Creative Uses For Wax Paper

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Wax paper can do much more than keep baked goods from sticking to their pan. Use this kitchen classic in a variety of new ways, from cleaning to storage, to help save money, time and the environment.

Store Sandwiches: Switch out your usual plastic sandwich bags for a biodegradable option. Wrapping sandwiches in wax paper is an earth-friendly, and microwave friendly way to keep your food fresh. Wrap and fold the paper in cute and creative ways, then place directly into the microwave to re-heat. Ordinary plastic sandwich bags can't take the heat, but wax paper works just fine.

Drawer And Shelf Liners: For drawers and shelves you may not view frequently, but still want to keep protected from dirt, dust and damage, use a sheet of wax paper in place of store bought liners. Simply set the sheet down beneath the drawer's contents, under items on the shelf, or even along the tops of cabinets that do not reach the ceiling to protect against spills, grime, grease and other substances that can damage your woodwork.

Candle Wraps: If you've ever experienced color transfer from a candle to fabrics, you'll know how hard, if not impossible, it is to remove. Before storing candles, wrap them in a sheet of wax paper to keep them protected, and prevent colored wax from rubbing off onto to surrounding fabrics. If you don't have a candle holder, use a folded sheet of wax paper to set the candle on, preventing color transfer and dripping wax from ever reaching your candleholder.

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Funnel: The next time you find yourself trying to pour spices, nuts and bolts, nails, flour or a number of other household items into a bottle or jar, try using wax paper as a handy funnel. Roll the paper into a cone, with one end wider than the other. Set the cone inside the bottle, jar or container you're using, with the smaller end down, and enjoy the ease of your make-shift funnel.

Loosen Zippers: If you can't seem to get a stubborn zipper unstuck, try rubbing a piece of wax paper over the teeth of the zipper's track. The wax coating will help the zipper slide off whatever it has caught on, and help prevent future jams.

Freeze Protection: Like plastic sandwich bags, using plastic bags to store meat and other foods in the freezer can quickly increase your waste and contributions to landfills. Try wrapping food in wax paper to not only effectively help prevent freezer burn, but reduce your impact on the environment.

Cake Frosting Transfer: Rather than nervously trying to spell out names and phrases onto cake with a shaky frosting cone, use a sheet of wax paper to perfect your pastry decorating skills. When applied directly to the cake, you've only got one shot to spell or draw correctly. Write out your desired words in frosting onto a sheet of wax paper, then place it in the freezer. Once the frosting becomes cold, you can peel it off the wax paper, and place it onto the cake. Make all the mistakes and rewrites you need before setting the delicious topping on your cake.

Prevent Water Spots: Keep your faucets sparkling by rubbing a sheet of wax paper over them to help repel water. The thin wax coating left by the paper will prevent water from clinging to the faucet, keeping water spots at bay temporarily. Use this trick the day of parties or dinners to keep freshly cleaned bathrooms looking nice for guests.

Prevent Rust On Cast Iron: Though cast iron is a valued material in the kitchen, it can rust and does require more maintenance than other metals. To help prevent your cast iron from rusting, rub with a sheet of wax paper just after washing, while the metal is still warm.

Make-Shift Laminate: For fun kids' crafts, recipes you want to keep safe or anything else you'd like to quickly laminate, try using wax paper. Set the piece of paper, card, photo, etc. between two sheets of wax paper. Place one sheet of paper towel beneath the wax paper, and one sheet on top. Iron over the paper towel to seal the wax paper around the item you wish to laminate. Remove the paper towels and cut the wax paper to size around the item.

Last Updated: September 13, 2011
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