Decoration Ideas For A Formal New Year’s Eve Party

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Starting off a New Year with a chic and luxurious New Year’s Eve party can be an exciting event to plan that will provide lasting memories for many years to come. Since New Year’s Eve parties can start later in the evening, there are several options for the type of party you can create. A black-tie dinner can be an illustrious affair where a party theme, such as black and white attire or masquerade costumes can offer mystery and dark intrigue. Seating guests who are dressed in black and white order will create an attractive dinner presentation and offer lots of interesting conversation.

New Year’s Eve Table Décor Ideas

Creating decorations for a late evening soiree or sit-down dinner can involve delectable food, beautiful table settings, glimmering décor and dazzling noisemakers and party favors. Sparkling tiaras and top hats as well as shiny noisemakers with glittering streamers will add to a memorable affair.

  • For a black-tie dinner, a four-course meal can amaze guests with elaborate table settings with gold or silver chargers layered on top, with fine dinner tableware including crystal champagne glasses, napkin rings and center pieces.
  • For an after dinner cocktail party, fill a table with delectable desserts served on silver serving dishes. In addition, cover the serving table with layers of tablecloths, candles, flowers, greens and shimmering accents with ribbons, white lights and crystal and glass bowls.
  • Lighted centerpieces will add to a decorative party atmosphere. For champagne, have bottles chilling in silver buckets as well as sparkling cider for younger guests, pr those who do not wish to drink alcohol.
  • Serve champagne in flutes or rounded stem glasses on silver serving trays.
  • In addition, create a New Year’s punch and serve it in a glass bowl with a glass ladle and glasses to add another decorative and sophisticated party element.
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Monochromatic attire for a dinner party or after dinner cocktail party can follow décor including black and white desserts or black and white table settings and centerpieces. A splash of red is a unique and chic addition with roses or even a dish of strawberries. Further, silver and gold décor can also add to a monochromatic themed celebration using white linens and white dishware for a glimmering and chic look. Include lots of lights and candles for mood enhancers during dinner or cocktails. If you are having a party catered, use silver serving dishes or highly decorated platters with garnishes. Decorative napkins and toothpick holders, matching dishes and silverware will also enhance a catered New Year’s Eve party by adding luxurious appeal.

Beyond dinner, desserts and appetizers, a chic New Year’s Eve party needs shimmering decorations and exciting party favors.

  • Candles and lights decorating tables, windows and around banisters or bars, will create a festive mood for the late night.
  • Have plenty of New Year’s Eve party favors around for the big count down moment at midnight. These may include noisemakers with Mylar streamers, glittery hats and light up and blinking party favors, which will all add to a festive atmosphere.
  • In addition, part of any New Year’s Eve décor is a large screen television for the final countdown, which can be decorated with lights and placed in area where the entire party can view at once.
  • For a more elaborate celebration with a DJ or band, a live countdown by band members or a DJ can create an exciting and interactive atmosphere for the turn of the New Year.

Outdoor New Year’s Eve Décor Ideas

Outside décor to create a chic and mysterious mood is created by setting out luminaries outside your home or lining a walkway. Door wreaths can be decorated to emulate a party theme as well as window décor. Party themes may also include the Roaring 20s, 60s glam or old Hollywood where outside décor may include a spotlight or music from the era playing outside. All these themes can then be incorporated inside for a black-tie or costume party fun.

New Year’s Eve Activities

Since New Year’s Eve is celebrating a new year in a new day, include more party plans after midnight. Set up a photo booth or have a photo set-up based on the party theme with cuts out or a scenic stage guests can stand on. Have photos taken after midnight to keep the celebration going.

Serving foods for good luck may also add to the festivities. Black-eyed peas and lentils are thought to bring riches and safety for the New Year. In addition, long noodles are considered good luck for the New Year too. Serving pork is also good luck because pigs eat moving forward. For a meat-less alternative, cookies in pig shapes will do too. Pomegranates are also considered good luck, which could be used for a New Year’s Eve themed cocktail. Other décor can include an area for take home gifts, which may include good luck traditions for the New Year. Gift bags for guests to take home can include a new calendar, a CD of favorite songs from the past year, fortune cookies and even some aspirin and a bottle of water.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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