Easy Christmas Glitter Ornament Crafts

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This Christmas, use simple craft store purchases to easily create unique and sparkling décor you and your family are sure to love. Simply pick up craft glue and various Christmas colored glitter from a local craft store, and transform the ordinary decorations you already own into beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Glitter Ornaments Tutorial

One of the best glitter crafts you can make this Christmas transforms regular, clear ornaments into beautiful and long lasting décor pieces. Because the glitter is on the inside of the ornament, it will not flake off or be scratched.

What You'll Need:

  • Clear tree ornaments, with a removable top
  • Glitter (red, green, blue, silver or gold)
  • Craft glue, glitter glue or a sticky household cleaner like Pledge floor wax


  1. Remove the top from your clear ornament.
  2. Pour glue or cleaner inside the ornament, then roll and spin until it has thoroughly coated the entire inside of the ornament.
  3. Set the ornament upside down over the bottle of cleaner, or in a paper cup, to allow the excess cleaner or glue to drain out, and prevent streaks and bulges.
  4. Pour the glitter of your choice inside the ornament, using enough to coat the entire inside without gaps.
  5. Pour out the excess glitter and allow the ornament to dry for at least 45 minutes.
  6. Once the ornament is dry, replace the top, and hang on your Christmas tree or use elsewhere around the house to decorate.
Ready for Planting Finished Product

Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments & Décor

Similar to clear ornaments, large, vintage Christmas light bulbs can also be covered with glitter to create tree ornaments or household décor. Because you cannot open most light bulbs, the glitter for this craft should be applied to the outside of the bulb. Because of this, the bulbs do not need to be clear, and can be any color. Simply paint the bulb with glue, then roll in the glitter of your choice. Make sure you allow the bulbs to thoroughly dry before attaching a string to hang them from the Christmas tree, or use them elsewhere around the house.


Many homes own small, replica pine trees to decorate for the holidays. This year, use glitter to give an ordinary tree a sparkling touch. Just use glue to completely or partially cover the tree, then sprinkle with green glitter. You can also use white glitter to mimic the look of snowfall resting on the trees' branches. For a subtle touch, do not cover the entire tree with glue, and instead, only place small dabs on the ends of branches. Sprinkle white glitter over the dabs of glue to create the appearance of snow having lightly collected on its branches.


Use any snowflake ornaments or decorations you already own to create shimmering, snow covered décor pieces. Just paint on glue, then sprinkle the snowflake with white or blue glitter. Mix the two colors for extra contrast. Again, be sure to allow the snowflake to completely dry before hanging or placing around the house.

Other Decoration Ideas

Cookie Cutters: Use Christmas cookie cutters in tree, snowflake, Santa or star shapes, and convert them into glittered Christmas tree ornaments. Just paint the cookie cutter with glue, then sprinkle with red, green, white, blue, silver or gold glitter. Allow to dry, then tie a small ribbon around the top, and hang on your tree.

Frames: Many craft stores sell very small picture frames (2X2 to 4x4 inches) with ribbons or hooks that allow them to be hung. Paint the frame with glue, then sprinkle with Christmas colored glitter. Place your favorite family Christmas photo inside the frame, then hang from your Christmas tree.

Snow Ornaments: Create a snow covered, or snow filled, Christmas ornament with clear or colored ornaments you already own.

  • Snow Filled: Remove the top of a clear Christmas ornament, and fill one third of it with white glitter. Replace the top of the ornament. The glitter will flutter like snowfall inside the ornament when handled.
  • Snow Covered: If you are making this craft with a clear ornament, you can create the glitter snow on the inside or outside of the ornament. On the inside of a clear ornament, remove the top, and carefully pour very small dabs of glue just inside the upper rim. The glue should begin to spread and drip a little. Pour white glitter inside the ornament, and carefully tip upside down, using your thumb to cover the open top. Empty the ornament of excess glitter, and allow the glue to dry before replacing the top. The white glitter should appear like light snowfall on the top of the ornament. On the outside of a clear or colored ornament, simply paint glue on the top one third of the ornament, and allow to drip slightly. Sprinkle on white glitter, then allow to dry.

Names, Words, Letters: Easily create personalized and monogrammed ornaments by using a paintbrush or narrow bottle spout to draw words, names or letters onto the front of Christmas ornaments with glue. Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry, while watching for drips.

Stripes & Patterns: Use a paintbrush or narrow bottle spout to draw lines of glue across clear or colored ornaments. Create random patterns, or plaid stripes, then sprinkle with one to several colors of glitter. Allow to dry before hanging on your Christmas tree.

Pinecones: Cover all or part of pines with glue, then sprinkle with Christmas covered glitter. Set along your mantel, inside decorative bowls, or hang from your Christmas tree.

Fruit: Purchase plastic pears and apples from a craft store, and cover them with glue. Sprinkle the fruit with red, green or silver glitter to turn ordinary fruit bowls and home décor into shimmer Christmas decorations.

Last Updated: October 20, 2011
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