How To Decorate Your Home For 4th of July

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It’s the Fourth of July and time to decorate your home in some good old red, white and blue. Fourth of July decorations don’t have to be limited to flying flags and red striped banners. Try out a few fun ways to give your home and yard a patriotic touch with a few added twists.

Decorating A Front Porch For The 4th Of July

Treat your guests to a patriotic welcoming by decorating the front walkway and porch. A few potted flowers, some lanterns lined along the walkway, a banner and a festive door wreath will put your guests in the Fourth of July spirit.

Flowers are a fun way to add color to a front porch and to create a dramatic effect. Look for planting containers in red, white or blue or you can make your own from galvanized or plastic buckets. Buckets can be painted a solid color, or use stickers or cutout star patterns using contact paper to add color. Fill these containers with red roses, white chrysanthemums and blue hydrangeas and line the plants along a walkway or up one side of the steps. White daisies in a bucket decorated with red, white and blue stars and stripes can also create an eye-catching display.

To guide your guests to the front door, line the walkway with tin can lanterns. Lanterns not only make an attractive display along a walkway, they can also be arranged around the patio to light your Fourth of July party into the night. Follow these simple steps to make a tin can lantern:

  • Fill a clean soup or vegetable can with water and freeze until the water turns to solid ice.
  • Trace a design on the can. This will be the template you will follow to punch holes in the side of the can. The light will shine through these holes.
  • Use a hammer and a nail to punch out the design. The ice will keep the can from caving in.
  • Let the ice melt and dry the can completely.
  • Use spray paint to paint the can in a patriotic color.
  • Fill the bottom of the can with sand or pebbles and top with a tea light candle.

Greet guests with a red, white and blue door wreath. Make an easy wreath by gluing cutout start onto a foam wreath form. Hang a few more stars from the wreath by red beads and add a ribbon to hang it from the door. Wreaths can be made from any patriotic decoration. Craft stores contain collections of pinwheels, decorative firecrackers, rockets and flowers that can be formed into a decorative wreath.

decorating home for a 4th of july party decorating home for a 4th of july party

Decorating For A 4th Of July BBQ

A Fourth of July barbeque is a time to have fun with family and friends. Concentrate on activities and keep decorations simple. Here are some simple ideas for table decorations:

  • Fill glass jars with layers of red, white and blue marbles. Arrange small flags or flowers in the jars and scatter around the table.
  • Cover the table with white newsprint or craft paper. Let your younger guests decorate the tablecloth with red and blue crayons or let them make star shaped ink stamps out of potatoes.
  • Make mealtime easier by giving each guest a star covered bucket with a handle containing party favors, napkins, silverware, packets of condiments, after dinner mints, hand wipes and other items guests will need for a pleasant barbeque experience.

Decorate the yard by hanging red, white and blue lanterns from trees, along fences and railings, and around the porch. Simple lanterns can be made with craft paper. Just cut patriotic designs in the paper with paper-edging scissors and punches. Roll into a tube and hang on a string of lights.

Banners can also be hung around the yard. Make a simple pennant banner by cutting red, white and blue fabrics into triangle shapes. Attach the shapes, side by side, to a narrow piece of fabric (such as bias tape) and hang along a fence or around the edge of a table. To light up the party, tie ribbons, stars and pinwheels to a string of lights and hang around the yard and above picnic tables.

Fourth Of July Touches For Around The Home

You may want to add a few Fourth of July touches inside your home. Patriotic banners, simple table settings, and bouquets of red, white and blue flowers are easy ways to bring the festivities indoors. Here are some more red, white and blue ideas:

  • Fill a blue vase with red poppies.
  • Tie red and white striped fabric to a stair railing with blue ribbons.
  • Plant red geraniums and blue lobelia in white pots.
  • Fill clear votive holders with red candles and arrange in a blue and white tray or shallow dish.
  • Fill a candy dish with red, white and blue candies.
Last Updated: May 29, 2012
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