Easter Table Decorations

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Are you hosting a special Easter Sunday meal? Get your dining room into the holiday spirit with some fresh Easter decorating ideas.

Easter Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great way to bring the holidays to your Easter design. If you don’t plan on buying new tablecloths, runners, plates, cups or napkins for Easter, then a centerpiece is the perfect way to set the theme in a single step. Here are a few easy Easter centerpiece ideas you may want to try:

  • Natural Easter centerpiece: Use a long, narrow serving tray you already own, or pick one up at a discount retail store. You won’t see much of it, so the color isn’t very import, as long as the sides don’t show much. Spread faux moss from the craft store over the tray until it’s completely covered. Place a row of pure white candles down the center of the tray, on top of the moss. If they’re unstable, cut circles out of the moss and place the candles directly on the tray. Place a few faux robin’s eggs, birds or bunnies around the candles, nestled in the moss.
  • Watering can centerpiece: Fill a rustic watering can with fresh water and arrange tall spring flowers such as daffodils, lilies or daisies. You can also fill the watering can with soil and plant flowers inside. Plan ahead if you want to grow them from seed, otherwise buy flowers from your local nursery and transplant them to the can.
  • Eggcup planter centerpiece: Fill pale pink, blue or white eggcups with potting mix and plant baby's breath or other delicate blossoms in each one.
  • Eggshell candles centerpiece: Break off the top of a hollowed out egg and sit the remaining piece in an eggcup. Place a tiny candle inside or make your own custom tiny candle by melting wax in the eggshell and adding a wick.
  • Easter tulips centerpiece: Start with a pastel planter filled with young tulips. Cover the soil with colorful foil-covered eggs and tie a pink ribbon around the planter.

easter table decorations ideal home garden

Easter Table Settings

Your dining room table is the focal point of your holiday meal, setting the tone for the rest of the room. Try these design touches to create your perfect Easter table:

  • White, pastel or themed tablecloth
  • Easter table runner in white or pastel shades, in cotton or lace. Use a colored runner over a white tablecloth for a sophisticated look without appearing overwhelming or cluttered.
  • Floral or Easter-themed place cards with each guest's name written in pretty calligraphy
  • White lace or pastel cotton placemats
  • Tall, white candles, wrapped with grass, bird’s nests, flowers or small eggs.
  • Cloth Easter chair covers with festive bows
  • Bunny, chick, bird or egg decorations you can attach to the backs of chairs
  • Fine China or white, pastel or Easter themed dishes
  • Cloth napkins in white or Easter colors, folded like bunny ears
  • Salt & pepper shakers, and/or creamer with bunny, chick, egg or carrot shape or motif
  • Napkin rings with Easter colors or shapes.

Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

Use your dining room windows to let in fresh spring air and light to enhance your holiday design. Here are a few ways to get your windows into the Easter spirit:

  • If weather permits, open the windows and let your guests enjoy the sunlight and fragrant, fresh air.
  • Hang sheer curtains that dance with the breezes, or no curtains at all with a pastel window valance for maximum light.
  • Decorate windows with spring or Easter themed window clings or paper fan flowers.
  • Hang a wreath made of fresh or faux moss and flowers, pastel ribbons and bows, Easter eggs, jellybeans or other Easter candy.

easter table decorations ideal home garden

Easter Décor Ideas

Complete your Easter dining room design by adding just the right accents and accessories such as:

  • Wall art: Hang spring or Easter-themed framed prints, photos or tapestries.
  • Garlands: Buy them in any craft store or make your own from flowers, faux birds, paper birds or butterflies, pastel pom-poms or peeps.
  • Sculpture: Display sculptures of bunnies, chicks, birds or flowers on your buffet, in your China cabinet or on shelves.
  • Easter Basket: Create a decorative Easter basket complete with faux grass, chocolate bunnies and plastic Easter eggs for your buffet table. Also see Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Girls and Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Boys.
  • Box or basket of eggs: Display all the beautiful eggs you've decorated and dyed in a wooden box or wicker basket, on a bed of straw. See How To Dye Easter Eggs With Food Coloring.
  • Hanging decorations: Hang ribbons and or plastic eggs from your chandelier or curtain rod.
  • Lights: Hang strings of white or Easter-themed decorative lights around your dining room.
  • Easter tree: Give your tabletop Christmas tree a new life by decorating it with Easter eggs, candy, tiny stuffed animal chick and bunny ornaments and ribbons and bows.
  • Easter "window": If your dining room doesn't have a window, brighten things up by hanging a window frame backed by a mirror. Decorate this "window" with little birds, sun catchers or other bright spring touches.

Easter Table Decorations

The spirit of Easter and the spirit of spring are very much intertwined. Because of this, an Easter dining room always contains elements and themes of spring. To bring a light spring holiday feeling to your dining room:

  • Dip into the Easter palette: Incorporate pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, green and lavender into your table setting and accessories. If you don’t want to buy new plates, glasses or napkins in these colors, try finding plastic versions.
  • Work with whites: Crisp, clean shades of white brighten the room and give it an open, airy feel. You can also use white plates and linens all year long, so feel free to buy a nice set if you need one.
  • Use accessories for color: To make an otherwise all white tablescape pop, use brightly colored accessories like napkins, napkin rings, name cardholders and ribbons.
  • Put away clutter: Store unnecessary clutter and winter-themed items out of sight.
  • Keep things natural: Natural materials such as cotton, wood, lace and wicker compliment spring and Easter décor.
  • Lighten up walls and floors: A pale natural area rug or a coat of white, cream or pastel colored paint adds an airy spring feeling just right for an Easter meal.
  • For more table décor ideas, see Spring Centerpieces & Table Décor Ideas.

With a few simple, creative touches, your festive Easter dining room will be the perfect compliment to your holiday meal.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013
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