DIY Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

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As less people mail out Christmas cards each year, receiving a handwritten card that is also handmade becomes more precious. It is easy to create your own holiday cards, and a wonderful way to spend time crafting with your kids.Even if you only make a few cards to mail out to grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends and other close relations, they will treasure your handmade greetings.

Don't worry about not being "crafty" enough to design your own cards. There are many simple ideas that even the most crafts-challenged person can make.Round up some cardstock, scissors, glue and some basic crafting supplies, and get started making beautiful holiday cards.

Family Photo

Using a family photo for the centerpiece of your Christmas card produces a memento that can be treasured long past the holidays.

  • Choose a photo that highlights your family's personality. Everyone should be present, looking natural and having fun. While posed photos are nice, the best choice is a candid shot that captures the essence of your family.
  • Print enough copies of your photo to make as many cards as needed. Trim the photo into a square, making your family the focal point, and removing any excessive background or unnecessary distractions.
  • Use a colored cardstock that sets off your photo, and fold in half. Red and green are traditional, but a snowy scene would look good on blue cardstock.
  • Cut a square of a contrasting cardstock that is slightly bigger than your picture, but smaller than the front of your holiday card. This will serve as a backdrop for your photo. Glue the frame to the cardstock tilted like a diamond, then glue your photo to the center of the frame so that you create a star shape.
  • Glue a thin border of metallic ribbon around the outer edges of your card.
  • Write your holiday message inside the card using a metallic pen. Be sure to include the year.
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Rubber Stamps

Using rubber stamps to create your holiday card design is the perfect solution if your drawing skills are limited to stick figures.

  • Rubber stamps are available in a huge variety of designs. Visit your local craft store to choose your favorites, or select a holiday package of stamps.
  • Pick solid cardstock in light colors, and several inkpads in colors dark enough to show against the cardstock.
  • Fold your cardstock in half. Use your rubber stamps and ink to create a holiday scene on the front of your card. Christmas scenes might include:
    • Santa and his reindeer
    • A snowman with a bird perched on his hat
    • A nativity scene
    • A Christmas tree with gifts stacked underneath
  • If desired, add extra color to your card with felt-tip pens. You can color your entire design, or just add accents to liven up the image.
  • For a final touch, use a clear glitter pen to adorn your design with shine and texture. A highlight of glitter along a snow scene, the wrapping paper on a gift, a Christmas tree ornament or on stars will finish your cards beautifully.
  • Use a metallic pen to write a holiday message at the bottom of the design, finishing your message inside the card.

Craft Paper Designs

You can layer various patterned craft papers for a sophisticated but simple design, then adorn with small beads and glitter for a festive finish. Look in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store for a wide selection of papers.

  • Select a base color cardstock, and fold it in half. Select four or five patterned craft papers that work well together. Cut one so that it is an inch narrower than the cardstock, but the same width. Glue it to the cardstock, lining the edge of the craft paper with the fold at the top of the cardstock.
  • Cut your next sheet of craft paper an inch narrower than the first, and glue it over the first layer, lining it up at the top of the card so the papers are layered.
  • Continue in this fashion until you have glued all the papers to the cardstock. You should have a layered card with a pleasing display of designs.
  • Cut a Christmas tree shape from a solid colored sheet of craft paper. Make the tree shape large enough to cover around one third of the card front. Glue it onto the card front so it is off center towards the left side.
  • Glue small beads onto the tree as Christmas ornaments. Set a star shaped bead or sticker on the top of the tree.
  • With a clear glitter pen, sweep gentle lines of glittery "snow" along the branches of your tree, and underneath along the base.
  • Use a metallic or colored gel pen to write a holiday message in the center of the card to the right of the tree. Complete your message inside the card.

Handmade Christmas cards are a gift to the recipient, and a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming holidays with your children. Take the time to create at least a few special cards for the people who add the most to your life, and let them know how much they mean to you.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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