Chalkboard Paint Craft Ideas

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You probably remember those trusty black chalkboards from your grammar school and high school days. They were big and pretty darned useful. The nicest thing about those long ago chalkboards was that a quick swipe with an eraser was almost as good as the delete button on your computer. These days, chalkboards are popular for more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. They can be versatile and attractive additions to the home, too. Chalkboard paint allows you to transform any flat surface into… wait for it… a chalkboard. Paint walls, tables or even appliances with chalkboard paint to transform them into multifunctional message boards.

How To Make Chalkboard Paint In 3 Steps

If you don't like the idea of using traditional black chalkboard paint, put together a batch of custom chalkboard paint using any acrylic paint color you want. Chalkboard paint has to be slightly textural with an erasable finish. For that, you need to add a couple of ingredients to standard latex or acrylic paint. Here's how:

Chalkboard Paint Recipe

  • 2 cups acrylic paint (flat, not glossy)
  • ¼ cup paint glaze (not oil based)
  • ¼ cup tile grout powder (white, non-sanded)


  1. Combine paint and glaze, and stir until blended.
  2. Add grout powder very slowly and stir thoroughly to avoid lumps.
  3. Paint as you would normally.

Allow the chalkboard paint to dry according to the directions on the glaze product you're using. If you're thinking of choosing a light colored paint, be sure to locate a chalk product that will be visible and easy to use before you commit to a color.

Chalkboard Paint Wall Art Ideas

Here are some ideas for decorating your walls with chalkboard paint.

  • Chalkboard paint looks modern when painted on a kitchen wall and used as a menu board.
  • Paint a wall to use as a note board in a mudroom or garage.
  • Paint an entire wall or section off a portion of a wall, cabinet or door with painter's tape for a "sectional" chalkboard. You can also buy a large picture frame and apply chalkboard paint to a piece of plywood measured to fit the frame.
  • Here's another inexpensive idea: Paint press-apply tiles with chalkboard paint and alternate them with cork or mirrored tiles. You'll get a dramatic wall for pennies. Add a single letter to each tile and spell out a word, or use them like chalkboard Post-it notes!
  • This is one product that will make it OK for your kids to draw on the walls. If you've designated a crafting or school work area in your child's room, why not create a faux frame with mitered trim pieces, and paint a chalkboard inside. It will look tidy, customized and totally adorable behind a student desk or petite table and chairs. You can make it large or small, too.
  • Create an inexpensive chalkboard headboard. Your child can decorate -- and redecorate -- his or her room using colored chalk.

Unique Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Try some of these creative ways to use chalkboard paint around your house:

  • If your kitchen cabinet doors are starting to look dated, covering them with chalkboard paint can revitalize them and add a theme to your kitchen. Write the contents of the cabinets on each of the doors.
  • Paint your refrigerator and write your grocery list right on the doors!
  • Paint the door of your dishwasher to easily scrawl “dirty” or “clean” right on the front.
  • Painting photo frames with chalkboard paint lets you write the date and other details of the photos right on their frames.

Chalkboard & Magnetic Paint

If the idea of filling your walls with chalk inspired creations isn't bold enough, you can always make your chalkboards magnetic. Add a base coat of magnetic paint to your chalkboard projects, and use your boards as magnet holders, too. A magnetic chalkboard can be lots of fun in a kid's room, but even in your kitchen or family room, being able to add inspirational magnets to the walls opens up creative vistas. Imagine the possibilities. Why should the fridge have all the fun?

Last Updated: March 21, 2013
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