Baby Gender-Reveal Party Ideas

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Not too many years ago, a couple had to wait until their child was born before they knew if it was a boy or a girl. Medical tests now give couples the option to reveal that mystery months ahead of time. Why not share that magic moment with friends and family by having a gender-reveal party?

About Gender-Reveal Parties

Gender-reveal parties are a new trend for sharing the moment of discovery with loved ones. Here's how they work:

  • Usually a close friend or relative is entrusted with the secret before the parents even know. Parents instruct their doctor to either confide the knowledge to this person, or give them a sealed envelope that they will pass on to professionals helping with the party.
  • This person then plans a party around the reveal, sending themed invitations and letting the suspense build in an exciting way throughout the evening with themed foods, games and decorations.
  • The secret knowledge is used to reveal the sex of the baby at the end of the party in a creative and unexpected way.

Gender-reveals are lots of fun, but they're not for everyone. Before planning a gender-reveal, make absolutely sure that both parents truly want to know the sex of their baby before it's born and that they are both on board with discovering this important knowledge in front of a group of people.

Sometimes couples love the idea of a gender-reveal but would like some time to savor this knowledge alone first. A nice compromise for them is to get the information directly from their doctor and then plan the party themselves to publicly announce the happy news.

Gender-Reveal Party Menu Ideas

Let the foods at your reveal party contribute to the suspense! Here are a few menu ideas that might be right for you:

  • Pregnancy cravings Menu: Offer your guests a variety of snacks that are often craved by pregnant women such as pickles, ice cream, pizza, salty chips and popcorn. Be sure to add whatever the mom-to-be is specifically craving; the crazier the better. So your cravings menu might feature anything from canned corn to hot wings.
  • Gender-reveal cupcakes: Let your party food do the reveal for you by baking cupcakes with either pink or blue filling. Instruct each guest to take one cupcake and bite into it at the same moment, revealing the sex of the baby.
  • Gender-themed menu: Serve only pink and blue foods including candies, cookies, drinks, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, jello, ice cream or anything else you can transform with food coloring. For dyed lemon wedges to place in drinks, simply put the wedges in a sealed plastic bag with several drops of either blue or red food dye and enough water to cover them. Allow the wedges to sit for several hours. To complement this theme, serve menu items in pink and blue plates, bowls and cups.

Baby Gender-Reveal Party Activities

Keep guests entertained and the suspense level high with lots of fun and interesting games and activities including:

  • Cast a vote: Display a large blackboard or whiteboard and let guests cast their vote about whether the baby is a boy or girl. Have pink and blue buttons that guests can wear or pink and blue balloons to carry around showing how they voted. Offer prizes at the end of the party for the winners.
  • Jellybean guess: Fill a large glass jar with a mixture of pink and blue jellybeans. Have guests guess the exact number of each color beans and award a prize to the one who comes the closest.
  • What am I: Write the names of baby related items such as diapers, pacifier, bottle, stroller or changing table on index cards. As guest arrive, tape one card to each guest's back without him or her seeing it. Each guest then has to ask questions of the other guests to try to figure out what is written on his or her card.
  • Dress the part: Invite guests to arrive dressed in pink if they think the baby will be a girl or blue if they think it's a boy. Give prizes to guests who guessed correctly.

Gender-Reveal Party Invitations & Decorations

Decorating for a gender-reveal is much like decorating for a baby shower, except rather than choosing one color, these parties usually use colors symbolizing both the possible genders. A great palette for a gender-reveal would include both pink and blue and could also include a variety of other soft pastels such as lavender, yellow, pale green, cream or white. Select invitations

Enhance your party décor by including classic baby themes such as:

  • Rubber ducks on each guest’s plate
  • Baby bottles as napkin or utensil holders
  • Pacifiers as napkin rings
  • Diapers
  • Baby blankets

Baby themed items work well as centerpieces or if you prefer, use baby-themed patterns on table wear, tablecloths and wall decorations.

Revealing the Happy News

As your party time draws to a close, it will be time for your big reveal. Make the moment as dramatic and exciting as possible. Here are a few memorable ways to announce the sex of your unborn child:

  • Box of balloons: Have lots of either pink or blue helium balloons secretly sealed in a large box. At the end of the party, cut the box open and let the balloons float up to reveal the answer.
  • Secret cake or cupcakes: Have a baker prepare a pink cake for a girl or a blue cake for a boy and frost it in neutral color frosting. When it's time for the big moment, cut open the cake and find the answer.
  • Mystery gift: Have the designated party planner buy a boy or girl's baby outfit and gift-wrap it in plain paper. Open the present at the end of the night.
  • Happy blooms: Have a bouquet of pink or blue flowers delivered at the end of the night.
  • Good fortune: Have custom fortune cookies made with the answer inside.
  • high-tech answer: Hire an ultrasound technician to come to the party so everyone can watch the answer on the screen.

Your gender-reveal party will be an unforgettable way to find out and/or announce the sex of your new baby to family and friends. Be sure to take lots of pictures and get an early start on your son or daughter's baby album!

Last Updated: July 8, 2012
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