Cranberry Craft Ideas For Christmas & Holiday Decorating

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Make the most of the holiday season's favorite natural accessory, the cranberry. Create beautiful, natural and modern décor pieces for the entire house with these simple tips and decoration ideas.

Cranberry Garland

One of the simplest cranberry crafts you can create for the holidays is a cranberry garland. Simply string cranberries onto thread, carefully using a needle. Size the garland for your fireplace mantel, or above a window. You can also use the cranberry garland to wrap around your Christmas tree or wreaths. Make short cranberries garlands, then tie the ends together to form a circle, and hang from your Christmas tree.

Cranberry Hurricane

By adding loose cranberries, you can easily convert your existing hurricane candleholders into beautiful Christmas decorations. Just fill the base of the candleholder with several inches of berries, then place the pillar candle inside.

Frozen Cranberry Vase

To keep bottles chilled with unique Christmas flare, place a bottle in the center of a large pot. Fill with water, then add one to two handfuls of cranberries. Place in the freezer until the water has completely frozen. Remove the ice block and bottle from the pot, and set them on a tray to catch the water as the cranberry ice block melts.

Cranberry Drink Chiller

Place one cranberry in each slot of an ice cube tray, then fill with water and freeze. Use the cranberry ice cubes to fill an ice bucket during a Christmas or holiday party.

Framed Cranberries

Use a shadow box from a craft or framing store to create cranberry wall décor. Fill the box entirely with cranberries, or mix them with pinecones, ornaments and Epsom salt as fake snow. Seal the shadow box, and hang on your wall.

Ready for Planting Finished Product

Cranberry Topiary

Purchase foam balls, a wooden dowel and a small potfrom a craft store. Using toothpicks, pierce a cranberry, then stick the toothpick completely into the foam ball, until the cranberry is flush with the surface. Repeat until you have covered the entire ball. Leave a small patch uncovered to stick the wooden dowel into the ball. Set the stick into the pot, and fill with soil, stones, cranberries or other holiday themed vase filler.You can also use the cranberry balls to fill decorative bowls, or set them on pillar candleholders.

Drink Mixer

Convert any standard drink mixing stick into a festive accessory. Simply slide cranberries onto the stick until completely covered, or stack two cranberries on one end, and one on the opposite end (to prevent the stick from becoming top heavy and tipping out of the glass. Set in cocktail glasses to stir drinks.

Cranberry Wreath

Purchase a foam wreath base from a craft store. Glue loose cranberries to the foam, until it is completely covered. Allow to dry thoroughly, then tie a large red or green ribbon to the top, allowing the wreath to be hung. For an elegant twist, spray paint the wreath gold, silver or white.

Cranberry Vase Filler

In place of soil or other vase fillers, fill a clear vase with loose cranberries. This works well with red and white flowers, as well as green Christmas floral arrangements. This also works well with large glasses filled with cranberries and flowers used as dining table décor.

Floating Cranberry Candles

Drop a handful of cranberries into a decorative bowl, then place floating candles on top. For more color, mix in pine branches, pinecones, and/or Christmas ornaments with the cranberries.

Cranberry Ornaments

Purchase small foam balls (about the size of an average Christmas ornament) from a craft store. Pierce loose cranberries with a toothpick broken in half, and push into the foam ball until it is completely covered. Pin a small ribbon loop to the top, and hang from your Christmas tree.

Cranberry Snowmen

Use cranberries to decorate your snowmen. The berries work well as buttons, dimples or a nose.

Cranberry Branches

Gather one to two foot long sticks from around your yard. Glue one cranberry to the end of each branch, and several more spaced sporadically down the branch. Gather the branches and set them in a large vase. If the branches are large, set the vase on the floor, otherwise place on a table in your living room, dining room or kitchen.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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