Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

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This year, learn how to make and design simple, inexpensive Halloween decorations the whole family will enjoy creating and using.


You probably already keep at least one vase of flowers in your home, and Halloween is a great time to customize floral displays for the season. Try displaying a spooky or harvest themed floral arrangement this year, and enjoy the look of flowers and the fun of Halloween decorations in one step.

  • For an autumn themed display, choose orange and yellow flowers with brown filler like reeds.
  • For a creepy floral arrangement, purchase faux roses, and spray paint them black. Leave one rose red for a dramatic pop of color. Using faux roses will allow you to enjoy the display year after year, saving you money.
  • Try filling your vase with autumn reeds, rather than flowers. Even pieces of hay and wheat look authentically autumn, and are a cheap way to fill out your arrangement. Tie an orange or black bow around the vase for added color.
  • Gather branches from a tree in your yard, between six inches and two feet tall, depending on the size of your vase. Spray paint the branches black for a spooky, dead tree look. You can hang fun Halloween decorations from the branches, or leave them eerily bare.

Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas


Candles are essential to Halloween decorations, from jack-o-lanterns to haunting candelabras. Using candles creatively around your home will not only add to your seasonal decor, but also allow you to increase your candle collection for the rest of the year, making these decorations fun and functional.

  • Drip red wax onto white candles to mimic the look of blood. You can also drip combinations of red, white or black wax onto each other for a vampire themed display. Place on your dining room table, coffee table, mantel or in candelabras around the house.
  • Black candles are often sold around Halloween, and are a spooky way to decorate your home, without needing to alter the actual candle. Replace your current candles with black ones to instantly transform your home into a haunted house.
  • Print out spooky sayings onto craft store parchment paper, and wrap around hurricane vases. When the candles are light, the parchment will eerily glow.


Whether you're throwing an adult Halloween party, or simply want unique decorations, drinks can be a great way to display your love for the haunting season.

  • Red wine glasses against black decorinstantly make drinks look like sinister goblets (plus, the red glasses can easily be reused at Christmas)
  • Fill a glass decanter with red punch, or dye clear beverages with green food coloring to create the look of blood or potion. Set the decanter on a side table for a creepy Halloween display, or use as an actual drink server at a Halloween party.

Decorate With Pumpkins

Pumpkins are another easy way to decorate for the season, and can be used for more than autumn displays. Carve, paint and accessorize your pumpkins to create unique and fun Halloween decor.

  • Use very small pumpkins as place tags for Halloween dinner parties. Simply write or paint your guests name onto the pumpkin in a spooky font, and set them down at their place setting.
  • Paint carved pumpkins white for a ghostly appearance, or black for a more sinister look.
  • For a fun and glamorous Halloween, use glitter and glue to make sparkling pumpkins perfect for table centerpieces and glittering accents around your home.
  • Place small to medium sized pumpkins on ornate candleholders to display them like art. If you leave them uncarved and decorate with paint or leave plain, they will last longer.
  • Carve pumpkins to be used as candy bowls, appetizer dip holders or drink ice buckets. Set a bowl inside the pumpkin to keep the food and drinks clean.

Color Themes

One easy way to quickly create a themed look around your home is to decorate by color. This works well at Halloween, and can help keep down the expense of buying many decorations. By designing a room or area with primarily one color, you can set the theme and create impact.

  • Try decorating the dining room with white Halloween decor. Create a ghostly table with white spider webs, white lace and white candles (which you can accent with red or black dripping wax, for an added creepy effect). Using white plates and napkins you already have will complete the look, and draw more attention to your Halloween theme than many more varied color accessories.
  • Create a harvest orange living room with a few key pieces. Set pumpkins on tables and mantels for large pops of color, vases of sunset colored flowers with reeds and wheat, as well as orange candles with black ribbons placed around the room. Sticking to one color theme with strategic decorcreates a larger impact for less money.
  • Try decorating your bathroom with sinister black accessories to frighten and thrill guests during a Halloween party. Black candles, shower curtains, ribbons and spider webs will look extra ominous in typically small sized bathrooms.

Decorating for Halloween can be simple, cheap and fun. Try using what you already have, and making a few basic purchases to complete your seasonal decor. Pumpkins, spider webs and autumn flowers can go far, especially when used in unique ways. Sticking to color themes when designing your rooms for Halloween will create a dramatic effect for far less money than piling on the decorations, and keeping your home lit with the eerie glow of candles will set the mood. For discounts on Halloween decorations and party supplies, try CouponMountain.com for SHinDigZ coupons


Last Updated: July 30, 2013
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