Easter Decorating On A Budget

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Easter celebrations get expensive if you're not careful, and who isn’t watching their pennies these days? With a little planning and creativity, a challenged budget doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy a fun, colorful and festive holiday.

Easter Savings Ideas

If trying to cut your Easter expenses seems overwhelming, these basic tips should help you get started:

  • Serve a modest meal: Usually elaborate holiday meals result in more food than your guests can possibly eat in a sitting. Eliminate a few menu items and you'll still have a satisfying, generous meal. See Traditional Easter Dinner Menu Ideas.
  • Bake homemade desserts: Instead of buying expensive bakery cakes, purchase a few affordable ingredients and create something delicious. See Fun Easter Cupcake Recipes.
  • Find less expensive options for Easter clothing: If new Easter outfits are a tradition in your family, explore affordable options such as clearance sales, consignment stores, garage sales or even sewing your own clothes from scratch.
  • Make your own cards: Why buy expensive greeting cards when homemade ones are almost always more charming and likely to be treasured? See Easter Crafts For Kids and Easter Crafts For Adults.
  • Spend moderately on Easter baskets: Perhaps choose only one reasonably priced special gift per person instead of many gifts, and surround this with cute bargain items. See Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Girls, Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Boys, Personalized Easter Baskets For Kids and Easter Baskets For Adults.
  • Paint Easter eggs: For inexpensive Easter eggs, just hard boil some eggs and decorate them with the craft paints you've already got in the house. If you prefer dyed eggs, create your own affordable dyes from food coloring or natural foods, vinegar and water. See How To Dye Easter Eggs With Food Coloring.
  • Plan free or inexpensive children's Easter activities: Host a simple Easter egg hunt, play holiday games, take time to learn about Easter in other countries and bake or decorate eggs together. See Easter Egg Hunt Ideas.
  • Think ahead: After the holiday, Easter themed items will all go on sale. This is a great time to shop for next year!

Cheap Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are a favorite holiday tradition in many families. One way to keep them within a budget is to consider working with materials that last from year to year. You may even find that beautiful, reusable Easter baskets enrich your family's experience. Here are a few basket crafts pretty enough to use more than once:

  • Mini baskets: Purchase tiny, inexpensive woven baskets at any craft store and spray paint them in pastel shades. Tie a bright ribbon around the rim or the handle. Line with a paper napkin and fill with Jordan almonds, skittles or any other brightly colored candies. Mini baskets are perfect to put at each place setting on your Easter table.
  • Woven ribbon baskets: For your child or teen's Easter basket, create a unique design by weaving pastel ribbons through an inexpensive wire basket.
  • Flower baskets: Hot glue faux blossoms all around any woven basket and tie a bright ribbon around the handle.

Fun Easter Crafts on a Budget

For more fun and affordable Easter crafts, try some of these easy projects:

  • Fill paper cupcake liners with tiny faux floral bouquets.
  • Sew or hot glue ribbons and ruffles to a plain table runner.
  • Decorate your table with Easter cookie cutters filled with tiny candies and arranged on a decorative platter.

Homemade Easter Gifts

Buying holiday gifts for all your guests can really take its toll on your Easter budget. These homemade gift alternatives are both thoughtful and affordable:

  • Melt chocolate and dip salty pretzels to create your own chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Brew your own vanilla extract with vanilla beans soaked in rum, vodka or brandy.
  • Create personal scrapbooks or recipe books.
  • Assemble personalized theme Easter gift baskets. Popular themes include movie night, sports, beach or swim days, favorite music/TV stars or spa experience.
  • Decorate reusable grocery bags with kids' artwork using fabric paints.

Green Easter Baskets and Crafts

Save money and the planet when you make Easter crafts from recycled household items:

  • Shoebox Baskets: Cover shoebox with wrapping paper, decoupage or pretty cloth. Create a handle from the box top, wrap in ribbon to cover and staple it on.
  • Plastic pail Baskets: Paint in pretty colors or cover with cloth.
  • Easter vase: Thoroughly wash out an old soup can and cover with pastel cloth and ribbons. Fill with fresh spring flowers.

You can even recycle as you fill your Easter baskets. The waste from your paper shredder makes great Easter grass!

An Affordable Easter Table Setting

Your Easter dinner table doesn't have to break your budget either. Some candles, a homemade centerpiece and a vase of fresh flowers go a long way toward making your meal festive. Try a basket of colorful eggs or tiny "Easter bonnet" made from a doll's hat at each place setting. For a few other inexpensive touches, consider holiday napkins, colorful napkin rings, placemats and perhaps a bright, fresh tablecloth. See Easter Table Decorations.

With a focus on fun, family and friendship, the only thing missing from your budget Easter celebration will be the large bill to pay.

Last Updated: April 4, 2012
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