Black Light Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is an excellent time of year to have a party no matter your age. The turning of fall into winter is a dramatic change of season and often creates a mischievous and playful mood as leaves fall to the ground and the air grows cooler. Even if you live in a region that is not seasonal, Halloween is still a great time to have a little fun.

One of the most exciting elements to planning a Halloween party is the amount of decorations and decorating ideas that are available. A fun and innovative party decoration for Halloween is adding black lights to the décor. Black lights add a whole new dimension to the look and feel of a party and give people lots to talk about especially if they have anything on their costume that is susceptible to glowing-the-dark.

When deciding your Halloween party theme, whether it is scary, spooky or funny, incorporating black lights will add an effect that will enhance a theme or mood to the party. Picking out black lights depends upon their use. Black lights are available in a range of sizes and shapes from small bulbs, spot and floodlights, to lamps and regular lamp bulbs.

black light halloween decoration ideas black light halloween decoration ideas

A black light looks similar to a fluorescent lamp or incandescent light bulb, but the result of switching on a black light has a very different effect. Many things will start to glow in the presence of a black light such as white clothing, teeth and other items especially if they are treated with materials to glow in a black light such black light posters or glow paint. A faint purple light is what a black light emits, similar to effects seen in dance clubs, science museums and amusement parks.

  • Deciding how to use black lights for a Halloween party depends on your party theme.
  • You can have every guest wear something white or provide white t-shirts, which can be decorated with fluorescent paint and highlighters to make names and designs pop.
  • The party can include neon colored drinks, glow sticks and glow jewelry for guests to wear.
  • Black lights will also enhance an alien or space themed Halloween party.
  • Another Halloween idea using black lights is to have a 1960s hippie themed party with black light posters and glowing images.
  • The party may also include a dance room where black lights, strobe lights and a disco ball can be used to create a disco party atmosphere.
  • To add more ambiance to your Halloween party, replace outdoor lights with black lights and greet guests when they arrive with a spooky Halloween vibe.
  • Go another step further with black lights for your party and light up food to make it freaky and scary.
  • Use clear cups for beverages and add fake or edible spiders and worms that will glow in the vicinity of a black light.
  • If serving a punch, use a lime flavor with color to achieve a glow from a black light too.
  • With food items, anything white such as frosting for cake or cupcakes will give a glow as well as powdered sugar on brownies.

When creating a spooky feel for a Halloween party, layer décor such as spider webs, skeltons and ghosts and use black lights to draw attention. Dimming lights and using black lights and a mix of candles and jack-o-lanterns will also create a creepy feeling to your party mood. In addition, using dry ice with black lights can create a spooky feeling of a scary evening fog inside your home.

Many novelty stores and online sites specializing in Halloween items will have party favors and decorations that will glow in black light. Using at least two to three black lights in a room or in an area to highlight Halloween décor will give the desired glow effect. When organizing your party, keep extra black lights on hand to ensure the evening has no interruptions due to light failures or mishaps. In addition, test all lights before the party to make there are no electrical problems and your party ideas work without any hazards or potential accidents.

Last Updated: July 6, 2012
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