Halloween Crafts For Kids

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Halloween for kids means a party filled with creepy decorations, spooky treats and eerie costumes. Let the kids get into the spirit of the season by letting them make bewitching spiders hanging on wacky webs and crunchy delights that surprise the taste buds.

Decorate for a Halloween Party

On Halloween night, keep kids safe and plan a party. The kiddies will have tons of fun crafting creepy decorations for their Halloween party. Get out the scissors and glue, gather up the craft supplies and let the kids create like wild.

Here are some fast and easy ideas for party decorations:

  • Decorations that dangle from ceilings and tree branches are always a hit. Make cutouts of spiders, ghosts, skulls, skeletons, witches and bats. Attach the cutouts to a string and hang and varying heights around the party area. Or, attach the cutouts to a clothespin and pin these creepy crawlies to drapes or light fixtures.
  • Make floating ghosts. Drape cheesecloth or gauze-type fabric over a balloon. Use a few drops of glue to stick the cloth to the balloon. Glue a piece of string to the top of the ghost.
  • Let out the mad scientists and their specimen jars. Fill a clear jar with cotton balls, stuff with cotton balls and place plastic spiders or bugs between the cotton balls and the jar. Float Halloween teeth and eyes in a jar.
  • Create spooky eyes. Cut eye holes in toilet paper tubes and place a glow stick inside the tube. Put the glowing eyes in tree branches or in corners of darkened rooms.
  • Pass out prizes. Spray paint a tree branch with black or orange paint. Set the branch in a creepy cauldron. Make pumpkin bags from orange paper, fill with treats and close the top of the bag with green ribbon. Hang the bags on the tree. Or fill a toilet paper tube with treats, wrap in Halloween paper and tie the ends with a ribbon.
  • Teach the kids how to tie knots to make their own spider webs.
  • Use black craft paper to make cutouts of mice and other crawly pests. Attach to baseboards, stairs and walls to make it look like these critters are crawling around the room.

Plan a Halloween Party Menu

Every party needs a few appetizers. Make a Halloween party memorable with some deliciously dreadful snacks. Here are a few healthy, yet macabre, treats:

  • Slice up a spooky smile. Take 2 thin slices of red apple (for the lips), spread one side of each with peanut butter, add a row of miniature marshmallows (for teeth) along the peel edge of the apple and top with the other apple slice.
  • Stir up some chocolate covered pesky mice pieces. Dip a maraschino cherry in chocolate and add 2 almond slices for ears.
  • Cook up a creepy hand pizza. Roll out pizza dough, cut into the shape of a hand, cover with sauce, sprinkle with cheese and bake until the cheese is bubbly and brown.
  • Spike the punch. Fill a latex glove with water and freeze. Take the hand-shaped ice out of the glove and put it in the punch bowl.

Paint a Pumpkin

Instead of carving a pumpkin, paint one! Painting pumpkins is much neater and easier than carving a pumpkin, especially when there are little ones involved. Here are some pumpkin painting tips:

  • Start with any size pumpkin. Choose a pumpkin without any blemishes. For a different look, select a white pumpkin.
  • Sketch out a design on the pumpkin with a pencil before beginning to paint.
  • Use acrylic craft paint. Use a fine-tip paint pen for fine lines. Do not paint a pumpkin that you plan to eat later.
  • Experiment with metallic paint, neon paint and glitter for different effects.

Make a Trick-or-Treat Bag

Thekidswill need a crafty bag to carry all of their Halloween treats. Trick-or-treat bags can be as simple as a painted brown paper bag, as spook-tacular as a plastic container adorned with creepy fuzzy critters or as elaborate as a cloth bag embellished with hand crafted ghouls and goblins.

Set up a Spooky Photo Booth

Halloween party-goers spend time and talent crafting the perfect Halloween costume. Keep track of these precious memories by setting up a photo booth. Here’s how:

  • Design a haunted backdrop. This can be a painted sheet or an arrangement of props. Display your best craft work and your scariest painted pumpkins.
  • Put the digital camera on a tripod for the sharpest photos.
  • Set up the printer and have plenty of photo paper on hand so that party goers can take their picture home with them.
  • Stage group photos.

There are loads of great Halloween crafting ideas that make perfect projects for kids. Let kids do some creative exploring by letting them make all the decorations for their Halloween party. Design painting projects where kids can make their own ink stamps to decorate placemats and treat bags. Get out the paper trimmers, the shape-cutters and the spine-chilling templates to decorate doorways and tabletops with creatures that fly in the night.

Last Updated: September 16, 2012
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