DIY Christmas Ornaments For Every Style

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Christmas ornaments come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials, and can often cost $10 or more for each item. This year, save money and get the whole family involved by making your own Christmas tree décor. Follow these simple steps for beautiful ornaments at half the cost.

Photo Filled

Turn your Christmas ornaments into spherical photo frames with this easy trick. Purchase a clear, round ornament, and print off a favorite family photo, or several. Make sure the photo is no larger than three quarters of the height of the ornament, as it will need to fit through the opening, and expand inside. Once you have cut out the photo, roll it slightly to slip it through the ornament's opening (after having removed its top). The photo should open up once dropped inside, and be visible. If you are using several photos, print them out smaller so each one has room. Once you are done, place the ornament's top back on, and hang on your tree.

Snow Filled

Create a tree ornament snow globe with a few simple materials from your local craft store. Purchase a traditional, clear, round ornament with a removable top, white glitter and any small crafts or decorative items that can fit through the opening of the ornaments. Pour white glitter into the clear ornament, one quarter to one half full. The glitter will act as snow, and will "flutter" when the ornament is gently shaken. If you would like, add cranberries, pine needles or any other small décor to fill your ornament snow globe. Just replace the ornament's top when finished, and hang it on the tree.

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Make this simple ornament for the music lovers in your family. All you need is a clear, round ornament and sheet music. If you do not want to damage your sheet music, simply print off a page of sheet music found online. Cut the page of sheet music into thin strips, and slide inside the clear ornament. Fill the ornament until it is covered (from the inside) all the way around with the strips of paper. Once you're done, replace the ornament's top, and hang it on your tree.

Ocean Inspired

If you live near the beach, try incorporating the sea into your Christmas tree décor. Again, purchase a clear, round ornament and remove the top. Fill the ornament one quarter to one half full with sand (purchase from a craft store, or gather at a playground if you are not near a beach). Drop small seashells into the ornament, and other beach decorations that can fit through the ornament's opening. Replace the top, and hang on your Christmas tree.


Turn an ordinary Christmas ornament into adorable cupcake décor with this easy craft. Just glue a paper cupcake liner to the bottom of a round Christmas ornament. Place "sprinkles" on the top of the ornament by gluing on cylindrical beads. Allow to dry, then hang on your tree.

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Newspaper or Book

For the writers in your family, create a fun and meaningful ornament filled with lines from their favorite books, or the day's news. Print out a quote from a book, or pull out a page from the newspaper, and cut into small strips, with one line of text per paper strip. Remove the top from a clear, round ornament, and slide the strips of paper inside. Use enough strips to fill the ornaments, while leaving the pieces of paper enough space to be readable. Replace the ornament's top, then hang on your tree.

Pearls, Rhinestones, Feathers and Decorative Stones

For glamorous DIY Christmas ornaments, pick up a pack of faux pearls, rhinestones, peacock feathers or decorative stones from your local craft store, and a clear, round ornament. Fill the ornament with the luxurious material of your choice, then replace the top and hang on your tree.


Make your own glittering ornaments with this simple craft. Fill a clear ornament with glue or a sticky household cleaner, and swirl to cover the entire inside. Set the ornament upside on a napkin, or on the bottle of glue/cleaner to allow the excess to drain. Pour in red, green, silver, white and/or gold glitter, and shake until the entire inside of the ornament is covered. Pour out the excess glitter, then allow the ornament to dry completely before replacing the top.

Ready for Planting Finished Product
Ready for Planting Finished Product



Place small dabs of glue on the edges of a pinecone, and sprinkle with white or silver glitter. Shake off the excess glitter, then allow the pinecone to dry. Use a red or green ribbon to tie a bow at the top of the pinecone, and attach bells, cranberries or small twigs with glue. Hang the "snow covered" pinecone from your tree and enjoy.

Designing your own Christmas ornaments is easier than you think. With inexpensive materials found at a craft store, you can create beautiful and unique holiday ornaments you're sure to cherish for years. Skip expensive boutique decor and save money this season by handcrafting one of these simple to make designs. 

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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