Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Babies

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Halloween costumes for babies are fun for parents who enjoy the spirit of  Halloween. Infants and young toddlers can be dressed in outfits with virtually no planning at all. Ideas for creating your own baby costumes for Halloween abound online, in magazines and at stores. However, sometimes the most inventive and affordable ideas are the best and come from closets and storage in your home. Keeping costume ideas simple with an animal, food or object theme will allow for more creativity with found items and clothing at home. Materials for infants should be safe and comfortable as well as easy to put on and to take off especially for an infant. Consider old clothes for costumes that can be discarded if necessary.

When creating costumes at home, no matter how simple, make sure there is enough time to assemble them. Sewing, gluing or drawing takes time and planning. Fabric stores are effective for time saving, especially if materials and tools are needed. In addition, the Internet has a number of resources for ideas and information with instructions and suggestions for materials as well as sources for keeping costumes affordable.

Make sure any make-up or paint used on a baby's skin to accent or accessorize a costume is safe and comes off easy and clean. Check all products for safety and allergies when creating a costume for a baby. Accessories should be lose-fitting and non-restrictive to a baby's body. In addition, keep in mind babies place everything in their mouths so any DIY Halloween costume for a baby should have no lose pieces or parts for a baby to choke or become sick from a dye or coating on an object. Beware of gluing and keep it to a minimal and away from a baby's reach. 

Ready for Planting 

Finished Product

Sewless Costumes

DIY Halloween costumes at www.helium.com include easy and simple ideas where no prior knowledge of sewing is needed and glue can be replaced for a needle and thread. An easy way to make Halloween costumes is to decorate existing baby clothes or items. Try a simple sweatshirt animal for the little one. With sweatshirts and sweatpants, a baby can feel warm and comfortable. Gluing spots, stripes, ears and tails with of felt or fabric can make all types of cuddly animal Halloween costumes including a lion, a puppy or a zebra. 

Parents Can Join In On The Costume

A mom and dad can become part of their little one's outfit such as a spiderweb mother and sock spider baby costume. This is a no sew idea available on www.marthastewart.com. 

Found Clothing And Accessories

Other costume ideas for infants, which are available at www.rookiemoms.com, are mostly found clothing and objects around the house.

For a farmer, all that's needed is denim overalls and a plaid shirt. How about an aerobics instructor? It's a onesie over leggings with baby legs. And, a sweatband can be created by cutting the edge off an outgrown newborn cap. A simple but smart costume can just be as easy as writing E=MC2 on an onesie for a Baby Einstein costume.  

What is considered a DIY classic baby costume is a hobo. It's using old clothing, which could be a dad's worn sweater and an old tie. The oversized look is particularly hoboesque. A ragamuffin could be the baby girl version. A hippie baby is another idea with mini John Lennon spectacles as the only item that might need to be purchased. An old onesie can be dyed in one color or an old-tied t-shirt can be cut and shaped to fit. Newborns can have even more simple costumes such as a fried egg, which is just a white sleeper with yellow felt circle sewn or glued to the center. Also pajamas with themes, available at BabyGap, can be used for a costume and reused for sleeping. For more ideas and green baby Halloween costume ideas, visit www.greenbabyguide.com. 

Pillowcase Pouches

Pillowcase pouches are another easy, simple and inexpensive item to create a baby Halloween costume. Cut out neck and arm holes and decorate. Pillowcase pouches can also be useful for costumes based on candy such as M&Ms. Inexpensive accessories are another path to creating a costume with existing clothing such as party dresses and jeans. A fairy princess is as easy as a party dress, plastic crown, wand and wings. For a cowboy, a cowboy hat and a loose bandana around the neck make a pair of jeans and flannel shirt a Halloween outfit. Other web sites for more ideas on DIY baby Halloween costumes like these and more exist at www.sheknows.com and www.mothers-home.com. 

Whether a baby costume is creative or not, the experience of creating a costume for a baby for Halloween is a fun opportunity for parents to enjoy their infant and lasting memories. Babies are adorable and dressing them in a costume is a photograph waiting to happen.

Last Updated: September 25, 2012
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