Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

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Make mom smile with a few decorations that let her know just how much she means to you. Mother’s Day decorations don’t have to be fancy and decorating shouldn’t break the bank. Keep decorations colorful and simple. Show mom how much you really care with a few balloons, some bright banners, a sunny table setting and some fresh flowers.

Easy Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

To make Mother’s Day a happy one, keep the decorations simple and start by giving mom the gift of a clean house. Nothing makes a mom more relaxed than a clean home, especially if she didn’t have to do the cleaning. This may also be a good time to tackle some of those big chores and give mom some needed rest and relaxation.


Once the house is clean, make a big impression by hanging a banner across one wall. The banner can be made from one large piece of paper, several smaller pieces of paper taped together or an old sheet. Along with a wish for a happy Mother’s Day, the banner can include:

  • Pictures drawn by children and grandchildren
  • Family photos
  • A collage of mom’s favorite things or special events in her life
  • Signatures and well wishes from family members


Cards are another favorite for Mother’s Day. It’s always easy to go out and buy a card, but a card has special meaning when it is handmade. Hand drawings, computer artwork, fabric crafts and cutout magazine collages are fun ways to create a unique card for mom.


Another way to create a festive atmosphere is to hang streamers, garlands and balloons. Here are some ideas:

  • String paper flowers together to create streamers.
  • Hang balloons from the ceiling. To keep the balloon pointing down, put a marble in the balloon before blowing it up.
  • Cut hearts out of paper lace doilies to create a garland.
mothers day decoration ideas ideal home garden mothers day decoration ideas ideal home garden

If a lunch or dinner meal is planned for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to set the table. A table can be transformed with a fresh tablecloth and a few placemats. If there will be lots of children at the party, consider using paper plates. If a more formal dinner is planned, get out the best china and polish the silver.

Top off your Mother’s Day decorations with a few pictures of mom. Find pictures that put mom in the most flattering light so that she always looks her best. Arrange the pictures on a wall or on a table. It is fun to put a piece of paper and a pen next to each picture so that everyone can write their own caption.

May Baskets For Mother’s Day

May baskets are gifts of flowers and sweet treats that are anonymously hung on doors in the springtime. May baskets can also be used as decorative Mother’s Day decorations. Besides hanging May baskets on door knobs, May baskets can also be hung on the backs of chairs and used to hold presents for each party guest. May baskets can also be used for door prizes or for guests to take home. Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day May baskets:

  • Create mason jar gift sets. Fill a mason jar with candy, cosmetics, bath salts, cookies or other small items you know she needs/wants. Seal the jar, and tie with a decorative ribbon.
  • Decorate small clear plastic cups with handles. Fill with nuts and bite size chocolate pieces.
  • Plant a small herb plant in a mason jar or decorative pot.
  • Fill a cone shaped basket with fresh flowers and mom’s favorite crafting supplies (for example, crocket hooks, sewing needles, magnifying glasses, glues and paints).

Flower Arrangements For Mother’s Day

Give the table a happy and relaxing atmosphere with a floral centerpiece. When designing a flower arrangement for the table, keep in mind that the centerpiece should not obstruct your guest’s view of each other. Also, because it’s Mother’s Day, make the centerpiece personal and an expression of your family’s appreciation of mom.

All flower arrangements need some type of container. There may already be vases or bowls stashed away around the house that would make the perfect centerpiece. It’s also easy to make an attractive vase. Turn any jar or can into an elegant vase by:

  • Gluing strings of pearls to a container.
  • Filling clear vases with buttons, shells or marbles.
  • Wrapping glass jars with paper, string, yarn or fabric.
  • Painting the inside of a clear glass vase to create “milk glass”

Mother’s Day Centerpieces

A Mother’s Day centerpiece can be as unique as mom. Traditionally, flowers used for Mother’s Day include roses, tulips, calla lilies, Gerbera daises and Peruvian lilies. But, the best Mother’s Day flower is the one that is mom’s favorite. A centerpiece can also be more than just flowers. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Cutout pictures of children and grandchildren, frame with a cutout flower and put on a stick or floral wire.
  • Make flowers using cut and folded paper. Paper can be folded to look like roses or mums.
  • Make a hanging mobile of flowers to hang over the table.
  • Create a centerpiece from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mother’s Day is a special time for families to spend time together. Make it a special day for mom by surprising her with a clean house, a hearty and healthy meal, and some simple but meaningful decorations.

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Last Updated: March 29, 2012
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