Homemade Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Bags

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Though the excitement of Halloween is often centered around creating and donning a unique costume, the thrill for kids is also getting treats. A trick-or-treat bag is one of Halloween's most essential accessories for any trick-or-treater. Creating your own Halloween trick-or-treat bag for candy can be as interesting and creative as your costume. A homemade trick-or-treat bag does not have to match a costume, but its inspiration can certainly come from it.

  • When creating a bag, keep in mind it will be carried for several hours.
  • It should have durable handles or straps, be simple to reach in and out of and easy to carry.
  • In addition, when embarking on a festive arts and crafts endeavor, a vision or plan is helpful in order to figure costs and materials.
  • Also, complicated arts and crafts projects do take time, especially if the undertaking includes painting and gluing.

Ideas for a bag can germinate from a wide variety of materials including felt, milk cartons, paper grocery bags and even duct tape. Other possibilities include:

  • Printing on ready-made bags
  • Crafting boxes
  • Decorating buckets

Keep in mind the weight and size of a box or bucket. A cumbersome trick-or-treat Halloween bag can make an evening turn from giddy fun to tiresome work.

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Buckets can have all types of decorations including adding glow stickers and tape. Painting buckets are also an option as well as changing the handle to make it easy to carry. Adding string and other items to a bucket handle can add a decorative flare too. At www.makingfriends.com, simple trick-or-treat Halloween bucket ideas are available.

Duct tape

Duck® Brand tape offers a trick-or-treat Halloween bag idea as a "ducktivity" found on its website www.duckbrand.com. Duct taping a brown paper grocery store bag can give an ordinary bag a whole new use and look. Duct tape comes in a variety colors making this durable product a great creative art supply. For example, black and white duct tape can be used to make a checkered flag for a racecar driver. Duct tape can also be cut into polka dots to go with a clown costume and black and orange tape can be used to create a jack-o-lantern bag with green tape for a handle.

Milk cartons

A half-gallon milk carton has many uses, including a fun container for Halloween candy. At www.dltk-holidays.com, instructions to create bats, pumpkins and witches as handy candy carriers are fun for young ones to make and use.


With sticker paper, bag decorating can be easy and fast. Downloading templates or designing a Halloween idea from a computer program can give a trick-or-treat bag a fresh design. Printing with sticker paper and applying the image to a bag, bucket or carton can create a fun Halloween candy receptacle that is unique and personal. At www.avery.com, several Halloween images can be downloaded and printed for trick-or-treat bag decorating.


It may take some sewing skills and a little more time and patience, but a felt trick-or-treat bag is a creative option, as well as an excellent material for carrying Halloween treats. Visit www.sewing.org or www.hgtv.com for ideas on creating a felt bag, which include a classic pumpkin design and other Halloween ideas. A felt project may require a few more items such as glue and cutting instruments beyond scissors. In addition, costs can add up depending upon how elaborate a bag.

Glowing bag

A glowing trick-or-treat bag is a clever and unique idea that will capture trick-or-treaters attention. With LED lights, a trick-or-treat bag becomes a novelty item. At www.lifehacker.com, learn about how a few dollars and a few items will light up a Halloween trick-or treater's evening. Kids can find their candy and their way home. Do make sure plastic will not melt and the lights remain cool.

The possibilities are endless when creating a unique and exciting Halloween trick-or-treat bag. When deciding the look and feel of trick-or-treat bags, make sure it will last an evening of being carried and can handle the weight of candy. In addition, materials should also not annoy or irritate the handler. Since Halloween has so many icons, sticking to a simple project such as creating a bag to be a bat or pumpkin is fast and easy. However, a well thought out bag project to match a costume or family fun activity not only builds memories, it adds to the adventure of trick-or-treating. A handcrafted or creative idea for a trick-or-treat bag can be the topic of conversation at any neighborhood door for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012
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