How To Decorate Your Home With Branches

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While branches are traditionally only used in natural home décor, they are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of interior design styles. Review this list of ways to decorate with branches to find the best fit for your home.


The simplest and often least expensive way to decorate with branches requires no more than a medium to large vase and branches from your yard or a craft store. Large vases (more than two feet tall) should be placed on the floor, while medium to small vases can be set on tabletops. Fill the vase with bare branches from your favorite style of tree. Select branch lengths that will not be too long or heavy for the vase, causing it to tip over.


To give bare branches a glamorous look for holiday or year round decorating, simply cover them with glue, then sprinkle with white or silver glitter. Only cover several of the branches with glitter for a more subtle look.

Light Fixtures

Whether purchased from a home décor store or made at home, branch lighting fixtures are a bold way to celebrate the beauty of nature. If you would like to use electricity, it is recommended to purchase a pre-made branch chandelier from a home décor store, and have it professionally installed. To view examples of pre-made branch chandeliers, visit Deanna Wish Designs, BloomingLites, or Pottery Barn. Branch chandeliers using candles do not require electricity, and can be made and installed yourself.

  • To create your own candlelit branch chandelier, find or purchase one large (three to five feet long), or several medium (one to three feet long) branches. If you use several branches, screw them together with a power drill.
  • The branches should have small offshoots, creating nooks to gently wedge small glass candleholders into.
  • Once you have selected the appropriate placement for your candleholders, use a hot glue gun or extremely adhesive glue to secure them in place. Wait at least several hours for the glue to dry.
  • Purchase lighting fixture chain from a hardware store, and fasten it to the branch(es). Wrap it around the branches, or screw it in place with a power drill. Whichever method you use, ensure the branch is securely attached to the chain, and does not hang off balance when picked up.
  • Install swag hooks in your ceiling, and hang the chandelier by the chain.
  • Place small candles inside the candleholders and remember never to leave them lit when unattended.

Vintage Lighting Vintage Lighting Vintage Lighting


Create beautiful, natural centerpieces for year round table décor with branches found around your yard, or bought at a craft store. One large, long branch looks elegant when placed at the center of a large, rectangular table. Surround with craft moss, stones, small candles and other décor. For smaller or round tables, group several smaller branches together.

Wall Décor

Branches can be used as wall décor in a variety of ways.

  • Select one or several medium to large branches to attach to your wall. Use large screws and a power drill to fasten.
  • Leave the branches bare for a minimalist, natural look.
  • Purchase decorative birds and/or birds’ nests from a craft store, and glue to the branches for a natural display.
  • Attach faux flowers to the branches for added pops of color and style.
  • Fill a shadow box with branches from your favorite tree and hang on the wall.

Coat Hooks

Create rustic, natural coat or towel hooks with short pieces of branches. Find or purchase a three to six inch wide branch with a small (but sturdy) offshoot branch that points up or down. Offshoot branches pointing straight out will not hold a towel or coat well. Cut the branch to about one foot long, and trim the offshoot branch so it extends approximately three inches. Turn the branch so the offshoot is facing upward, like a coat hook, and fasten to your wall with a power drill and screws.


Thin, malleable branches can easily be made into a wreath. Gather twigs and thin branches from around your yard, or purchase at a craft store. Pre-made twig wreaths can also be found at most craft stores. Use the wreath for holiday décor with ribbons and ornaments, or leave bare for year round decorating.

Photo Display

Turn a vase full of branches into a unique and personalized photo display. Print out copies of the photos you would like to display, then use a hole punch to create a small opening at the top center of each. String ribbon or wire through the hole, and hang from the branches.

Minimalist Christmas Tree

For holiday decorating without the mess of pine needles strewn across your house, hang ornaments, lights and ribbons from branches in a large vase.

LED Branches

Many home décor stores sell faux branches with LED lights at the tips. This is an easy way to create the look of natural branches with a fun and stylish twist. Arrange in a vase and place in the living room, dining room or bedroom.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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