Easy DIY Thanksgiving Craft Decorations

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Decorating for Thanksgiving evokes a festive atmosphere for family and friends especially if you are planning to host Thanksgiving Day dinner. Thanksgiving has many traditional décor items to include, such as Indian corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds and squashes. These items can be used inside and outside of your home. Corn stalks can be placed on front doors or as a centerpiece for a dinning room table with gourds. In addition, fireplace mantels can always be decorated with these items too.

Using natural materials for Thanksgiving Day décor especially outside can be easy DIY decorations. Outside, larger decorative pieces can be used on porches, porch steps and doors. Wreaths with fruits and cones can signify Thanksgiving as well as placing a variety of mums around outdoor steps and porches. Again, a display of cornstalks can be integrated with plants. Other items to include in any outside décor for Thanksgiving decorations can include colored leaves and pine cones.

  • A signature Thanksgiving Day decoration is a cornucopia display.
  • Creating your own cornucopia, the horn of plenty, can be fun and will make a nice addition to a dining room centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Day meal.
  • A traditional horn-shaped basket can be found at garden centers and craft stores. However, any type of basket can be used and altered to have a spill effect.
  • In addition, many items for a cornucopia display may already exist in your kitchen or around your home. Use dried out colorful autumn leaves. Leaf substitution can also be creative with the family. Kids can cut out leaves or paper leaves can be found a craft stores and variety shops.
  • Fill the basket with fruits and vegetables, which can be an array of apples, pears, small pumpkins, small gourds, zucchini, squashes, cranberries and oranges. Stick to fruits and vegetables with tough skins if using real items, they will last longer.
  • The basket can also include Indian corn stalks. These items can spill out on a base or be contained within a basket with additional nuts and berries.
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For family fun, creating Thanksgiving decorations can also be an educational opportunity. Children can create paper turkeys or even pilgrim hats to learn about why Thanksgiving is an American tradition and national holiday. Creating turkeys from cut out handprints is an easy design to decorate. Kids can draw an outline of their hand, which should be spread out, on brown construction paper then cut following the outline. Using a Sharpie black marker for the outline of the hand will make cutting out the design a little easier. The thumb part will be the head of the turkey, which will need an eye and mouth. These items can be drawn or can have cutouts too, which can be glued. The tips of the fingers can be colored for feathers, which can be drawn on or cut out in different colors. To create a neck, outline a finger on red construction paper and glue from the bottom of the turkey head to hang down.

For more sophisticated décor, utilize the Thanksgiving Day table settings for a dazzling presentation.

  • Finding red, yellow and green linens with accents of brown and beige can set a mood for a scrumptious feast.
  • Tablecloths can be layered in several colors or a patterned runner can be used for the middle of the table on top of a solid color.
  • Cloth napkins can be rolled with napkin holders or folded in a number of ways.
  • A centerpiece can be as simple as a grouping of candles or candles can be added to a cornucopia display.
  • If food is essential to the table, make the centerpiece a self-contained unit for easy removal.
  • Placing matching colored linens in breadbaskets and colorful chargers under dishes will add another touch of holiday cheer for guests and family.
  • Make sure table settings include plenty of room for all types of glasses for water, wine or other drinks.
  • In addition, matching water pitchers are a nice addition to a Thanksgiving Day table.
  • For a large dinner party, kids can make place cards for guests with decorative Thanksgiving themes.
  • Stickers or fun drawings will keep kids occupied and interested in being part of the day's activities.

Presenting food for the table is another opportunity for décor. Trivets and serving dishes can add to a table's design as well as a soup tureen or sectional serving dishes. If a buffet is planned, kids can design place cards to identify the array of dishes and linens can add to the décor as well. No matter how a Thanksgiving Day dinner is assembled, extra touches will add to the celebratory mood of guests and family.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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