Elegant Christmas Door Decorations

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Design your own beautiful and elegant front door decorations for Christmas with these easy ideas. Use monochromatic displays, vibrant metallics and chic materials for the perfect sophisticated Christmas doorway display.

Elegant Christmas Wreaths

Like other Christmas styles, the elegant wreath frequently begins with a plain pine garland. It’s always a good idea to have at least one to customize for any style, anywhere around your home.

  • Gold leaves are an easy way to add glamour to a plain or otherwise traditional wreath. Collect leaves from around your yard (for use only once) or purchase faux leaves from a craft store. Spray paint them silver or gold, and glue to your wreath.
  • For a snow-covered, elegant wreath, spray paint a pine or twig garland completely or mostly white. These white wreaths can be hung on their own, or accessorized with ornaments and other Christmas décor. A bright red bow provides striking contrast to the white.

Elegant Christmas Door Decorations

  • Pearls can be used as a glamorous addition to a wreath, or create a wreath of their own. Glue pearls sporadically to a white twig or pine wreath for subtle touches of shine and sophistication, or glue them in with cranberries for a mix of natural and elegant beauty. For an entirely pearl covered wreath, purchase a foam wreath base from a craft store. Glue faux pearls to the foam until it is completely covered. Allow to thoroughly dry, then hang from a white, red, silver or gold ribbon on your front door.
  • Mixed metallic ornaments use traditional Christmas décor in a modern and elegant way. Add silver and gold ornaments (shiny or glittered) to a pine wreath, or create an entirely ornament covered one. Simply glue the ornaments to a foam wreath base from a craft store until completely covered. Use a gold, silver or white bow to hang from a nail or hook on your front door.

Elegant Christmas Door Decorations

  • White feathers may not come to mind when decorating for Christmas, but they can create a beautiful and modern Christmas front door wreath. Glue or pierce fluffy white feathers into a foam wreath base from a craft store. Attach ornaments or bows or leave plain for a snowy white wreath.
  • To create an elegant snowflake covered wreath, purchase a foam wreath base from a craft store. Spray or paint the foam with glue, then cover with white and/or silver glitter. Once the glitter has dried, glue snowflake ornaments to the wreath. Allow to dry, then hang on your front door with a white or silver ribbon.
  • Make your own unique and stylish peacock colored Christmas wreath by beginning with a plain pine wreath. Add gold, green and blue ornaments, and top with a blue and gold ribbon. Stick several peacock feathers into the wreath for the final touch, and hang on your front door.
  • Monochromatic wreaths are one of the easiest ways to create a sophisticated Christmas display for your front door. Simply cover a pine or foam wreath with all gold or silver ornaments in the same or varying sizes. This also works well with all white ornaments. Just be sure to let the glue dry completely before hanging the wreath on your door, as the ornaments can easily pop off.
  • Purchase a twig wreath from a craft store and spray paint it entirely white. Paint cranberries white, and glue them to the wreath. Attach a silver or gold bow for a minimalist, modern Christmas wreath. Attach faux pearls for added glamour, or cranberries for a bright pop of color.

Elegant Christmas Door Decorations Elegant Christmas Door Decorations Elegant Christmas Door Decorations

Elegant Christmas Decorations for Railings

  • For railings leading up to your front door, or around your porch, use a garland, lights and a few additions to create an elegant Christmas display.
  • Wrap a plain pine garland around your railings. It can be left green, or, spray painted white for a modern look. If you paint it, be sure it is completely dry before wrapping around your railing.
  • If you would like string lights on your garland, place these on before any other decorations.
  • Always use white lights for elegant Christmas décor. If the garland is green, use a green wire, if the garland is spray painted white, use a white wire.
  • Use white, gold or silver ribbons alone or wrapped around pine garlands for added luxury.
  • Purchase a string of faux pearls from a craft store to use with or in place of ribbons.


  • Fill large pots or vases with gold, silver and white ornaments in unique shapes and sizes, and set on one or both sides of your front door.
  • Line the walkway or staircase leading to your front door with silver lanterns. Set flameless candles inside, surrounded by Epsom salt as faux snow and small ornaments.
  • Tie metallic bows to lanterns already fixed to the wall on either side of your front door, and/or hang one large, metallic ornament from the bottom.


Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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