How To Decorate For Christmas With Red & White Decor

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Christmas conjures up visions of candy canes and Santa suits, peppermint dreams and falling snowflakes. Here are a few ideas to recreate this red and white Christmas fantasy into any holiday decorating theme.

Decorating With Two Color Choices

When decorating with two main colors, such as red and white, it is important to keep patterns simple. Use solid color fabrics to balance out an assortment of plaids, prints, stripes and florals.

Mix and match solid color fabrics with patterned decorations. Patterned fabrics can be paired with solid color decorations. Simplicity gives decorations an elaborate flair. Too many prints and patterns give a décor a busy look.

Selecting The Basic Decorating Elements

When it’s time to decorate for the holidays, begin by sorting through readily available Christmas ornaments. Look for ornaments that fit into the red and white color scheme.

Ribbons are a great way to tie a Christmas decorating theme together. Pick a mix of three or four patterned ribbons that use red and white as the predominant colors. Select fabrics that complement each other. Plus, intersperse these patterned ribbons with solid red and solid white ribbons. Use ribbons of varying widths. Experiment with different ribbon tying styles. Ribbons can accent chairs, railings, baskets, plants, mantles and doorways.

Fabrics are another common element in a decorating plan. Fabrics are used as tablecloths, table runners, Christmas tree skirts and Christmas wreaths. Selecting fabrics is similar to selecting ribbons. Look for fabrics that are complementary and that highlight the ribbons.

Also look for other decorations to use as base decorations such as evergreen branches, laces, candles, holly and Christmas lights.

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10 Red And White Christmas Decorations

Greet visitors with an outdoor wreath hung on a front door or gate. A wreath form covered in evergreen material will withstand the elements. Add a few weather-resistant red and white decorations that match the interior décor. Wide ribbons, artificial flowers, Christmas tree ornaments and lights dress up an outdoor wreath.

Wreaths sprinkled around an indoor décor create impact. Place white wreaths on dark walls and red wreaths on light walls. Here’s an inexpensive way to have multiple wreaths in a decorating plan:

  • Wrap a Styrofoam wreath form with one of the red or white fabrics or ribbons.
  • Wrap a wreath with a red or white cord such as a string of beads.
  • Decorate with small leaves, shiny berries and other small red and white accents.
  • Or, decorate with candy canes and small ornamental balls adding a large ribbon tied into a bow.

Christmas garlands extend a wreath’s theme along windows, mantles, picture frames and archways. A garland can be as simple as a row of candy canes strung onto a ribbon.

Christmas trees are a focal point of the traditional Christmas decorating scheme. A blue spruce is the perfect choice for a red and white Christmas. The blue spruce is a complementary color and makes the red pop. Here are a few red and white tree trimming tips:

  • Keep it simple with red ribbons, white porcelain ornaments and white lights.
  • Trim the tree with red and white ball ornaments with ribbons tied at the top.
  • Accent sparse trees by using ornaments sparingly and putting the tree against a red or white wall.

The Christmas table leaves the warmest Christmas memories. Create an appetizing table setting around a basic tableware setting. White dishes and plain silverware go with any decorating theme or color and complement the presentation of any meal. White dishes can be found in a variety of shapes and with myriad designs. Highlight white dinnerware with red and white tablecloths and table runners. Simple table runners can be made by attaching tea towels with ribbons or cord. Use red and white fabrics such as striped or plaid ticking fabric. The table decorations begin by arranging the table runners on the tablecloth and then setting the table. Make sure there is enough room for each person. Then, top each setting with a napkin:

  • Fold napkins into interesting folds such as the diamond fold, French fold, silverware pouch or napkin ring stuffer.
  • Roll napkins, tie with red ribbons and add sprigs of evergreens.

The centerpiece and seating cards are the finishing touch to the table. Design the table display so that there is plenty of room for guests and food. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a white bowl to display red winter berries and greenery.
  • Arrange candy canes in decorative cups, small vases or baskets.
  • Decorate a tray with candles and peppermint candy.
  • Stack ornamental balls in a bowl.
  • Make seating cards using a small gift box filled with each person’s favorite treat.
  • Tie ribbons to dining room chairs.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without presents. Christmas presents aren’t just about what’s inside the box. What’s outside the box is just is fun. Gift wrapping can be elegant, entertaining and economical.

Create a gift wrapping theme by using the same wrapping paper on all gifts. Plain white wrapping paper makes a versatile canvas. Decorate with the same ribbons used in the rest of the décor. Add a small Christmas stocking filled with candy canes, Christmas ornaments or small toys.

Label each gift with a homemade gift cards. Start with heavyweight paper in red or white. Use computer graphics, ink stamps, hand drawn images or cutouts to add pictures to each card. Some pictures that keep with the red and white theme include candy canes, a peppermint candy border, snowmen and snowflakes.

Flowering plants give the Christmas décor a finishing touch. A few flowers scattered around the house add freshness and color. Some red and white flowers include:

  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas cactus
  • Asiatic lilies
  • Roses
  • Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemums

Use these ideas for creating a red and white Christmas theme around the home. These ideas are just a starting place. Add imagination to create unique Christmas decorations.

Last Updated: November 15, 2011
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