Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Front Door

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If you prefer traditional autumn décor to spooky Halloween themes, try some of these fall decoration ideas for your home's front door and entry. Greet guests with warm and inviting decorations celebrating one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

Front Door Décor

Give your front door autumn color, shape and style with these simple fall décor pieces.

  • Autumn Wreaths: Brightly colored autumn wreaths are an easy way to decorate your door for the season. Purchase one from a craft store or home improvement store or make your own with a few simple materials from the store.
  • Subtle Wreaths: For a subtle autumn wreath, make or purchase one primarily made of twigs or branches, with a few leaves, acorns or other adornments spread throughout it.
  • Bold Wreaths: For a full, striking wreath, purchase one made entirely of brightly colored autumn leaves, along with small pumpkins, cornhusks, acorns and other fall adornments.
  • Fall Garlands: Drape an autumn leaf garland over your doorway for a colorful and welcoming entry into your home. Also wind autumn garlands around hand rails on either side on entryway staircases, as well as around porch columns.
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Pumpkins remain one of the most fun ways to design your home's entryway and porch for fall. Use traditional and creative decor ideas to decorate this year.

  • If you have planters or large decorative pots on either side of your doorway, try stacking pumpkins to create living columns.
  • Try arranging pumpkins in ascending or descending size down entryway stairs or along walkways leading up to your front door.
  • Use pumpkins in varying colors to adjust the look of your autumn display. If you can't find a natural pumpkin in the shade you would like, try painting your pumpkins. Colors like white, gold, bronze and tan are stylish, but neutral, and will blend in well with the natural autumn theme of the display.
  • Creatively display your home's address numbers by placing several pumpkins at your doorstep, carved with each number.
  • Creatively stack pumpkins of varying sizes on chairs, benches or porch swings near your doorway.


Flowers are frequently planted or potted near the front door, and valued for their color and style. For autumn, try mixing up your normal floral arrangements to add season appropriate decoration.

  • For pots near your front door, plant warm colored flowers in yellow, orange and red. If you do not want to replace your existing flowers, purchase fake flowers at a craft store, and arrange them in pots along your entryway.
  • Add autumn colored flowers to front door wreaths for extra colored amongst the fall leaves.
  • Bunch warm colored flowers in the corners of your door frame, along the hand rails on entryway stairs, and in vases on front porch tables.


  • Corn Stalks: Purchase tall corn stalks from a home improvement store, craft store or plant nursery. Place them on either side of your front door for beautiful and authentic autumn décor. The stalks will add height and a dramatic flair to your fall entryway display.
  • Straw: Straw is a great way to add filler to other autumn décor pieces. Use straw from a craft store or your yard to fill in clear flower vases, wrap around front door wreaths, place at the base of corn stalks or to sit beneath flower pots. For a more dramatic look, spread the straw across your entire entryway.
  • Branches: If you would prefer a more subtle autumn décor theme to brightly colored flowers, try using twigs instead. Fill large pots, vases on porch tables or simply set them on their own. Collect tall, thin twigs and branches from around your yard, or buy some at a craft store. Bundle them together with twine, autumn colored ribbon or even a piece of straw to prevent any of them from falling over. Then arrange in a holder, or stand the bundles on either side of your front door.
  • Scarecrows: Making your own scarecrow is easier than you might think. These classic icons of fall are always a fun addition to any home's entryway, and can be used in a variety of ways. Try using metal or plastic rods to prop up a scarecrow next to your front door, greeting friends and family as they entire. Place a sitting scarecrow on benches, chairs or porch swings, or sit one down on your home's front steps.
  • Hay Bales: For a truly authentic fall display, try purchasing hay bales from a plant nursery, home improvement store, or even a local farm if you live near one. Setting up hay bales along your porch, next to your front door or even as seating can instantly transform your home's entryway into picture perfect autumn setting.

When it comes to traditional autumn decoration for your front door and entry, remember to stick with natural materials like corn stalks, hay, flowers and branches. Pair the bright colors of fall leaves with the neutral tones of wooden branches and twine to create a beautiful autumn display.

Last Updated: January 17, 2012
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