Easy Christmas Decorating With Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

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Glass hurricane candleholders are beautiful and popular décor pieces for year round interior design. Easily convert your current glass hurricanes, or purchase new ones, to make your own Christmas decorations this year. Create gorgeous displays for dining room centerpieces, fireplace mantel décor, and side table decorations for your entire home.

DIY Frosted Glass

Frosted glass designs are a beautiful way to add season specific images and text to your glass pieces, but they can often cost much more than plain glass. Make your own frosted glass images and monograms with this easy trick.

  • Cut out the shape of an image, design or text you wish to frost onto a glass hurricane candleholder.
  • Tape the paper with the image/design/text cut out onto the candleholder, so the cutout is placed where you would like the frosting to be.
  • Spray the cutout page with a can of frosted glass spray, available at home improvement and craft stores. Be careful to only spray the cut out area. The image/design/text will now appear frosted, while the rest of the glass hurricane candleholder remains clear. Allow to dry completely before using.
  • For a reverse effect, use the piece of paper you cutout, rather than the full page, and tape to the candle holder. Spray the entire candleholder with frosted glass spray. The image/design/text will now be the only clear portion of the candleholder, with everything else appearing frosted.
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Cranberries & Pine Boughs

These classic holiday season décor pieces are perfect for creating natural hurricane candleholder displays. Use them indoors or out for a colorful contrast to winter snow and white candles.

  • Always place a tall pillar candle in the glass hurricane candleholder before filling with other decorations.
  • Fill the candleholder halfway with cranberries. There should always be at least two inches between the top of the cranberries and the top of the candle. Scoop cranberries out as the candle burns down and becomes shorter.
  • Only place one layer of pine boughs at the bottom of the glass hurricane candleholder. The pine needles should never come within two inches of the top of the candle to prevent a fire hazard.


Use these natural and abundant winter decorations to make subtle, neutral hurricane candle displays.

  • Place the pillar candle in the candleholder first, then fill with pinecones of the same or varying sizes.
  • Leave at least two inches between the top of the pinecones and the top of the candle to prevent a fire hazard. Remove pinecones as the candle burns down and becomes shorter.


Create a colorful, metallic or even shapely hurricane candle display with Christmas ornaments.

  • Depending on your design theme, select red and green, silver, and/or gold, or blue and/or white ornaments to place inside the candleholder.
  • You can place a candle inside before adding ornaments, or use the ornaments alone.
  • Use star, oval and other uniquely shaped ornaments for a distinctive hurricane candleholder Christmas display.
  • If you do use a candle, do not let the ornaments come within two inches of the top of the candle. Remove ornaments as the candle burns down and becomes shorter.

Snow & Glitter

For a natural or glamorous look, place a pillar candle inside the candleholder, then fill halfway with Epsom salt or white and silver glitter. The white salt and glitter will appear like snow.


If you use beaded garlands on your Christmas tree, try adding them to your hurricane candleholders to create a unified theme throughout your house.

  • Place a pillar candle inside the glass candleholder.
  • Wrap a silver, gold, red, green or blue beaded garland around the candle, beginning at the bottom. Stop the beads about two inches below the top of the candle.

Holly & Mistletoe

Use this classic holiday décor to fill a hurricane candleholder completely, or wrap around the edge of a pillar candle. Like other décor, make sure the holly and mistletoe leaves stop approximately two inches below the top of the candle, to avoid a fire hazard.

Multiple Candle Hurricane Displays

Some home décor stores sell extra-large hurricane candleholders, allowing multiple candles to be placed inside. Use these larger versions to surround two to four pillar candles in varying heights. Decorate with Epsom salt snow, cranberries, pine boughs, pinecones, beads or ornaments.

String Light Hurricanes

For an extra illuminated display, fill a glass hurricane candleholder with string lights. Use white lights on white string for a clean, winter look, or colored lights for a more festive approach.

White Décor Hurricanes

Décor used to fill a glass hurricane candleholder or accent a candle inside one can instantly be transformed for an icy winter look by being painted white. Pinecones, cranberries, pine boughs, ornaments and more all take on a whole new look when lightly or completed painted.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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