Homemade Halloween Craft & Decor Ideas

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This year, try making your own Halloween crafts and home decor with one of these easy ideas. 

Tin Can Lanterns & Candy Holders

Rather than throwing away your monthly supply of tin coffee cans, save a few and turn them into stylish, shabby chic lanterns or adorable mummy candy holders.

Halloween Lanterns:

  • Peel all stickers and labels off the coffee can.
  • Decide whether you would prefer a silver Halloween lantern or a painted one.
  • Paint the coffee can orange, black, white, purple or green, with acrylic paint, if desired.
  • Very carefully, use a nail and hammer to poke small holes in one side of the coffee can to create Halloween images like pumpkins, ghosts or monsters; or spell out Halloween messages.
  • If you would like a handle for your Halloween lantern, straighten out a wire coat hanger, then bend into a U-shape.
  • Poke one small hole on each side of the lantern, just below the top rim. Make sure the holes are directly across from each other.
  • Bed each end of the coat hanger U-shape to create a small L-shape, about one inch long. Use pliers to help bend the metal.
  • Insert the bent ends of the coat hanger into the two small holes at the top of the can, creating the handle.
  • Bend the ends of the hanger up, securing each end in the holes.

halloween craft ideas

Mummy Candy Holders:

  • Peel all stickers and labels off the coffee can.
  • Shred small strips of cheesecloth into several inch long sections. Tatter the ends.
  • Place a small drop of glue on each end of a piece of cheesecloth, and place onto the tin can.
  • Arrange the cheesecloth strips in uneven, overlapping patterns, like a mummy, until the whole can is covered.
  • Glue two plastic eyes, from a craft store, on the front of the can, creating your mummy candy holder.

Vampire Pumpkins

Take a twist on the traditional Jack-O-Lantern with these amusing vampire pumpkin crafts. Use them as great Halloween décor for parties, or front door decorations to greet and delight trick-or-treaters.

  • Carve a small pumpkin, scooping out the inside.
  • Measure the height and width of a pair of plastic vampire teeth, available at craft stores, Halloween party supply stores and many drug stores during the Halloween season.
  • Carve a hole for the pumpkin's mouth about one quarter of an inch larger than the size of the vampire teeth.
  • Slide the vampire teeth into the pumpkin's mouth, instantly giving your Jack-O-Lantern frightful fangs.
  • Carve, paint or glue on eyes and place the pumpkin where desired.

halloween craft ideas

Foam Infestation

For a quick way to decorate with rats, mice and bugs without spending money on pricey Halloween props, try using black foam sheets from a craft store instead.

  • Print out templates of various Halloween vermin, and trace their outlines onto the foam sheets.
  • Cut out the animals.
  • Glue/tape them along baseboards, on stairways, along the tops of cupboards and anywhere else around your home and yard. Pick areas that are not well lit, so the outlines will appear to be shadows or actual animals.
  • The dark outline of the foam creatures will easily be confused by family and friends as the real thing, making this craft a great way to give the ones you love a little Halloween scare.

Brain Jars

For a quick Halloween decoration idea that is sure to creep out guests, use large glass jars and cauliflower to create your own mad scientist's lab.

  • Purchase large stalks of cauliflower, as close to the size of a brain as possible.
  • Cut off the cauliflower's stem completely.
  • Fill a glass jar with water, about two inches from the top.
  • Place one to two drops of red food coloring into the jar, and mix well.
  • Set one head of cauliflower into each jar.
  • As the cauliflower absorbs the red water, it will turn slightly pink, frightfully resembling a human brain.
  • Label with a homemade sticker or sign to complete the spooky display.

Glowing Balloons

Turn any ordinary balloon into a glowing Halloween prop with this incredibly easy trick.

  • Purchase a pack of balloons and a pack of glow sticks from a craft or party supply store. During the Halloween season, many drug and grocery stores will also carry party supplies.
  • Snap one glow stick to activate, and slide it into a balloon.
  • Blow up the balloon, and watch as it eerily glows from within.
  • Remember, the lighter the color of the balloon, the easier the light from the glow stick will show through.

Halloween Labels

Another quick way to instantly turn ordinary household items into the perfect Halloween decorations is with the use of homemade labels and stickers.

  • Purchase a pack of sticky labels or tags from an office supply store, craft store or drug store.
  • Use your computer to create creepy, spooky or even funny Halloween labels for jars, bottles and containers around your home.
  • If you do not want to use the computer, use pens, markers and paint to decorate the labels.
  • Print out the labels, and place on regular items like fruit bowls, candy dishes and soda bottles.
  • Labels like "Poison" or "Witch's Brew" make great additions to party drinks, while glass jars and containers around the kitchen can easily be labeled with mad scientist's descriptions of brains, organs or other preserves.
Last Updated: August 28, 2012
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