Fun Herb Crafts For Gifts & Decoration

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Herb gardens aren’t just about plants and dirt. An herb garden is a place where culinary delights begin, a place that tingles the nose, and a place that sparks ideas.

To make the herb garden a more organized, creative and beautiful place, consider pulling out those crafting skills and creating a few decorative touches that will make the herb garden even more enjoyable.

Designing Seed Packets

Many herb gardeners love to save seeds, exchange seeds with other herb enthusiasts and give gifts of seeds to friends. Herbs seeds can be easily identified and decoratively stored in homemade seed packets. Seed packets can be as simple as small envelopes with a picture, a description and growing tips.

Here are some easy seed packet ideas:

  • Think decoupage and calligraphy. Cut out pictures of the plant your seeds will grow and paste onto small envelopes. Write descriptions and tips in fancy script.
  • Go high tech. Use digital photography and computer drawing software to print homemade packets. Depending on their size, some seed packets can be directly printed on.
  • Get online. Search for websites that offer ideas for folding envelopes and templates for designing seed packets.

Crafting Garden Plant Markers

Every herb garden needs plant markets. Plant markers are essential to identifying seeds and plants, especially before they have sprouted. The plant marker may be as plain as just the name of the plant. It may also contain some important information such as temperature requirements or water needs. Plant markers may be made from a variety of materials found around the home.

Here are some ideas for repurposing household items into plant markers:

  • Bend a piece of wire so that it is hooked at one end and hang plastic, ceramic or metal tags on it. Cut small metal “plaques” out of aluminum soda cans, then label with the plant’s information.
  • Instead of wire, you can also use an old fork. Stick it in the ground and bend one of its prongs to hold the sign.
  • Paint clothespins and attach to a stake. Seed packets can be placed in plastic bags and pinned to the marker.
  • Turn broken pieces of clay or terra cotta pots into plant markers. Paint the pieces and attach to a stake.
  • Hand paint or decoupage rocks, shells, wood cutouts, wooden spoons, and flattened spoons. Waterproof with a polyurethane seal.
Ready for Planting Finished Product

How To Make An Herb Drying Rack

Drying herbs is an easy way to preserve them for later use. To dry herbs, hang in a cool, dry and dark place. A common herb drying rack consists of a metal or wooden hoop suspended from a hanger. Clips of some type are then used to attach a bundle of herbs to the hoop. Several bundles can be hung from the hoop at once.

  • Items such as step ladders, coat racks, portable clothes drying racks and clothes hangers can be refitted into an herb drying rack.
  • Add clips to hang the bundled herbs from the rack. Add glitter, paint rhinestones or any additions to the clips to personalize them.
  • Frame a piece of screen and add to a ladder or clothes rack to dry herbs that cannot be hung.
  • A coat of paint, some stenciled decorations and a few other adornments make a unique herb drying rack.

Making Simple Tin Can Planters

An inexpensive way to pot herb plants is to use tin cans. When cooking, save different size food-grade cans from soup, sauce, coffee and more. Some cans already have an attractive label. Paper labels can be removed if necessary though. Then, convert those tin cans into planters:

  • Clean the cans and make sure the open end is smooth.
  • Make several drain holes in the bottom using a hammer and a nail.
  • Decorate, if desired. This can include a plant label to remember what seeds you placed inside.
  • Fill the bottom of the can with pebbles to help drainage.
  • Fill with potting mix and plant seeds.
  • Water and watch the herb grow.

Tin cans can be decorated any way imaginable. Tin cans can be decorated with cutout pictures, painted in a rainbow of colors, covered with wallpaper and bejeweled with bling.

Make a gift planter by packaging the pebbles, soil mix and seeds separately. Put the packaged planting materials into a decorated tin can.

Giving The Gift of An Herb Garden

Part of the fun of making crafts is giving those handcrafted items as gifts. Seeds can be packaged in unique seed packets and inserted into special occasion cards. Handmade plant markers make perfect party favors at garden parties. Tin can planters are unique house warming presents for apartment dwellers.

For a special present, make an herb garden starter kit. Fill a decorative box with seeds in decorative packets, plant markers, decorated tin can planters, a small notebook to keep a garden diary and homemade cards with herb care tips.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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