Artificial Floral Arrangements For Fall

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Creating your own artificial flower arrangements for fall is a great way to be able to see your favorite blossoms whenever you’d like and bring a warm autumn atmosphere to your home. After the season is over, simply store your artificial florals until next fall, saving you the time and money of fresh flowers each year.

Why Artificial Floral Arrangements?

Natural flowers aren’t that difficult to come by in the fall months, so why work with artificial ones for your arrangements? While the fragrance and beauty of natural flower arrangements will always have an important role in home decorating, artificial flowers have come a long way over the years. Today’s artificial flowers are delicate, lifelike and very elegant. And choosing artificial flowers for your original arrangements offers some distinct advantages:

  • Low maintenance: You don’t have to worry about adding flower food or changing the water. The only thing you’ll ever have to do is clean away the dust occasionally. You’ll also be able to reuse your artificial arrangement year after year, saving you plenty of money.
  • Staying power: Unlike natural flowers that will eventually wither and die, artificial flowers can look as fresh five years from now as the day you bought them. After all your efforts, you’ll be able to use the arrangements you design every autumn, or reuse the flowers in different arrangements if you feel inspired to try something new.
  • No allergy concerns: If anyone in your family is allergic to flowers, they’ll still be able to enjoy your artificial flower arrangements without sneezing. (You’ll still have to dust your arrangements to protect family members who have dust allergies of course.)
  • Variety: You’ll have access to types of flowers that might not be available fresh in your geographic area or be too expensive to be practical.

Working With Natural Elements In Artificial Arrangements

Just because you’re using artificial flowers doesn’t mean you can’t give your arrangements a natural autumn feel. Here are a few ways to incorporate some natural fall elements into your designs:

  • Arrange artificial marigolds in a natural wicker basket, galvanized metal bucket or watering can.
  • Surround dramatic faux zinnia or coxcomb blossoms with natural reclaimed feathers. You’d be surprised at the colorful feathers you can probably find around your neighborhood.
  • Place tiny blossoms in glass vases and wind sprigs of fall berries.
  • Fill a terra cotta pot with silk coneflowers, black-eyed Susans or chrysanthemums and center it on a wide, wooden tray. Fill the tray with unshelled walnuts, pecans and almonds.
  • Surround your arrangement with natural or artificial fruits such as red and green apples, crabapples and pears.
  • Compliment an arrangement of deep purple and red flowers in a white porcelain vase with some tall dried wheat sheaves and dried or artificial grasses.
  • Use a hollowed out pumpkin or gourd as a container for an arrangement of faux sunflowers, mums or lilies.
  • Arrange some golden straw around deep orange, red and yellow poppies in a wooden box.
  • Collect some interesting shaped twigs from your yard or neighborhood and arrange them in a vase with faux blossoms.
  • Use a miniature wheelbarrow as a vase for your flower arrangement and surround flowers with natural or faux ornamental peppers and mini eggplants, dried corn, garlic, miniature pumpkins, squashes and gourds.
  • Since artificial flowers don’t need water, arrange them in clear or fall-colored glass vases filled with river rocks, unshelled nuts, berries or pinecones.

Sweet Arrangements

Another fun approach to flower arrangements is using attractive sweets and candy to enhance the design. Either fill a glass vase with sweets and add your flowers, or use sweets to surround flowers in a pot, box or basket. Any candies that come wrapped in gold or orange foil will work really well with your fall arrangements. You may also want to add some of these other sweets and treats to your fall faux flower designs:

  • Candy corn
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Red, yellow, brown and orange M&Ms or jelly beans
  • Candy pumpkins, leaves, or scarecrows
  • Miniature chocolate bars in yellow, brown and red wrappers
  • Autumn leaf lollypops
  • Fall colored “unicorn horn” pops
  • Wrapped brown caramel cubes

If you want to give a specific Thanksgiving theme to your fall arrangement, add some candy turkeys, pilgrims and Native Americans.

Autumn Lights

Adding the soft glow of light to your floral designs brings a special autumn magic. Try these easy ways to light up your flower creations:

  • Since you don’t have to use water with artificial flowers, you can easily add a string of white or orange lights inside your vase.
  • Surround your flowers with battery operated LED lighted branches.
  • Display your vase, pot or basket of flowers on a tray with candles.

For a really dramatic lighted presentation, display your artificial flowers in water with a submersible waterproof lighting fixture. When used in a clear or fall-colored glass container, these submersible lamps illuminate your design from within. Enhance this effect by adding one or more of these little extras to your display:

  • Glass beads
  • Marbles
  • Water jewels
  • Faux pearls.

Your autumn faux flower arrangements will bring little bursts of color and style to your home, helping you celebrate the newness of this crisp, bright season. The time you invested will be well spent when you can enjoy your creations year after year, or use your flowers for stylish new designs when you’re ready for something different.

Last Updated: September 2, 2012
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