Christmas Mason Jar Craft Ideas

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Mason jars are already one of a craft enthusiast’s favorite supplies to work with, and the holiday season is no exception. Try some of these simple and easy to make Christmas crafts with mason jars for candles, food, air freshener, lighting and more.

Store Ribbon In Mason Jars

Use smaller mason jars to store balls and rolls of Christmas gift-wrapping ribbon, and prevent them from becoming tangled or unrolling.

  • Poke a hole in the lid of the jar large enough for the ribbon to pass through.
  • Place the ball or roll of ribbon inside the jar, and thread the loose end through the bottom of the hole in the lid. Screw the lid back on.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Making your own snow globes is simpler than you think. Simply pick up a small Christmas figurine and some white or silver glitter from a craft store.

  • Remove the lid of your mason jar, and glue the bottom of the figurine to the bottom of the lid. Allow to dry completely and be sure to (carefully) use very strong glue.
  • Fill the jar with water, and pour in the glitter.
  • Carefully replace the jar’s lid, with the figurine attached. Once the lid is tightly screwed back on, gently tip the mason jar upside down.
  • The figurine should now be right side up, inside the water and glitter filled jar.

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Christmas Mason Jar Candleholders

Mason jars are one of the easiest ways to make your own candles for the holiday season.

  • Paint the mason jar white, then place a candle inside for a soft, snowy glow. Rub the paint lightly with sandpaper to create a weathered look that will allow more light to shine through.
  • Fill the mason jar partially with Epsom salt to resemble snow, then place a small candle inside.
  • Fill the jar partially with cranberries, then place a candle inside.
  • Wrap red and green bows and ribbons around the outside of mason jars for accessorized Christmas candleholders.
  • Fill the mason jar partially with loose Christmas lightbulbs, then place a small candle inside.
  • Cover the outside of the mason jar with glue, then roll in Epsom salt. The salt will appear like ice, giving the jar candleholder a sparkling, seasonal glow.
  • Wrap a ribbon or thin rope around the outside of a mason jar at a diagonal angle. Spray paint the jar red, then remove the ribbon. The lines left on the jar from the red paint will appear like a candy cane. Use the jar as a candleholder or candy jar.

Christmas Mason Jar Terrariums

Create your own Christmas terrarium with a few simple materials purchased at a craft store.

  • Place faux moss at the bottom of the jar, filling it about one quarter of the way up.
  • Place miniature pine trees and woodland animals into the moss.
  • Sprinkle white glitter or Epsom salt into the jar, resembling snow.
  • Purchase miniature figurines of Santa Clause and reindeer to set in the moss in place of trees or animals.

Mason Jar Floating Candles

Creating your own Christmas themed floating candle displays is easy with mason jars.

  • For a minimalistic look, simply fill the jar with water, place a floating candle on top, and finish off with a thin red or green ribbon tied around the outside of the jar.
  • Place a handful of cranberries, small pinecones or pine needles into the water beneath the candle for seasonal color.

Christmas Scent Mason Jars

For beautiful and great smelling Christmas displays to set around your entire home, just fill mason jars with traditional Christmas and winter items. Leave the jar uncovered for a strong scent, or carefully poke holes in the lid with a nail for a slowly released scent.

  • Pine Needles
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Unwrapped Peppermints
  • Seasonally Scented Potpourri

Santa Mason Jar

Turn an ordinary mason jar into Santa Clause décor.

  • Paint the inside of a mason jar red.
  • Tie a black ribbon around the outside middle of the jar.
  • Using metallic paint or a metallic marker, draw a gold buckle onto the black ribbon, creating the look of Santa’s belt.
  • Once the paint has dried, place the painted jar around your home to hold potpourri, Christmas décor, flowers and more. Because the paint is inside the jar, do not drink from it.

Metallic Jars

Give classic glass mason jars a quick upgrade for the holidays.

  • Use gold, silver, bronze, blue or white metallic paint to completely cover the jar.
  • Once dry, use the metallic jar as a stylish DIY potpourri or décor holder around your home.
  • If you are not going to use the jar as a candle holder, paint the inside of the jar rather than the outside. This will prevent the paint from chipping due to handling, and give the mason jar a "milk glass" effect, much like designer home goods. 

Christmas Mason Jar Pathway Lighting

Rather than buying expensive outdoor pathway lighting, make your own with mason jars.

  • Place flameless candles with timers in the mason jars.
  • If you live in an area with snow, you can fill the bottom half of the jar with snow before placing a candle inside. This works best for one day only parties and gatherings where guests can enjoy the "fire and ice" walkway lighting before the snow melts or puts out the candle's flame. 
  • Accessorize the jars with ribbons, Christmas décor or Epsom salt as desired.
  • Place the jars down your walkway, and set the timers on flameless candles for the hour each night your area gets dark. Your mason jar candles will automatically turn on each night, and flicker with the realistic glow of a flame. Just replace the batteries as needed.

Dress Up Your Christmas Mason Jar

Even if you don't paint, bedazzle or fill your mason jar to the brim, a few quick touches on the outside can give these plain glass jars the perfect Christmas touch. 

  • Wrap a red, green or plaid ribbon around the middle or top of the jar. Combine all three for a layered look, and attach small jingle bells or a sprig of holly for added holiday flair. 
  • For a rustic Christmas look, wrap the mason jar in burlap. Use a stamp to place Christmas images on the burlap, or wrap ribbon around it. Attaching holly or bells also looks great on the burlap jar. 
  • Using twine, wire or ribbon, hang very small pine branches around the jar. Just be sure the branches never come near the top of the jar where a candle inside could potentially catch them on fire. 
Last Updated: April 30, 2012
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