Easter Activities For Preschoolers & Kids

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Want to keep your kids entertained during Easter? They'll stay happy and busy with these fun Easter Activities.

Easter Activities For Preschoolers & Kids

As enduring symbols of new life and renewal, eggs play a big role in Easter celebrations. Get kids into the holiday spirit with these egg-themed projects:

  • Decorated eggs: For this classic Easter activity, empty the contents of washed raw eggs and decorate the hollow shells using paints, dyes, melted crayons or markers.
  • Tissue paper egg: Cut an egg shape from cardboard and glue on bits of crumpled, pastel colored tissue paper for a uniquely textured egg.
  • Scratch-art egg magnets: Cut egg shapes from scratch-art paper and let kids scratch out colorful designs. When they're done, glue a small, flat craft magnet to the back of each egg so they can be displayed on the refrigerator.
  • Hairy grass egg people: Paint or glue cute faces to colorful eggcups. Fill eggcups with soil and plant grass seed in each one. Over time, egg people will grow spiky green "hair" that needs to be watered, and of course, occasionally trimmed.
  • Easter egg wreath: Start with a craft foam wreath and glue on plastic grass. Decorate plastic eggs with puff paint, and when dry, glue them all around the wreath. Finish by winding with pastel pink, lavender, blue and yellow ribbons.
  • For traditional egg dyeing, see How To Dye Easter Eggs.
easter activities for kids ideal home garden easter activities for kids ideal home garden

Easter Chick Crafts For Preschoolers & Kids

Adorable chicks are the inevitable outcome of all those Easter eggs! Here are some chick crafts even the youngest kids can make:

  • Thumbprint chick: Dip your child's thumb in yellow paint and make a thumbprint on white paper. When paint dries, add eyes, a beak and feet with darker paint.
  • Plastic egg chick: Paint a chick face on a yellow plastic egg with puff paint. Cut out two thick cardboard feet, glue them to the bottom of the egg and stand the chick up.

Easter Bunny Crafts For Preschoolers & Kids

If your kids can't get enough of the loveable Easter Bunny, they'll love these fun, bunny crafts:

  • Cotton ball bunny: Start with a paper plate for the head, and attach two long ear shapes cut from a separate paper plate. Glue on cotton balls to cover face and ears. For the face, glue on googly craft eyes, a colorful pom-pom for the nose and paint on whiskers with puff paint.
  • Marshmallow bunny: Use toothpicks to attach large, puffy marshmallows to form the bunny's body and head. Cut a Q-tip in half and stick the pieces in the head to form ears. Cut two additional Q-tips into three sections, leaving a little bit of stick attached to each cotton end, and discarding the middle segment. Stick the four stubby cotton-tipped segments into the body for feet. Paint a face on with frosting or puff paint.
  • Bunny (or chick) bookmarks: Cut out a rectangle from a piece of cardboard and paint in pretty spring colors. Glue on kids' drawing of bunny or chick and then cover both sides of bookmark with clear contact paper to laminate.
  • Bunny clothespins: With a little imagination, everyday wooden clothespins already look like bunnies when you turn them upside down! Help kids reveal these bunnies by painting clothespins white, gluing or painting on a face and tying on a pink or blue ribbon bowtie.

Other Easter Activities For Preschoolers & Kids

Making Easter baskets is fun for kids of all ages. Supply woven baskets, faux grass, plastic eggs, chocolate eggs, jellybeans and other Easter candy, toy chicks and bunnies, ribbons, glitter and other craft materials. Each child will create his or her own beautiful and unique Easter basket.

Another great Easter craft is a jellybean photo frame. For this very easy project, kids glue jellybeans, ribbons and glitter over inexpensive picture frames. Be sure to give each child a souvenir photo of your holiday party to keep in the frame.

Traditional Easter Games For Preschoolers & Kids

Holiday games keep kids busy while allowing them to blow off some steam. Your kids may enjoy these traditional and modern Easter games and activities:

  • Egg hunts: For this old favorite, hide plastic eggs around your property, give each child a basket and let them search. Be sure to have some extra eggs on hand to keep any kids who aren't finding eggs from feeling disappointed.
  • Egg races: Give each child a spoon and a plastic egg and let them race, balancing the egg on the spoon.
  • Egg rolling contest: See who can roll an egg the farthest across your lawn.
  • Hot eggs: Play like hot potato, and substitute a plastic or plush egg for the potato.
  • Egg basket toss: Give each child a small basket and let them use only that basket to toss a plastic egg into another child's basket and back.
  • A visit from the Easter Bunny: Kids adore the magic of giant characters! You may feel silly dressing up as the Easter Bunny, but your kids will carry a lifetime of happy memories.

Fun Kid's Food Ideas for Easter

Decorating kids' foods for Easter adds a special touch to your party. Even if you're pressed for time, you'll be able to prepare these fun snacks:

  • Cupcake Easter baskets: Start with homemade or store-bought frosted cupcakes. Turn them into Easter baskets by curving a piece of licorice over the top to form a basket handle, and arranging jellybean "eggs" in the frosting.
  • Chick-in-egg sandwich: Make any sandwich with yellow cheese on top and cut it into an egg shape. Cut away half the top slice of bread "eggshell" and create a chick face with raisin eyes and a carrot beak on the revealed cheese.

With all the fun Easter foods and activities you've got planned, all the neighborhood kids may want to spend Easter with you every year!

Last Updated: March 14, 2012
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