How To Make A Scarecrow In 13 Simple Steps

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Looking for a creative way to captivate the neighborhood kids this October? Why not add a fun or frightening scarecrow to your home's Halloween decorations? This simple breakdown of scarecrow construction requires a few materials you already have at home, and won't take very long to make. You can choose the clothing and face to make your scarecrow as family-friendly or Halloween spooky as you'd like. Try incorporating pumpkins, cornhusks and various other autumn decorations for an authentic fall display.


  • To make your own autumn scarecrow, you'll need:
  • Two brooms, rakes or shovel handles to serve as arms
  • A cloth bag, Halloween mask, pumpkin or pillowcase for the face
  • A long sleeved T-shirt
  • Old jeans
  • A hat (Try a baseball cap or straw gardening hat)
  • Gloves
  • Grass, hay or newspaper to act as filler (hay works best and won't lose its shape in the rain)
  • Rope
  • Old sneakers (boots work well too)
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  1. Fill the bag with hay, grass or whichever filler you've chosen. Fill it to the point of creating a life-sized head, then tie off the bottom with a piece of rope. For a frightening or funny scarecrow, try placing a Halloween mask over the bag. For a natural theme, use a pumpkin.
  2. Use a black permanent marker to draw a face on the bag. Make it as friendly or scary as you'd like. For a classic look, you can also use buttons for the eyes and nose.
  3. Use another piece of rope to tie the two handles together, forming a T shape.
  4. Place the head on top of the vertical handle.
  5. Place the long sleeved T-shirt over the handles, with one sticking out the shirt's neck hole, while the other crosses through the armholes.
  6. Stuff the shirt with your filler until it has reached the appearance of an average body size.
  7. Cut a hole in the center of the jeans to place the vertical broom handle through. Stuff them with filler.
  8. Place the jeans onto the vertical broom handle, pulling them up several inches over the shirt. Use a piece of rope as a belt for added support in the stomach and waist.
  9. Use the rope to tie a knot around the back belt loop of the jeans. Tie the other end of the rope to the handle, just below the head. This will support the scarecrow's pants, keeping them from sliding off from the weight of the filler and gravity.
  10. Place the hat on the scarecrow's head.
  11. Place the gloves on the handles at the end of both sleeves.
  12. Tuck the legs of the jeans with your filler into the old pair of sneakers to make the feet.
  13. Set the scarecrow in your garden, backyard, porch or anywhere else you'd like to set autumn decorations.
  14. Occasionally replace and reshape the filler, as it can settle and shift over time.

To add to your scarecrow collection, you can also make animals, or smaller, child-sized scarecrows.

  • Use bent wire hangers for these smaller displays.
  • For child-sized scarecrows, look for old children's clothes around the house or at a thrift store.
  • For animals, use colored cloth or solid colored clothing to create the look of fur.
  • If you plan to use your scarecrow for its intended purpose, rather than simply decoration, make any animal or child-sized displays large enough to be seen over plants, so birds will be scared away.

Scarecrow Tips

  • Carve your own creative Jack-o-Lantern face if you are using a pumpkin head to impress the neighbors.
  • Creatively position your scarecrow(s) on your lawn furniture to make them look like real people.
  • Invest in fake spiders and spider webs, toy tombstones and other Halloween décor to surround your homemade scarecrow.
  • If you're having trouble finding clothes for your scarecrow, head to the nearest thrift store and look for a pair of used overalls.
  • Get a plastic candle and insert it into your scarecrow, pumpkin head for added effect.

Assembling your own scarecrow is simpler than you think. With a few easy to find materials you already have at home, creating a spooky, funny or simply useful scarecrow in your yard or garden can be done in under an hour. Find some old clothes you don't mind getting dirty, filler, a face and rope, and your scarecrow is ready to be made.

Last Updated: January 20, 2012
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