Mason Jar Wedding Craft Ideas

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It’s hard to say whether it’s the simple, vintage style, or the rustic, casual feel of Mason jars that gives them so much romantic flair, but either way, these extremely versatile glass jars can be used in numerous ways to enliven your wedding ceremony and reception. Inexpensive and easily found, Mason jars are perfect for holding flowers or providing accent lighting on your big day. And of course, you can use them to serve drinks for a casual, fun touch at the bar or on the table.

Mason Jars For Lighting Weddings

Mason jars look so romantic when used for lighting. Try some of the following ideas for beautiful, glowing accents in your wedding décor.

  • Cluster a group of jars in the center of the dining tables. Make a bow of twisted raffia ribbon around each jar’s neck, then layer glass stones in the jars’ bottoms. Fill the jars 2/3 up with water, and set a floating tea light in each jar.
  • Add magic to your ceremony with Mason jar candleholders attached to the outer edge of the chairs along the bride’s aisle. For safety, use battery operated candles for this one. Wind heavy ribbon very tightly around the jars necks, leaving a loop for hanging. Pour an inch or two of colored sand, fine gravel or glass stones into the bottom of the jars to hold the candle in place. Hang the lights from the chairs using hooks or ribbon.
  • For a glorious, yet so simple centerpiece, create a wide ribbon of small and large Mason jars down the center of your table, clustering the jars together to make a runner-like display at least 12 inches wide. Don’t set the jars in a rigidly straight line; let the edges be a little bit uneven. Set a long-burning votive candle in each jar.
  • Combine romance, simplicity and a vintage sentimentality by wrapping a length of wide lace around a Mason jar. Use a thin line of glue to hold the lace in place. Set a votive candle in a smaller glass holder in the jar, and use several to light your reception tables.

Mason Jars For Flowers

Glass jars are a natural for use as vases. Create beautiful table displays with Mason jars filled with flowers.

  • Group several jars in the center of each table, and tie a ribbon around the entire cluster to hold them together. Fill the jars with flowers, letting the blooms intermingle and tangle together. Use both small and large jars together for the most interesting display.
  • Layer a two-inch wide strip of burlap around the center of a Mason jar, using a dab of glue to hold it in place. Tie a one-inch wide satin ribbon over the burlap, creating a large bow. Fill with flowers.
  • For an unusual display that would be perfect at a casual, outdoor wedding, cut citrus fruit into thin slices. Layer the slices into Mason jars, filling the jars 2/3 with citrus, and then adding enough water to cover the slices. Slip a few cheerful flowers, such as daisies or sunflowers, into each jar, letting the fruit hold the flowers in place.
  • If you have formal seating at your wedding, mark the table numbers with Mason jar centerpieces. Just use a stencil to paint numbers on Mason jars, then set on the tables and fill with flowers that match your wedding’s color theme.
  • Wind raffia twine around a Mason jar, circling several times until you have created a thick band around the jar. Use small dabs of glue to hold the raffia in place, and finish with a large bow. Fill the jar with flowers.

Mason Jars For Serving Food or Drinks

Mason jars are wonderful for serving food or drinks. Liven up your reception with cutely decorated jars to add casual, fun flair.

  • Tie a colorful ribbon around the necks of small Mason jars, and add a brightly colored straw to serve cocktails or lemonade.
  • Serve dessert in a jar. Start with small Mason jars, then layer cut fruit or berries, whipped cream and small pieces of pound cake until the jar is full. Screw the lid back on, and tie a thin ribbon around the neck of the jar to hold a spoon in place for serving. Set the jars on the table, or at the serving buffet.
  • Serve fruit salad or pasta salad in small Mason jars, with a thin raffia ribbon around the jar’s neck.

Mason Jars For Table Décor

You can create delightful table décor with Mason jars to use as favors, or just to make the table look special.

  • Show off an engagement photo of the happy couple, and create a unique table piece. Simply place a 4 x 6 glossy photo in a Mason jar, trimming if necessary. Black and white or sepia-tone photos look especially wonderful, creating an old-fashioned appearance that goes well with the jars. Fill the jar with vegetable oil to cover the photo, then drop a few sprigs of rosemary into the jar in the space behind the picture. Screw the lid on tightly, and place on the reception tables.
  • Create wedding favors with the smallest size Mason jar. Fill with candy, and cover the top of the jar with a square piece of lace. Use ribbon to tie around the jar’s neck, holding the lace in place. Set at each spot at the table.
  • Personalize your wedding favors by creating jar labels on your computer with the couple’s names, date of marriage, and a headline such as “Spread the Love” or “Love is Sweet.” Print out the labels, and glue to the front of small Mason jars. Fill the jars with jam, and screw the lids on tightly. Tie a ribbon around each jar.

Mason jars are so versatile, you are sure to come up with several more ways to use them at your wedding. Their cheerful, casual vibe works well at any wedding that is a little bit more laid back than the traditional, formal affair.

Last Updated: August 1, 2012
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