Great Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Home

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When thinking of home decor for the fall, the options are plentiful. From crafting unique and one-of-a-kind decorations to discovering new and exciting fall trend items, ideas to decorate or enhance one's home are inexpensive and sometimes already at your fingertips.

Crafting items can be a family affair as well as a fun and rewarding activity for yourself. Decorating a home for fall can involve the entire family, especially children who might want to try their hand at decorating and pumpkin carving. Carving pumpkins can be a self-expression for anyone. It can also include following a pattern obtainable at a variety of craft stores. Pumpkin carving tool kits will include patterns and display ideas as well as child proof and safe pumpkin carving. At the web site discover ideas and tools for family fun in creating Jack-o-Lanterns.

For beautiful and inexpensive decorative outside items consider luminarias, which can be displayed on porches or pathways and inside to illuminate windows with a soft and inviting glow. Simple fall colored bags with votive candles can create a fall mood and give a warm feel to a home.

Deciding on the best fall decorations may include outside plants, flowers and lawn features. Seasonal potted plants such as mums come in a variety of brilliant fall colors and have a range of flowers from pompon to spider shapes. Other flowering plants with fall colors include lilies, marigolds, snapdragons and coleus. Check with your local garden center and flower shop to see the variety of plants available for potted plants that will hold through fall's first frost. Even in a small space, such as a city apartment, a potted plant or cut flowers can instantly create that autumn feel.

Other items that imbue the feeling of fall are:

  • Door wreaths
  • Grape vines with leaves or berries
  • Cornstalks
  • Gourds
  • Pumpkins
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In addition, fall outdoor clean up chores can also lead to fall decorations such as raking leaves and using decorative trash bags for display and eventually disposal.

As people gather indoors, crafting home and hearth items can also present a warm and welcome feeling for autumn. Inside centerpieces for dining rooms, fireplace mantels and other dining areas, which can include fall colors, foods or themes can be easily created and well-placed decorations.

Fall is the harvest season, which include fruits and vegetables. Fall decor , besides pumpkins and gourds, can include:

  • Apples, which are not only healthy to eat but also come in so many varieties that their fall colors, ranging from golden yellow to dark reds, are an instant decoration.
  • Wooden items such as trivets for candles or centerpiece items.

Certain trend ideas can spruce up fall decorating with the addition of gold and silver items, which can range from candles and bowls to chargers. In addition, silver and gold spray painting can give gourds, leaves and vines for wreaths or porch decorations as well as centerpieces a new and upgraded look for traditional fall decor . Spraying the tips of leaves or the tops of gourds can create a whole new look for fall decor .

Carved pumpkins or an assortment of pumpkins and gourds inside or outside are a welcome fall decoration, especially with the addition of colored corn with stalks and husks, which add to a harvest theme. Although ghosts, spider webs, witches and skeletons are Halloween standard fair, keep in mind Halloween is an event and fall decorating is for a seasonal look.

Fall has a natural color scheme and motif of its own from nature's metamorphosis seen in the changing of leaves, which include golden yellows, rich reds and chocolate browns-another trend color. With the use of brown other trend colors can be added such as aborigine and violet. These hues are wonderful additions as decor for table, bath and bedroom linens. Even a throw blanket in one of these rich colors can give the family room couch a fall look. For every season, simply changing out rugs and mats can be another decorative item, which also helps keep a home clean.

At the dinner table, pottery, stoneware or earthenware is a simple way to show off fall decor . When sitting down for fall meals with comfort foods of chowders, soups and chili, tableware can be used to reveal rich earth colors for a seasonal change from summer. Having the harvest bounty of summer also is an opportunity to display vegetables and fruits in decorative fall colored or themed pottery. Even pies and canning items displayed in kitchens can be featured as fall decor , which present an organic feel of harvesting.

Last Updated: November 15, 2011
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