9 Good Housewarming Gifts For Every Style

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Whether it’s a move into a first apartment, a downsize to a condominium or a step up to a bigger house, moving to a new home is always both a challenge and an exciting fresh start. If you have a friend or family member who recently moved, help them celebrate their new home with a housewarming gift as special as they are.

For the Gardener

If you are buying a gift for someone who has just moved to a home with a garden, consider buying them a Butterfly Puddler. Butterflies are naturally attracted to shallow puddles where they can find the minerals they need for their health. The Butterfly Puddler is a beautifully crafted, handmade stoneware tray with a small, recycled glass well in the center. Just add the included sand and a teaspoon of water to the well, and when the water evaporates, butterflies will come to lap up the minerals left behind. $40 at UnCommonGoods.com.

For the Wine Lover

No more worries about wine losing its chill as you sit and talk for hours. The Corkcicle resembles a cork with an icicle attached, but is actually made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freezing gel. Just pop it into the freezer for at least two hours, and then after pouring a glass or two of wine, recork the bottle with the Corkcicle to keep your wine chilled to perfection. It’s a great conversation piece, and a wonderful accompaniment to a bottle of good wine. $23 at UnCommonGoods.com.

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For the First Apartment

If you know someone just moving into his first apartment, get his kitchen off to a good start with Denmark Tools For Cooks collection of 15 common kitchen utensils neatly held in a white crockery holder on a rotating wooden base. He can handle just about any cooking need with ladles, spatulas, cooking spoons, meat forks and much more. A mix of nylon, bamboo and stainless steel utensils that will be handy in the kitchen for years to come. $20 at BedBathandBeyond.com.

For the College Student

If your favorite young adult is off to college, send her an alarm clock that will make sure she wakes up in time for class. The iLuv Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker has a universal iPod dock that makes it easy to listen to music while studying, and then wakes the new collegiate with her favorite song. For the heaviest sleeper, a shaker accessory slips under her pillow to gently shake her awake when it’s time to get up. The LED display is large and easy to read, with a brightness level adjuster. $40 at Amazon.com.

For the Plant Lover

The classic housewarming gift, a houseplant is always appropriate. Give a beautiful mix of easy-to-grow houseplants in a white bowl that will complement any decorating style. The Medium Dish Garden includes a dracaena, ivy, palm, peace lily and syngonium. All will thrive near a sunny window. Care directions are included. $50 at Teleflora.com.

For the Recycler

Anyone who recycles, but longs for a way to simplify the process, will appreciate the Suncast Recycle Bin Kit. Three stacking plastic bins have lids with an easy-access flap, making it a breeze to toss in those cans and bottles. The bins are three different colors – green, yellow and blue – making it easy to separate recyclables by material. The bins can be stacked, or lined up side-by-side to optimize available space. The roomy bins hold a lot, cutting down on trips to the recycling center. $49 at Amazon.com.

For Anyone with a Sense of Humor

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for someone who loves the whimsical or unusual, the Glass Zipper Bag fits the bill. Hand blown glass looks just like an open Ziploc bag, and sits upright and ready to fill with jellybeans, M&M’s, gumballs or any other favorite candy. It’s definitely a conversation piece, and a perfect accent for a coffee table or highboy. $16 at UnCommonGoods.com.

For the Entertainer

Anyone who loves to entertain will be thrilled with this unusual platter, perfect for serving sliced cheese and crackers or fruit. The Cobalt Blue Bottle Serving Platter is an actual beautiful blue glass bottle that was melted down into a flattened platter. It comes with a handy spreader for soft cheese, butter or whatever condiment you like on your hors d’oeuvres. A unique, eco-friendly and useful gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who frequently has guests. $14 at Amazon.com.

For the Health-Conscious

Everyone has to eat, and after a move, the refrigerator is usually bare and the family is hungry. Offer nature’s candy with these delicious, fresh pears and apples. The Pears and Apples Gift Box contains six Royal Riviera pears that are buttery smooth, with a rich, sweet taste that only seems like it should be laden with calories. The two Washington apples are crisp, with a sweet yet tart flesh that snaps nicely when bitten. Fresh fruit is always a hit with those who prefer a fit and healthy lifestyle. $30 at HarryandDavid.com.

It’s always nice to welcome a friend or relative to their new home, whether big or small. Choosing a housewarming gift that suits the recipient’s interests is a sure way to bring a smile to their face, even after a hectic move.

Last Updated: June 28, 2012
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