Kids' Valentine's Day Party Checklist

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be an adult’s only affair. Get your kids into the loving spirit with an amazing Valentine’s Day party.

1. Guest List And Invitations

Start planning a successful kids’ party by choosing a group of kids who all get along well together and sending out invitations:

  • Invite only as many kids as your space can accommodate.
  • If your children are young, keep guest list small to avoid over stimulating everyone involved.
  • Keep life simple by planning your party at an hour when you’ll only have to serve snacks, rather than a full dinner.
  • Send out invitations two to three weeks in advance.
  • Feel free to use e-mail or regular mail invitations.
  • Ask guests’ parents to explain any food allergies their kids may have in their RSVP.

2. Decorations

When it comes to kids decorations, keep things simple and easy. You’ll create a party atmosphere in no time with these quick touches:

  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Red, pink and white balloons (if kids are old enough for this not to be a choking issue)
  • Valentine’s Day themed paper plates, paper cups, napkins and disposable tablecloth
  • A Valentine’s Day banner.

3. Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Party Foods

When guests arrive, be sure to have lots of fun holiday-themed and colored foods for them to enjoy such as:

  • Strawberries (plain or chocolate covered)
  • Red bell pepper slices on a heart shaped plate or arranged in the shape of a heart
  • Heart shaped cookies, peanut butter sandwiches or grilled cheese
  • Red velvet cake or cupcakes
  • Candy hearts
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Red and pink jelly beans or M&Ms
  • Cherry or pomegranate juice with a piece of red licorice as a straw.

4. Party Games, Crafts And Activities

Without structure, any kids’ party will quickly deteriorate into screaming chaos. Keep guests entertained and avoid a splitting headache with some of these ideas:

  • Valentine station: Prepare a table with everything kids need to make their own special valentines. Be sure to have pretty colored paper, glue sticks, doilies, glitter, markers, ribbons, sequins, faux jewels and other decorations.
  • Candy hunt: Hide wrapped Valentine’s Day candy in a designated hunt area and let kids search for it.
  • Guess how many: Fill a glass jar with candy hearts and have kids guess how many candies are in the jar. The one who comes the closest wins a prize.
  • Guess who made you smile: Kids old enough to read and write can play this game. Write each child’s name on a piece of paper and put the papers in a hat or bowl. Each child draws a name and writes something nice about that child on the back. All the slips of paper go back into the hat. The host then reads all the compliments and the kids have to guess who wrote each nice thing.
  • Cookie Decorating: Have lots of decorative icings and small candies on hand to let kids ice and decorate their own cookies.
  • Bake Valentine’s Day Treats: Supervise kids and let them help make a simple recipe for cookies or cupcakes.
  • A Loving Cause: Let kids create valentines for nursing home residents or soldiers, or assemble care packages for soldiers overseas, hospitalized kids or people in homeless shelters. Kids might also want to assemble care packages of dog or cat treats to bring to a local animal shelter.

5. Party Favors

When the party is over send guests home with some little reminders of all the fun they had. Here are a few ideas for party favors young guests will love:

  • Heart shaped sunglasses
  • Valentine’s stickers
  • Soft red plush Valentine’s Day footballs
  • Valentine’s slap bracelets
  • Chocolate kisses
  • Plush mini red or pink stuffed animals with heart themes
  • Miniature pink or red rubber duckies with hearts
  • Valentine’s day themed pencils or pens
  • Light-up or glow in the dark Valentine’s day jewelry
  • Sticky hearts
  • Heart erasers
  • Heart stampers
  • Valentine’s day comic books or coloring books.


Last Updated: February 22, 2013
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