Mason Jar Craft Ideas

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Mason jars aren't just for canning produce. These sturdy little jars are perfect for all kinds of craft projects.

Home & Spa Mason Jar Crafts

Homey mason jars are perfect for creating your own unique household and spa gifts. Fill them with attractive, aromatic or useful items and tie with pretty ribbons and bows for a nice presentation. You may want to try some of these ideas the next time gift-giving occasions arise:

  • Bath salts and soaks: Fill Mason jar with your favorite bath salts or soaks. Add a personalized label and top with a color-coordinated bow or ribbon.
  • Liquid soap dispenser: Drill a hole in the Mason jar lid, just large enough for a soap dispenser pump. Fill jar with your favorite liquid soap, and add a personalized label if you'd like.
  • Sugar or salt scrubs: Fill a Mason jar with your favorite sugar or salt scrub, or make your own variety. Add label and ribbon if desired.
  • Terrariums: Line the bottom of a clean, dry mason jar with small pebbles, activated charcoal and then potting soil. Add sheet moss or other small plants and some tiny decorative figures if you'd like. You may need some kind of a stick such as a chopstick or skewer to arrange everything the way you'd like. Water gently and cover. Don't forget to water your terrarium occasionally once it's done.
  • Sewing kit jar: Fill your Mason jar with sewing essentials such as spools of thread, safety pins, snaps, buttons, small scissors, thimbles and needles. For a nice added touch, glue a pincushion to the jar lid.
mason jar crafts ideas decorations lighting mason jar crafts ideas decorations lighting

  • Pet treat jar: Treat your favorite pet (and his or her owner) to a Mason jar filled with non-perishable pet treats and perhaps a small toy, collar or collar charm.
  • Tea lover's jar: Fill the Mason jar with exotic loose tealeaves or a selection of tea bags in delicious flavors. You may also want to add a tea ball or some honey sticks.
  • Coffee lover's jar: Fill jar with whole coffee beans or dry freshly ground ones.
  • Mason Vases: For this easy gift, just fill a Mason jar with fresh flowers and water.
  • Travel cups: Drill a hole in the lid for a straw.
  • Beach jars: Fill Mason jars with beach glass, river rocks, seashells or a combination of these.
  • Sand art jars: Use sand of various colors to create unique patterns that fill your mason jar.

Seasonal & Holiday Mason Jar Crafts

Holidays all year round offer lots of great opportunities for seasonal festive Mason jar crafts. On Halloween, thrill your friends and family of all ages with these spooky craft ideas:

  • Jack-o-Lantern luminaries: Paint your mason jar translucent orange, except for a black Jack-o-lantern face. Light a candle in the jar to give the features an eerie glow.
  • Haunted jar terrarium: Start as you would a regular jar terrarium, by lining the bottom of your jar with pebbles, charcoal and soil. Then add moss, bare twigs, a toy tombstone and a creepy monster figure or two.
  • Spooky candy jars: Fill mason jars with candy corn and other holiday candy. Decorate the outside of the jar by painting ghost, pumpkin or witch silhouettes and tie with black and orange ribbons.

Winter holiday jars make frosty, festive gifts and decorations:

  • Snow globe: Glue snowmen or Santa figurines and/or miniature faux Christmas trees to the inside of the Mason jar lid with epoxy and leave overnight to dry. The next day, fill mason jar with water, three drops of liquid glycerin and some silver or white glitter. Screw the lid back on, turn upside down, shake and enjoy.
  • Christmas goodies jars: Fill jar with powdered hot cocoa mix, peppermints, mini Christmas cookies or Christmas candies and top with red or green bows.
  • Christmas ball or jingle bell jar: Arrange an assortment of mini Christmas ball ornaments and/or jingle bells in a Mason jar.
  • Hanukkah treat jar: Fill Mason jar with Hanukkah gelt (foil covered chocolate coins), mini toy dreidels and colorful Hanukkah candles. Tie a blue ribbon on top.

Don't forget Mason jars for other holiday crafts:

  • Thanksgiving: Try baking mini pumpkin breads or pies in a Mason jar and when it cools, decorate with Native American style feathers.
  • Valentine's day: Fill jars with candy hearts or pink, red and white M&M's and decorate with ribbons.
  • St. Patrick's Day: Give a Mason jar filled with shamrocks, green candies and favors such as pens, bracelets, buttons and tie with green or shamrock patterned ribbon.
  • Easter: A jar filled with chocolate eggs, fake grass and decorated with bunny ears will make your kids smile.
  • Memorial Day & Fourth of July Mason Jars: Use red, white and blue sand to create fun kids crafts for Memorial Day, centerpieces and candleholders. 

Lighted Mason Jar Crafts

The shiny clear glass surface of Mason jars works especially well with lighted crafts. Here are a few ways to light up your Mason jars:

  • Place a candle inside for a simple, elegant candleholder.
  • Create hanging lanterns by attaching wire hanging-loops around the top of your candleholder jars. You can also put in strings of white Christmas lights for summer "firefly" jars.
  • Design beautiful luminaries by covering jars in lace and ribbon, and then lighting them from within using a candle or battery-powered light.
  • Convert your jar into an oil lamp by filling it with lamp oil and potpourri. Drill a hole in the lid and bring a wick up through the hole.
  • With a conversion kit, use mason jars to replace the existing bulb covers of your chandelier.

Delicious Mason Jar Gifts

Since Mason jars were designed for storing and preserving food, they're perfect for edible, artfully presented craft gifts. Try a few of these yummy craft ideas:

  • Cakes, pies or dinner rolls baked in the jar
  • Decorative dry cake or bread mixes
  • Classic jams, preserves and jellies.

Mason jars are so versatile and fun to work with that once you get started, you'll probably want to have these little jars on hand for every occasion.

Last Updated: April 30, 2012
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