DIY Halloween Candle Decoration Ideas

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This year, create your own spooky and fun Halloween candles with a few simple materials. Collect glass candleholders or mason jars you already own to create beautiful and festive lighting for a party, dinner table or décor in any room.

Yarn Stripes

With this simple candle design, you can create thick or thin stripes across a glass candleholder. Use a mason jar for the candleholder, or one you have already purchased. Wrap yarn, string or ribbon with a decorative edge around the glass Mason jar or candleholder. Be sure to wrap them unevenly, leaving spaces around the candleholder uncovered, with the glass showing through. Spray paint the jar black, orange, purple or green, then remove the ribbon/string, etc. The areas covered will remain clear, allowing candle light to glow through.


Use this incredibly simple candle design for elegant candles year round and a beautiful gothic touch at Halloween. Purchase black lace from a craft store or fabric store. Cut it to match the height of a glass candleholder or Mason jar, and wrap it around the jar to measure the length. Secure the piece of lace around the jar or candleholder, and glue in place. Set a candle inside to enjoy the eerie glow of the flame between ominous black lace. Make a lace candle for use during the rest of the year by switching to white, beige or pink lace.

Ready for Planting


Similar to lace, lace patterned stockings can also be used to create gothic Halloween candleholders. Simply cut a section of stocking long enough to cover the height of the candleholder, slip it over the candleholder and secure with glue.

Floating Candle

Making your own floating candle designs is a fun and easy way to design custom lighting for your home during fall and Halloween. Use a variety of materials to make your Halloween candle creepy, haunting, gross or even elegant. Each candle will require a clear glass hurricane candleholder and one floating candle.

  • Ping-Pong Eye Balls: Fill the hurricane candleholder with water, about two inches below the top edge. Draw black pupils onto Ping-Pong balls, allow the ink or paint to dry, then place the Ping-Pong balls in the water, inside the candleholder. Use enough to create at least one solid layer across the surface of the water. Make sure they are hollow, so they will float up to the top, just beneath the candle. Set the floating candle on top of the Ping-Pong eyeballs, and enjoy your creepy Halloween candle.
  • Beads: For a dark or colorful floating candle display, fill the hurricane candleholder with water and hollow beads. Use solid black beads for a darker look, or use orange, green purple and black for pops of color. Using metallic beads in silver or pearl white along with one Halloween color can easily create an elegant look for your candles, while still keeping with the seasonal theme.
  • Spiders: Use plastic spiders or bugs to fill the hurricane candles holder for a frightening Halloween touch.
  • Bones: Many Halloween and party supply stores carry hollow plastic bones for decoration. Purchase a few small bones or skulls, and use inside your floating candle display.
  • Snakes: Rubber or plastic snakes can be twisted together in the water, or coiled to form a solid column inside the candleholder.

Sticker Labels

By using printable labels, you can instantly personalize candles you already own, or make some with mason jars. Purchase a pack of printable labels from a craft store, office supply store or drug store with a stationary section. Create fun Halloween labels on your computer with saying or pictures, and print them out. Stick the labels onto candleholders already around your house, or place them onto to glass mason jars. Set a candle inside and you're done!

Black Sticks

For a natural Halloween candle, gather sticks from around your yard, or purchase some at a craft store. Paint them black, and cut or break them to match the height of a smooth, round candleholder. Glue or tie the black sticks around the candleholder, with each stick standing vertically.

Mummy Candle

For a playful mummy's head candleholder design, all you'll need is a glass candleholder or Mason jar, white cloth and glue. Tear the fabric into uneven, jagged strips, and glue horizontally (though slightly tilted) around the jar, mimicking the wrapping of a mummy. When you place inside, the candle's light will show through the white cloth, giving off a spooky Halloween glow.

Ghostly Candles

Watch guests and family members marvel at the display of candlesticks floating around your home with this simple trick for hanging Halloween candles. Purchase battery operated flameless candlesticks from a party supply store, craft store or home improvement store. They are often sold around Christmas for home décor, so buy several the season before to ensure you'll have some for Halloween decorating. Using a hot glue gun, attach a thin clear string to the tip of the candlestick's light bulb. Once the glue has thoroughly dried, hang the candlestick by the string from a tack or nail in your celling. Be sure to cut varying lengths of string, all hanging the candlesticks just out of reach of anyone's head.

Last Updated: September 4, 2012
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