Hanukah Décor Ideas

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Hanukah, the festival of lights, is a time for celebrating the fact that anything is possible. Bring that sense of joyful magic to your home in a fun, elegant way by with your original Hanukah décor.

Hanukah Colors and Themes

Most families in the U.S. consider blue and white to be the official colors of Hanukah. Common variations of this palette include blue and silver or blue and gold. While these are all wonderful choices for Hanukah decorating, the American tradition of blue and white for Hanukah originates from of the colors of the Israeli flag rather than from anything particular to Hanukah itself. So when it comes to Hanukah colors, feel free to stick with American tradition or branch out and try something completely different!

Hanukah has a number of signature themes. You’ll want to include some or all of these in your holiday design:

  • Stars of David
  • Dreidels
  • Menorahs
  • Hanukah gelt (gold or silver coins)
  • Doves of peace
  • Potato latkes
  • Images of Jerusalem.

Many families also include gifts, snowflakes, snowmen or “Hanukah bears” in their holiday decor.

Hanukah Displays and Centerpieces

Dress up your shelves, accent tables and mantle for Hanukah with some of these simple approaches:

  • Hanukah village: Create a mantle or tabletop miniature village in blue and metallic gold or silver with little houses, people, Hanukah bears, dreidels, gelt and a central menorah.
  • Gelt centerpiece: Start with a white plate and place a white votive candle in a class candleholder in the center. Surround with chocolate covered gelt coins.
  • Dreidel flower centerpiece: Place a decorative dreidel with a detachable top in a dreidel stand. Remove the top and fill bottom part with water and fresh cut flowers (if the dreidel is waterproof material) or faux blossoms.
  • Dreidel centerpiece: Coat a collection of plain wooden dreidels in gold, silver, iridescent white or colorful glitter. Arrange sparkly dreidels in a glass bowl or an apothecary jar.

When decorating your shelves and other surfaces, don’t forget to display your menorah!

The Element of Light

Since Hanukah is the festival of lights, light plays a huge part in dressing your home up for the holiday. Here are a few ways to bring light to your Hanukah design.

  • Hurricane lamps: Cut and measure blue craft paper to fit around a Mason jar or hurricane vase. Use a Japanese hole punch to punch out a Hanukah design such as a menorah, dove or Star of David. Wrap vase or jar with paper and attach with craft glue. Place a tea light candle inside for a soft glow. For variations on this theme, use decoupage, glass etching or glass paint to create gorgeous Hanukah luminaries from vases and Mason jars.
  • Candles: Use blue, white or Hanukah-themed candles around the home, and of course, light the menorah! When fire safety is an issue, you may want to use LED or electric candles.
  • Holiday lights: Brighten up your home by adding strings of blue and white lights to the perimeter of rooms, around banisters and railings, in windows and around large plants. In addition to plain bulbs, you can also find Hanukah-themed light strings that look like menorahs, dreidels and Stars of David.

Hanukah Bush and Dreidel Tree

Many families like to add to the holiday fun with a Hanukah bush or dreidel tree. You’ve got lots of options to create one that fits your family’s personality:

  • Arrange some pre-lit branches in a vase with blue glass beads. Hang a gold dreidel or a piece of gelt from each branch with a blue ribbon.
  • Use a miniature white, blue or purple Christmas tree for your Hanukah bush. Top it with a Star of David and hang Hanukah-themed ornaments from the branches. You can also add strings of blue or white light.
  • Decorate a living dwarf tree with Hanukah ornaments..
  • Personalize your tree or bush by adding homemade ornaments or ornaments that reflect the interests and hobbies of family members.

Hanukah Walls and Windows

Get your walls and windows into the holiday spirit with some or all of these easy ideas:

  • Replace your usual framed artwork with Hanukah or winter-themed prints.
  • Make your own tissue paper dreidel or menorah sun catchers for the windows.
  • Create a display of Hanukah window clings. Some really pretty ones are available these days!
  • Purchase or design a Hanukah wall hanging with pockets for each of the eight nights of Hanukah. You can put small gifts in the pockets for children (or adults) to discover each night.
  • Hang homemade Hanukah garlands with paper or cloth dreidels, menorahs or gelt.

Your Hanukah Table

Make Hanukah meals special by decorating your table for the holiday. You might want to try:

  • A blue tablecloth with a silver table runner
  • Coordinated Hanukah-themed placemats and tableware
  • A floral centerpiece of white carnations
  • Place cards shaped like dreidels
  • Blue and gold beaded napkin rings with Hanukah charms
  • Table favors such as tiny gifts, velvet bags of gelt, or decorative dreidels tied with a blue ribbon.
  • Gold metallic doilies under each plate
  • Handmade Hanukah etchings in glass tumblers and stemware.

Taking the time to add holiday touches to your home adds beauty and spirit while creating happy memories and family traditions. Get yourkidsinvolved and design decorations you can bring out with joy year after year.

Last Updated: December 7, 2012
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