Easy & Creative Book Crafts To Decorate Your Home

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Whether you love reading them, or simply enjoy decorating with them, books are a beautiful and distinguished way to accessorize your home. Do more than line your bookshelf with your favorite volumes, and try some of these simple, DIY book crafts to make your own home décor.

Framed Text & Images

For literary minded framed décor to place on walls and tables around your home, all you’ll need is a book page, large stamp or a printer, and a frame. Select a frame to fit the size of your book page (or vice versa). Using a stamp of your choice, or a black and white image on your computer, stamp or print an image onto the book page, creating a chic contrast between the picture and the book’s text. Once the ink has dried, place the book page in the frame. For added interest, use a page from the dictionary with the definition of a word relating to your image. For example, use the dictionary page defining “horse” if you used a stamp or image of a horse.


Rather than merely placing your books on shelves, you can easily create shelves from them. Purchase shelf brackets from a home improvement or hardware store, and find or buy one large book per shelf. Install the shelf brackets into your wall, then screw or hot glue the back cover of the book onto the brackets, forming a shelf. Leave the book-shelves bare to display the covers, or use them to display other books, collectibles, flowers and more.

Glass Table

If you own a table with a glass pane on top of a solid surface, you can easily create a book page tabletop. Carefully remove the glass pane, then lay pages from your favorite book, a dictionary or even a newspaper on the table. For a kitchen table, try using pages from a cookbook. Arrange the pages edge to edge for a structured look, or messily overlap the pages for a more relaxed feel. Tape or glue the pages together to secure them when replacing the glass pane. When you have arranged the pages as desired, carefully place the glass pane back on the table, and enjoy your literary inspired table surface, without fear or staining, tearing or damaging the book pages.

Flower Vase

Use an inexpensive flower vase you already own, or check a discount retail store to find one under $10. Use full pages or cut strips from a book, and glue to the outside surface of the vase until it is completely covered. Paint on a clear craft sealant like Modge Podge to secure and glaze the pages, protecting them from damage. Allow to dry, then place on a table, shelf or mantle around your home.

Framed Décor

For literary (and informational) wall décor, use dictionary pages, shadow boxes, and small decorative items. Try to use dictionary pages that define the decorative item. For example, if you plan to place a faux flower in your shadow box, use the dictionary page defining flower, or even the specific flower’s name. Once you have selected the item and the dictionary page, glue the page to the back of the shadow box, and place the item inside. Hang on your wall once finished.

Wall Letters

Many craft and home décor stores sell large, wooden or plastic letters for wall décor. Purchase letters that spell your name, initials or even a short favorite saying. Trace the shape of each letter onto book pages, then cut out. Glue the book page letters to the wooden/plastic letters. Cover with a craft sealant to secure and protect the pages, then allow to dry before hanging. Use pages from your favorite book to add meaning to the text spelling your name, initials or phrase. Remember, if the page has text on one side only, be sure to trace the letter so the text will appear facing outward when the paper is glued on the letter.


Create beautiful, glowing candle displays illuminating the text of your favorite book. Select or cut book pages to fit the height of a clear glass candleholder. Attach the pages to the candleholder with a clear drying craft sealant like Modge Podge. Allow the sealant to dry before placing a candle inside.


Transform an ordinary photo or mirror frame into a literary décor piece with book pages and craft sealant. Cut book pages into thin strips, and glue to the frame. Once the frame is completely covered, paint on a clear drying craft sealant. Allow to completely dry before hanging.

Hanging Chapter

Select a short chapter (three to 10 pages) in one of your favorite books to display in your home. You’ll need two copies of the book, so check a thrift store for inexpensive editions. Carefully cut out each page of the chapter, from both books. Purchase inexpensive frames, and place one side of each page in a frame (page 1 from the first book, then the backside, page 2, from the second book in the next frame).

Creating whimsical and unique home décor pieces with book pages is easier than you think. Try to find books you love at a low cost to give your crafts deeper meaning, and dress your home with inspiring and evocative literature.

Last Updated: March 21, 2013
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