The Best Creative Uses For Wallpaper Around The House

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Wallpaper can be a great option for covering rooms with bright and intricate patterns, but there's no reason to only enjoy it on walls. Discover fun and creative new ways to decorate using wallpaper in unexpected places around your home. Create gorgeous custom furniture, wall décor, accessories, storage and more, all without the boutique price tag.

1.Table Tops

One of the easiest ways to reuse your wallpaper is covering tabletops around your home. It's up to you if the wallpaper matches what is already on your walls, or if you select a new design to be used solely on the tables. Since solid color tables can simply be bought or painted, stick to using bold, intricate patterns or images on your tabletop wallpaper. Accent tables in the living room, bedroom, guest rooms or studies with large flower patterns, brightly colored shapes or elegant metallic designs. For extra protection, cover the table top with glass to clearly display the paper without fear of damage.

2.Shelf Liner

Liven up kitchen cabinets, bookcases and entertainment centers by lining the bottom and/or back of shelves with wallpaper. Use darker colors to add depth and dimension to the shelves, or bold patterns for a fun and playful feel. Elegant black and white patterns add sophistication and style on shelves displaying collectibles, art or antiques.

3.Closet Doors

Great for kids' rooms, use a decorative, lively design in bright colors to cover closet doors. Use camouflage, jungle or sports patterns for boys' rooms, and floral, polka dot or animal patterns for the girls. For a more subdued, adult feel, choose a neutral shade slightly different from your wallpaper. The change in color will make an artistic statement without appearing out of place.

Ready for Planting

Metallic, Textured Ceilings

Finished Product

Covered Books


4.Add Texture

Many wallpapers are offered with texture, boasting raised patterns that appear to be ornate detailing built into the wall. Skip traditional flat wallpaper for this highly stylized textured look on walls, doors, ceilings or anywhere else you'd like to add decorative flair.


Since most people don't paint their ceilings, they're not likely to consider wallpapering them. In larger rooms, adding color and texture to the ceiling can be an excellent way to add a distinct theme or style. Textured, metallic wallpapers are perfect for mimicking the look of ornate tin ceilings from the late 19th century.


If you want to enjoy the patterns and colors of wallpaper, but aren't sure if you can make the commitment, cut large squares of your favorite pattern, place in stylish frames, and hang on the wall you want to decorate. Repeated squares of the pattern will still add a substantial impact to the room, without actually applying the paper to the entire wall. Remove certain frames or take them down completely if you ever tire of the pattern.


Highlighting the front of steps with color and pattern is not only stylish and unique, but also a great safety feature. Use a solid color in a slightly different shade than the steps for a muted look, or use a black and white or bold color pattern to add statement to otherwise bland staircases.


Create unique and chic gift and storage boxes. Cover plastic organizers, shoe boxes, jewelry boxes and more with your favorite wallpaper styles to instantly make containers all your own. Design individualized holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts, or add style to pantry, office or bedroom organizers.

9.Waste Paper Baskets

Cover your bedroom, bathroom or office waste paper baskets with wallpaper corresponding to the color scheme of the room. During the holidays, large popcorn tins can be reused and covered with red, green or metallic wallpaper for a festive waste paper basket or wrapping paper holder.


If you've found a wallpaper pattern made of photographs or drawings of a landscape, use one long strip as a mural for your bedroom, office, playroom or children's bedroom. Place in the middle of the wall, on the side of the room least covered by furniture for maximum impact.


If your kitchen, bathroom or garage cabinets are in need of a revamp, skip expensive remodels and opt for a wallpaper makeover. Select a pattern in one to three subtle to moderate colors to place over the entire cabinet door if it is flat, or in the middle of the door if it is carved around the edges. Paint any exposed edges with a matching or contrasting color to the wallpaper pattern, and cabinets instantly find new life, minus the hefty price tag of replacement.


A great project for leftover wallpaper scraps, use strips of your favorite pattern to cover metal or wood chair backs and seats. For extra protection against tears and spills, coat the wallpaper with several layers of acrylic polyurethane, using a foam brush.


If you're drawn to bold patterns but aren't sure you can cover a wall or large piece of furniture, drawers are the perfect option for you. Line the inside of kitchen, desk and dresser drawers for a fun and unexpected pop of color and design each time you open them.

14.Desk Accessories

Create a uniformly stylish theme for your desk area using one pattern of wallpaper to cover several items. Wrap a pen and pencil cup, books, lampshade and table top with the wallpaper pattern to create a complete desk set. Use a pattern in neutral or muted colors to avoid looking overwhelming, or a single image surrounded by a solid color, placed only once per item.


Rather than framing the wallpaper as art itself, use wallpaper to create the frame. Cover living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom photo and painting frames in unique colors, patterns and textures for one-of-a-kind frames throughout your home.


For this option, cover an existing headboard or create the illusion of one on your wall. To keep the headboard moveable if you decide to rearrange your room, cover a physical headboard with your favorite wallpaper pattern in a color and style that compliments your bedroom. If you don't already have a headboard, create the silhouette of one on your wall, behind your bed. Make sure you have your bed placed in a position in your room you plan to keep, as the wallpaper headboard will now be stuck behind it.

17.Room Divider

Room dividers are a great way to create definition and add style to open spaces like lofts, studios apartments and shared bedrooms. Rather than spending extra time and money on an expensive model, purchase a plane, unembellished room divider and cover in the wallpaper of your choice. Instantly have a personalized, chic screen to place anywhere in your home for far less than the cost of having bought a previously decorated one.


Many retail and home improvement stores sell glass or plastic drink coasters designed to have photos placed in them. If you'd prefer style over personal photos, place squares of your wallpaper inside the coasters to tie the room together in an unexpectedly personalized way.

Last Updated: October 26, 2011
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