Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are coming up, Secret Santa names have been pulled from a hat, and you’ve been assigned to buy a gift for Bob in IT, or Suzanne in Accounting. If your office gets gift exchange fever each year, you know it can be tough to come up with a fun, inexpensive yet appealing gift for a person you probably hardly know outside of polite “hello’s” in the elevator.

For the Company Rocker

He might work in the warehouse by day, but by night, he plays in a band, or just wishes he did. With the Finger Drums Tabletop Electric Drum Set, he’s a rockin’ drummer anywhere, anytime. This miniature (7 inches by 5 inches) drum set has a large and small tom tom, snare drum, bass drum and cymbal. Tap with your fingers to create realistic sound, which you can even record and play back at an impromptu rave in the lunchroom. $18 at

Corporate Christmas gift ideas

For the Part-Time Telecommuter

If your giftee works a flex schedule, with some hours at home, he or she has probably suffered the annoyance of realizing a file for the big Smith account is on the hard drive at work, not at home. With a Monogrammed Bamboo USB Flash Drive, it’s easy to transport important files and information between home and office. Natural bamboo with engraved initials gives a personal, attractive touch to a 2 GB flash drive that is compatible with Mac or PC. $25 at

For the Creative Type

If you’ve picked a coworker with a flair for creativity, perhaps someone in marketing or the graphics department, inspire his free flow of ideas with Adam the Doodles Man. This intriguing wire figure has fully adjustable limbs, so he can strike whatever pose his owner fancies. This fun, desktop distraction is a great way to relieve stress, or let the mind wander freely, often leading to new, creative ideas. Adam can even serve as a model for figure drawing. $25 at

For the Health Fan

She’s concerned about her health, eats organic and would never be caught dead with a disposable, plastic water bottle. Give her something to drink to with a glass water bottle encased in a bright, silicone sleeve with a dotted cutout design. No worries about BPA, lead or chemicals leaching into the bottle’s contents. Just water, juice, iced tea or whatever cold beverage she enjoys. Both bottle and sleeve is dishwasher safe, and the sleeve even has ounce markings for convenient measuring of ingredients or contents. $15 at

For the Handy Man

He’s the guy everyone goes to when they have something that needs fixing. He always has a DIY or remodeling project going on at home, and can comfortably handle a chain saw. Give him an entire tool kit he can keep in his desk drawer with the Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool. This ingenious device has 10 stainless steel tools in one. Fold out pliers, screwdrivers, knives, bottle opener and more. It even comes with a pocket survival guide, perfect for those unexpected adventures. $13 at Just remember he probably can’t keep it at work!

For the Nature Lover

If your giftee loves all things nature, thrill her with a Window Hummingbird Feeder. She’ll see these tiny flying wonders up close and personal with a feeder that attaches to the window with a suction cup. The feeder is handmade of glass wrapped with copper wire, and finished with a red marble to attract the fast flying birds. The feeder is easy to fill and clean. $12 at

For the Traveler

He’s always talking about his next vacation, or the one he just returned from. If your giftee loves to travel, or just loves to dream about traveling, spark some ideas with the book, 1001 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die. From St. Mary Lake in Montana to Los Roques de Garcia in Canary Islands, the book is filled with hundreds of beautiful color pictures of places he likely hasn’t been to, but will definitely want to put on his bucket list. $23 at

For the Snacker

He’s the one who always has a jar of candy on his desk. No one passing by can resist stopping in for a handful of jellybeans or Hershey Kisses. If you’ve picked the office candy dispenser as your Secret Santa giftee, add a little fun to his desk with a glass replica of an open Ziploc bag that is so realistic, you’ll want to touch it to prove it’s not plastic. Perching on his desk with the top open, it’s the perfect size and shape for holding any small candy or snack. $18 at

For the Golfer

If your Secret Santa pick considers the worst day golfing to be better than the best day at the office, she’ll love a personalized golf towel. Made of 100 percent cotton with a velour finish, the towel measures 16 by 26 inches, and can be personalized with any name you choose. Every golfer needs to have a towel or two in her bag for drying wet hands, balls or clubs. Why not make it a towel personalized just for her? $20 at

Secret Santa gift exchanges are more fun when you take a little time to pick a gift the recipient will really enjoy. There’s no need for generic gift cards when you can find something special so easily.

Last Updated: December 16, 2012
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