How To Throw A Halloween Party For Adults

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If you're planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, make sure you're fully prepared for your host or hostess duties. Review this list of the best things to know about hosting a Halloween event, and make sure your party begins and ends perfectly.

Serve Food

One of the easiest ways to help make sure your Halloween party guests enjoy themselves is to provide food. Whether it's simply appetizers, desserts or a full meal, be sure to provide some type of food throughout the night. Not providing snacks or a meal may cause guests to show up late due to their own separate dinner plans, or even leave early because they are hungry.

  • If you don't like to cook, simply pick up some Halloween treats from the supermarket or a local bakery, or consider having your event catered.
  • Otherwise, try making Halloween appetizers, entrees or desserts of your own.
  • Unless you are hosting an elegant Halloween dinner party where food is served at a dining table, avoid messy snacks and entrees that could easily spill on costumes, or your upholstery.
  • Some good Halloween party food options include mozzarella and tomato skewers, chips and dip, stuffed mushrooms, cookies, candy and pumpkin pie.

Play A Variety Of Music

The music you choose to play at your party can have a huge impact on your guests' moods, as well as their participation in dancing and activities. If you plan to have a specific area of your home designated for dancing during your Halloween party, it is essential to select appropriate music for this area, while reserving a separate sound system and playlist for the rest of the party.

For Dance Areas:

  • Keep music fast, upbeat and relatable.
  • Whether its contemporary club music, or hits from the 1970's, cater your music to your crowd. Selecting songs you think most of your guests have heard and would like can help prevent lulls in their participation. Consider your guests' age, location and what they like to do for fun when deciding which music to play.
  • If your guests are within a wide range of ages and styles, mix in several types of dance music. Having at least several songs that will appeal to everyone will not only help include all party-goers in your dance party, but also allow guests to have fun experiencing new genres of music as well.
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For Main Areas Of The Party:

  • Music played throughout your home in areas not meant to act as a dance floor should still be upbeat, but avoid pounding techno, loud rock, or other excessive and overly energetic musical genres.
  • Party guests should be able to comfortably hold a conversation without needing to yell over loud music, or feel strange standing still against otherwise hyper and fast-paced songs.
  • Switch between classic Halloween tracks, contemporary music and any classics you think your guests might like.
  • You can also adjust your Halloween playlist based on your particular theme. Elegant Halloween parties can include classical music with haunting melodies, scary Halloween parties can play spooky sound effects and costume contest parties can play classic comical Halloween songs.

Dim Your Lights

Lighting is essential to setting the mood for your Halloween party. Just before your guests arrive, consider making some of the following adjustments to lighting fixtures around your home:

  • Remove several light bulbs from chandeliers for a dimmed effect when turned on. This can also create the perfect haunted house look for scary Halloween parties.
  • Switch out regular light bulbs with much lower watt levels. Soft, subtle lighting is not only more flattering, but can also help guests feel encouraged to dance or participate in party activities, without appearing to be in the spotlight.
  • Try using strings of orange or purple lights for an extra festive touch. Avoid using them in areas where food will be served and eaten, as guests would like to see their plates.

Hire A Bartender For Halloween Parties

While it may seem like an extravagance, hiring a bartender for your Halloween party can be a real time and effort saver. If you plan to mix and hand out drinks to your guests all night, chances are you will either end up stuck behind a counter all night, or leaving guests without a drink while you try to enjoy your party. Make the process of enjoying a Halloween beverage more enjoyable for yourself and your guests by hiring a friend or a local party bartender to manage the drinks for you.

Mingle With All Your Guests

Always remember to meet with each guest at least three times during your party. When they first arrive, greet them at the door, or find them inside once you know they have entered the party, making them feel welcome. At least once during the party, be sure to say hello, ask if they are enjoying themselves and catch up. Lastly, always do your best to say goodbye to each guest before they leave. Party-goers will remember and appreciate your cordial host or hostess manners, and you'll be able to keep tabs on how many people have arrived and left the party.

Keep Pets Out Of Sight

Lastly, make sure no one's experience at your party is impaired by an allergic reaction to your pets, or simply tripping over one as they walk around your house. Keep all pets out of sight during the party, unless a guest specifically asks to see them. Rather than subjecting anyone to sneezing, itchy eyes or a running nose from cat or dog dander, or the embarrassment of a spilt drink or worse from tripping on a pet, keep your party animal free.

Last Updated: September 1, 2011
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