Cubicle Christmas Decoration Ideas

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You spend a lot of holiday time at work, so get full value for the season by decking your desk as well as your home in holiday spirit. What could be nicer that adding some pictures from last Christmas to your desk decor or tucking a snow globe into a place of honor next to your phone?

Enjoy every moment of the holiday by making your cubby as cute as your stocking embellished mantle. Just remember to keep it simple and safe.

Rules and Safety Issues

Before we get to the fun stuff, it's important to understand the rules of the road -- where holiday decorations at work are concerned. Many companies publish rules and guidelines for holiday decor. If your organization has a formal policy, make sure you know it and abide by the rules. If there is no policy, ask your supervisor and always use common sense when making decorating decisions:

Cubicle Christmas Decoration Ideas

  • Be respectful - People celebrate the holidays in different ways. Although the specifics of politically correct holiday address and conduct may change, being sensitive and respectful is always in style.
  • Lose the candles - Lighting candles in a work setting is never a good idea. Instead, invest in a few battery operated candles. They look like the real thing, and many are also lightly scented.
  • Go light on the lights - Your home may be Christmas light central, but your office administrator might frown on the fire risk and waste of precious energy. You may still be able to add a little twinkle to your desk with battery operated lights, though. They're becoming more popular, and many newer varieties operate on timer systems that turn them on six hours a day -- or while your around to enjoy them. They're pretty neat, inexpensive and safe.
  • Keep doors and hallways clear- Even though you're full of Christmas cheer, business is business, so making sure it's easy to get around your holiday decorated desk and cubby (or office) is important. Wires and extension cords can create a tripping hazard, so keep them out of doorways and likely traffic areas. This also goes for placing freestanding items in narrow or confined spaces. Here are some examples of items that can hog space and create problems:
    • Rustic twig reindeer
    • Christmas trees
    • Snowmen
    • Inflatable scenes
    • Train sets

Go with Greenery

Nothing says Noel like green boughs, and there are lots of ways you can go green around your office desk for the holidays. From tiny live trees in pots to garlands strung along the top of your cubby wall, green is in for Christmas:

  • Add a small wreath to the wall over your desk. You can anchor a 6 inch wreath with push pins or double-sided sticky tape.
  • Draw a tree (wreath, star or other Christmas image) on your white board with colored, erasable ink.
  • Add the outline of a tree to your cubby wall with single-strand garland and push pins. It's easy to create the staggered shape of tree branches, and this decor option is fast and inexpensive.
  • Create an (almost) life sized tree using painted cardboard or foam board, and hang it on your office wall. Hanging Christmas tree cutouts are very popular in other parts of the world. (You can also find hanging tree art at your local craft or party store.) Here's a tip: Place your hanging tree in a protected location and put real presents under it. This is a great idea for a conference room or small reception area, too.
  • If you're lucky enough to have a window near your desk, add some Christmas cheer with a vinyl decal wreath, swag or garland. From a distance, these easy-peel-off decals look almost real. They're also cost effective. You can use them from year after year.

Cubicle Christmas Decoration Ideas

Office Ornaments, Cards and Plants

Christmas decorating is about the details:

  • You can create quite a bit of ambience around your desk by just looping ribbon along the wall and hanging Christmas cards and candy canes from it.
  • For added drama, attach lengths of ribbon to teardrop ornaments and hang them in a staggered design behind your desk or along your wall or window. The same thing works with cards, photos and even small plush toys.
  • Another classic is to hang photos or cards in the shape of a Christmas tree (a large triangle with a stem at the bottom), on a focal wall. This will work behind your desk or on the wall opposite the entrance to your workstation. It's a personal touch co-workers always appreciate and enjoy.
  • From mistletoe (best be careful with this one) to holly, rosemary bushes, poinsettias and Christmas cactus, you can add a little holly-jolly to your workday with living plants. The nice thing about Christmas plants is that you can cultivate them year-round (all but the mistletoe) and add them to your permanent plant collection.

Think Geek

Your computer can be a source of holiday office fun, too:

  • Power a set of Christmas lights (or even a mini fiber optic tree) with your USB drive.
  • Download a Christmas light display program that will work as screen frame for the duration of the holiday. Some programs play carols and even add falling snowflakes to emails and other popular office software.
  • Download any of hundreds of holiday wallpapers.
  • Play free Christmas carols courtesy of the Pandora website.
Last Updated: December 20, 2012
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