DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas For Holiday Decorating

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Christmas wreaths reflect one’s home and style for the holidays. Since these decorative items are only on display once a year, a wreath has a special meaning to a home’s holiday décor. For many, a wreath exemplifies a home’s holiday spirit, as it is most likely to be the first decorative holiday item seen when arriving at your home.

Most holiday wreaths are made of evergreens but anything is possible from grapevines and cranberries to bay laurel. The decorative ring is usually placed outside the door to a home displaying holiday colors, themes and motifs. The history behind wreaths and their symbolism dates as far back as Greek and Roman times where wreaths were symbolic in mythology.

Bulb Wreath

A bulb wreath can be highly decorative and very creative. Using shatterproof Christmas bulbs is suggested. You will need at least 50 bulbs, wire hangers, glue gun, pipe cleaners or floral wire and a spool of ribbon. You can also use a foam wreath base. Shape a hanger into a circle. Slide bulbs around and close. You may need pliers to close. Glue ornaments into place if they keep moving. Use pipe cleaners or floral wire to attach bows made from ribbon. Allowing bows to have long trails are a nice addition to the top or bottom of bulb wreath. If using a foam base, remove the tops of the ornaments, and gently press them into the foam, then glue in place to secure. 

Evergreen Wreath

Creating your own evergreen Christmas wreath can be as easy as buying a blank evergreen ring or creating an evergreen ring from greens and wire tying the greens together. Use green floral wire bands to create a ring by looping the wire around a solid bundle of evergreens to make a ring. Use decorative items to fill out the ring including ribbon, lights, pinecones, glitter and any items that present a holiday theme. Using a glue gun will help secure items such as cones, bows and ornaments. If using lights, make sure they are operable by battery or if they need an outdoor electrical outlet, make sure it’s safe. Lights should be placed first before any other items. Ribbon can wrap a wreath entirely or partly around wreath and be tied into a bow. Make sure there is plenty of length to the ribbon. Position decorative items and bows around wreath for gluing. Decorative items can be found items and ornaments or traditional items found at any craft store or stores featuring holiday items. Make sure outside wreaths will endure harsh weather.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas For Holiday Decorating

Felt Ball Wreath

A felt ball wreath is colorful and unique. This wreath takes some time to create but the finished product is a lifetime keepsake. You will need a large spool of see-through thread, large needle to fit through a felt ball with ease, a bare straw wreath and 600 felt balls. All these items are available at a craft store. Felt balls are sold in packages of 50 in a variety of colors. String five felt balls at a time on thread and sew into straw. Repeat this process until every empty space on straw ring is filled.

Herb Wreath

An herb wreath for the holidays is aromatic and displays a variety of greens where adding a red bow or red ornaments will pop. You will need a bare wreath frame, green floral wire, wire cutters, a variety of herbs to fill out bare wreath and ribbon or ornaments. Herbs can be fresh or dried. Herbs to use include bay leaves, peppermint, spearmint, sage, oregano, thyme, parsley, flat-leaf parsley, dill, basil, lavender, rosemary or marjoram. Herbs will need to be bundled three inches wide and five inches long with floral wire and tied on to the wreath. Leave plenty of wire available for bundling and attaching bundles. Repeat this process with at least 12 bundles or more to fill out wreath. Once bundles are attached, a bow or ornament can be attached to the bottom to add a holiday accent. An herb wreath can be as few as one type of herb or a variety of herbs.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas For Holiday Decorating

When creating any wreaths for the holidays make sure they are low maintenance for outside and indoor care. Greens will shed needles and bulbs can break. Using found objects, craft items or traditional holiday items as decorative pieces can make wreaths original and unique for your home. Hanging wreaths on doors, above garage doors or even above a fireplace mantel are all ideal places to enjoy a symbol of holiday cheer for Christmas. Wreaths not made of organic materials will last a lifetime if properly stored. Wreaths made of greens and herbs can be recycled for compost and mulch. No matter what type of wreath adorns your home for the holiday, a DIY wreath brings a little more holiday cheer because it’s homemade.

Last Updated: December 14, 2012
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