DIY St. Patrick’s Day Centerpieces & Table Décor

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St. Patrick's Day is a tradition for everyone - families, friends and non-Irish alike. Since you’ll probably include traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods like corned beef, potatoes, and beer, why not decorate your dining room to match? Use this guide to DIY St. Patrick’s Day centerpieces, table décor and place settings to decorate your dining room with festive green and gold, and get in the holiday spirit each time you sit down to eat. (For more St. Patrick’s Day decoration ideas, see St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas).

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Centerpieces

  • Shamrock Centerpiece: The luck of the Irish is a fun thing to incorporate into your day, so why not make a shamrock centerpiece to place as the star of your table. It’s a fun way to include Irish symbols and greenery into your table – and hopefully increase your luck. Take a trip to your local craft store and pick up green craft foam, green glitter, a basket and some fake moss. Trace the shape of a shamrock onto the foam, and cut out five to 20, depending on how much foam you have. Glue the green glitter to the foam shamrocks, and allow to dry. Fill the bottom of the basket with the fake moss, then place the glittered shamrocks on top.
  • Pot Of Gold Centerpiece: Keeping with the theme of luck, why not create your own pot of gold for your guests as a centerpiece? You can buy a green bowl, or if you can’t find one, get some green paint at your local craft store and make your own. Fill it with chocolate coins in gold foil and feel free to let some flow over onto the tablecloth – you want that good luck to spill over, don’t you?

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  • Irish Forest Centerpiece: For a mystical St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece worthy of housing a leprechaun, you’ll need several small tree branches cut between three and 12 inches long and at least two and a half inches wide, with a small indentation in one end to support a tea light. Place the branches, on end, in a staggered line down the center of your table. Set a candle on top of each, and make sure it is properly balanced and steady. Arrange fake moss around the bottom of the branches, and sprinkle with green glitter, gold coins or shamrocks.
  • Floral Centerpiece: Some floral shops offer dyed green flowers made just for St. Patrick’s Day. If you want a more subtle floral arrangement for your table, mix in a few white flowers with at least 60% greenery to keep your arrangement St. Patrick’s Day themed without looking over the top.

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St. Patrick’s Day Place Settings

You can really have a fun, festive table with greens, browns, whites and orange to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Irish Table Settings: The colors of the Irish flag are green, white and orange. Use these three colors to create a variety of table setting designs, all with pieces that can be used the rest of the year. Try a green tablecloth (left over from Christmas) with white placemats and orange plates (leftover from Halloween). Or, simply switch the three colors around, and use whichever tableware and linens you have in those shades to create a fun and authentic Irish table setting.
  • Shamrock Name Cards: For fun, St. Patrick’s Day name cards, buy extra small plant pots from the craft store, and fill each with fake moss. Write each guest’s name on a foam, wood or paper shamrock, and set on top of the moss. Place each guest’s potted shamrock in front of his or her plate.
  • Repurposed Cauldrons: Black cauldrons are a common for Halloween decoration, but they also work perfectly for St. Patrick’s Day pots of gold. Fill small cauldrons with shamrocks or gold coins and use to support name cards, or fill a large cauldron and place it in the center of the table. If you want to use one as a candleholder, fill it with green or gold decorative glass stones, and place a small candle in the center. You can decorate the cauldrons with glitter, ribbon, fabric or paint, or leave them plain to switch from Halloween to St. Patrick’s Day every year.

St. Patrick’s Day is another great reason to decorate your home, and the dining room in particular. Give dinner guests a real Irish treat with festive centerpieces, table settings and candleholders made from items you already own, or can pick up for $20 or less.

Last Updated: February 27, 2013
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