Easter Baskets for Adults

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Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you outgrow the excitement of receiving an Easter basket. Easter baskets for adults are an exciting treat no matter your age. Easter is such a wonderful celebration of new life, hope and spring, why not make this holiday extra-special for someone important in your life and create an Easter basket guaranteed to bring a smile to their face?

When creating an Easter basket for adults, think theme gift baskets, not the typical child’s basket brimming over with jellybeans and chocolate. Whether you are designing a basket for your parents, a sibling, a friend, a spouse or romantic partner, taking a little bit of time to tailor the gift to the recipient will make it a treasured gift they will always remember.

Gardener’s Easter Basket For Adults

A garden-theme Easter basket for adults is a great way to welcome spring. Start with a gardening trug; a flat basket with a handle traditionally used in gardening. Use a layer of peat moss as filler, then arrange a pair of gardening gloves, a hand trowel and cultivator, several packets of seeds and a bar of wonderful smelling, gentle soap for cleaning work-roughened hands after a hard day working in the yard. Finish off the basket with a bar of organic chocolate, a small bag of ground coffee and a package of biscotti.

Traveler’s Easter Basket For Adults

Is there someone who loves to travel in your life? Create a travel-themed basket for them. Start with an attractive wicker basket, and use shredded paper as filler. Choose an inflatable travel pillow, a set of small toiletries approved for carrying on board a plane, an eye mask, a case for their passport and a gift card for iTunes so they can load their MP3 player with music for the flight. Small bags of gourmet nuts, crackers, chocolate and dried fruit will be welcome snacks while waiting at the airport, or during a long flight.

Movie Lover’s Easter Basket For Adults

This Easter basket for adults is perfect for the person who loves to spend a night watching movies at home. A round wicker basket filled with raffia makes a nice base for this theme. Start by selecting one or two movies you feel the recipient would enjoy. Add several bags of microwave popcorn, and a couple of big boxes of typical movie candy, such as Milk Duds, Junior Mints or Skittles. Tuck two small bottles of soft drinks into the basket, being sure to wedge them well down into the raffia to hold them in place.

easter baskets for adults easter baskets for adults

Coffee/Tea Easter Basket For Adults

Maybe you know someone who loves to relax with a good cup of coffee or tea. Thrill them with an Easter basket perfect for teatime. Start with a rectangular, shallow basket, and use crinkled cardboard raffia as filler. Fill the basket with a selection of small bags of gourmet coffees, packets of herbal and black teas, and two large ceramic mugs for enjoying the hot beverages. Complete the basket with packages of biscotti, shortbread cookies and a bar of gourmet chocolate.

Breakfast Easter Basket For Adults

For the cook who enjoys making a hot breakfast, a basket filled with breakfast goodies will be a real treat. Start with a wicker basket lined with a cheerful printed fabric. You might not need filler for this basket, as the items are fairly large. Center a package of pancake mix in the middle of the basket, along with a jug of real maple syrup, one or two gourmet jams, a small package of coffee beans and several pieces of fruit.

Spa Easter Basket For Adults

If you have a friend who is overdue for a break, a spa Easter basket will make her feel pampered and cared about. Start with a metal bucket painted with pretty flowers, and use shredded paper as filler. Then select several packets of bubble bath powder, a couple bottles of body gel, a gel eye mask, luxurious body lotion, a fragrant candle, small hand-held massager and a loofah or back scrubber. Finish off with a thick washcloth in a cheerful color.

Pasta Lover’s Easter Basket For Adults

For the friend who has always wanted a trip to Italy, a pasta basket brings a bit of Italy to them. Use a large bowl as your base, and fill it with several packages of gourmet pasta, a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, pasta tongs, a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, and bottles of dried oregano, garlic and basil. Complete the basket with a bottle of good wine. A set of two dishtowels decorated with a pasta theme can be used as filler, cushioning the glass bottles and holding everything in place.

Exercise Enthusiast’s Easter Basket For Adults

If you know someone who is always at the gym, they will love a basket of useful gym accessories. Start with a small tote bag perfect for storing in a locker. Fill it with a small towel, an aluminum water bottle, energy bars, travel-size shampoo and body wash, an armband designed for holding an MP3 player and an iTunes gift card so they can load that music player with high-energy songs. Finish the basket with an ointment made for sore muscles.

You can show someone how much you care by taking the time to design an Easter basket filled with goodies that reflect their interests or hobbies. Not only children love receiving gifts at Easter, make someone happy with a basket just for them.

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Last Updated: March 29, 2012
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