if you have wood-looking tiles. Measure and cut carefully, starting from the middle of the cabinet sides and working out to the edges.

Make a Bird House Roof

If you like making birdhouses, use a scrap of vinyl tile as the roof. It’s easy to wipe clean, and will keep the rain off your feathered friends.

Create a Temporary Planter

It won’t last forever, but if you want a quick planter for the season, use vinyl tiles to cover the sides and bottom of a cardboard box. Punch several holes in the bottom for drainage, then fill with potting soil and plant with flowers or small vegetables.

Crafting Placemat

Create durable placemats that are perfect for kids to use when they paint, glue or work with clay. Start with a piece of felt cut to 12 by 18 inches. Stick the vinyl squares to the felt, keeping them tightly spaced. For a perfect fit without cutting the vinyl, measure the felt to fit several vinyl tiles placed side by side. Now you have a crafting mat that is easy to wipe clean when the kids are done, and will protect your table from damage.


Vinyl tiles are a natural for making coasters. Just use a round cookie cutter to trace large circles onto the tiles, and then cut carefully with a craft knife.

Decorate your Backsplash

If your kitchen or bathroom tile backsplash is boring, you can dress it up with vinyl cutouts. Shop your local craft store for a stencil in a simple shape, such as a leaf, crescent moon, star or simple flower. Use the stencil to carefully trace the design onto the vinyl tiles, laying out as many shapes as you need. Cut carefully, and stick to your backsplash tiles, spacing the decorations evenly.

Protect the Floor underneath your Sink

The area underneath the kitchen sink can get really filthy, with spilled drops of liquid, cleaning products, and trash that didn’t quite make it to the garbage can. Use your vinyl tiles to line the floor under the sink for an easily cleaned surface that will stay much more sanitary than painted plywood.

Line the Junk Drawer

Every home has one. A drawer filled with miscellaneous pens, paper clips, bottles of glue, old keys and rubber bands. Line the drawer with vinyl squares, and protect the wood from leaky pens or spilled glue. You can also do this in your cleaning supply cabinet, or on shelves in the garage holding gardening supplies, paint or other chemicals.

Save a few squares of vinyl tile in case you need to replace a damaged section of floor, but if you have a lot of leftover tile, you can use it for many purposes around your home.

Last Updated: July 19, 2012
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