DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

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If you’re tired of necklaces tangled into knots, pairs of earrings separated or lost, or rings buried in the bottom of an overflowing jewelry box, it’s time to expand your jewelry organizer options. You don’t need to go out and buy another expensive jewelry holder, though. You can easily create jewelry organizers yourself to keep all of your accessories managed, undamaged and accessible. All it takes is a few found items, simple craft supplies and a bit of creativity.

Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

You can turn your jewelry into art by displaying it on the wall. All you need is an interesting picture frame, a backing, and some hooks or tacks. Start with a picture frame you love. It might be ornate and carved, or a simple country style with distressed wood. Now decide on the look that will best complement your bedroom. You could:

  • Use gold leaf to gild the frame for a formal look
  • Paint the frame white, then chip the paint for a shabby chic look
  • Rub stain into the frame, then wipe away with a clean rag for an aged appearance
  • Paint the frame a bright, jewel color for a bold statement
  • Start with a solid color base, then cover the frame with painted dots, squiggles, splashes of paint or other touches of color
  • Use a deep green, blue, gold or burgundy for a lodge or country style

Once you have finished your frame, and let it dry, it’s time for the backing. You can use a variety of things, including:

  • Screen door mesh
  • Corkboard
  • Heavy cardboard covered with a scrap of wallpaper or giftwrap
  • Burlap wrapped around heavy cardboard

Finally, you will need pushpins, small screws or hooks. No need to be boring, you can find wonderfully decorative pushpins at craft stores, online at or similar craft sellers, or even at discount stores such as Wal-Mart.

Assembling your framed jewelry organizer is simple. Mount the backing to the frame using small furniture nails. Lay your frame on a padded surface before hammering to avoid damage. Once the backing is in place, attach a picture hanger to the top rear of the frame, and hang it on your wall.

Now, use your pushpins or small screws to hang your jewelry. Hang necklaces and bracelets over the pushpins, use hooks to hold pairs of dangling earrings. You can line the hangers up in rows, or stagger them according to what they are holding.

Cheese Grater Jewelry Organizer

If you have lots of dangling earrings, make a holder out of an old-fashioned, four-sided cheese grater. You might have one sitting way in the back of a cupboard. If not, they are easily found at garage sales, discount stores or antique malls. The older, the better.

Wash the grater thoroughly, and let it dry. Then give it a quick coat of spray paint formulated for metal to give a cheery appearance. Depending on your style, you can create a smooth, glossy finish, or intentionally spray in uneven, blotchy patterns to let the metal show through in spots.

Once the paint is completely dry, simply set the grater on your dresser or bathroom vanity, and use the little openings to hang pairs of earrings.

Tea Cup Jewelry Storage

A simple, feminine and fun way to organize and show off a large collection of rings or stud earrings is with mismatched china teacups. You can find a wide selection of delicate tea or demitasse cups at most antique malls and thrift stores, or at many garage sales. Choose two or three cups you love, and display them on your countertop filled with your favorite rings or earrings. If you also have the cup’s matching saucer, you can use that for further storage.

Necklace Knobs

Show off not just your jewelry, but also a collection of antique or decorative cabinet knobs. You can find cabinet knobs at any home improvement center, or sometimes in antique malls or flea markets. Choose knobs that are interesting and look good together, but don’t match exactly.

You will also need a board to serve as the backing. You could use a short piece of lumber painted with acrylic paint, or go for something more interesting, like weathered, chipped wood, or a piece of driftwood from the beach.

Use a ruler and level to evenly space the knobs on the board, and screw them into place. Hang the board on your wall, and use the knobs to hold your bracelets and necklaces.

“Egg-stra” Special Decoupaged Organizer

Turn a simple egg carton into a beautiful jewelry organizer. Start with a cardboard egg carton, not Styrofoam. Carefully cut away the lid, leaving the carton’s edge smooth. Make sure the carton is clean.

You will need decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge, a paintbrush and a selection of decoupage paper, giftwrap or scrapbooking papers. Cut or tear the papers into small pieces. Start by brushing decoupage glue into the bottom of the first eggcup, then press a piece of decorative paper into the glue. Smooth the paper, and brush a bit more glue over the surface. Spread glue over the sides of the eggcup, and continue to smooth pieces of paper into the glue, layering each piece slightly over the paper next to it so all the cardboard is covered.

Continue in this fashion until the entire inside of the egg carton is decoupaged, and then spread a final coat of glue over the surface. Let the glue dry, turn the egg carton over, and decoupage the outside of the carton. Let your egg carton dry completely, and then use it to hold rings and earrings. If you used glossy paper and applied several coats of decoupage glue, it will almost look like ceramic.

A jewelry collection can easily outgrow your traditional jewelry box. Have fun designing and crafting your own unique organizer, and let your favorite jewelry serve double duty as fashion accessories and artwork for your room.

Last Updated: September 5, 2012
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