Natural Christmas Door Decorations

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If you enjoy the beauty of nature as much as the colors and sights of the holiday season, then natural Christmas décor is the style for you. Combine the rich color of winter berries, branches and leaves with a few key pieces of holiday décor to create your own unique and stylish front door decorations.


When creating natural Christmas décor for your front door and entryway, select from the following materials:

  • Cranberries
  • Twigs
  • Branches
  • Pine
  • Burlap
  • Yarn
  • Seashells, Starfish
  • Pinecones
  • Moss
  • Stones, Pebbles
  • Poinsettia
  • Magnolia Leaves
  • Faux Coral

Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Front Door Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Front Door Natural Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Front Door


Natural Christmas wreaths have become increasingly popular as an alternative to more traditional options. Swap highly stylized ornaments and accessories for natural replacements, and discover just how creative you can become with décor found in nature (or your local craft store).

  • Twig wreaths are very common in the natural Christmas style, and often replace traditional pine wreaths. Check your local craft store for a twig wreath base (plain, undecorated twigs, wrapped in a circle), or try making your own. Just be sure you’re using twigs with enough give to be bent without breaking.

Natural Christmas Door Decorations

  • Once you have your twig wreath, leave it plain for a minimalist, natural look, or decorate it with twine, leaves, cranberries and/or pinecones, just like you would with traditional Christmas ornaments.
  • Yarn provides another option for replacing common pine wreaths. Purchase a foam wreath base from your craft store. Select one or several colors of yarn with which you would like to wrap the foam wreath. White, tan, red and green all look nice combined, or on their own when making a natural wreath. Glue the end of the string of yarn to the foam base, then begin wrapping the yarn around the foam. Continue wrapping until the foam is completely covered, leaving you with a yarn wreath. Leave plain, or decorate with natural Christmas décor.
  • For a leaf wreath, purchase a foam wreath base from the craft store. Glue magnolia leaves onto the wreath until the foam is completely covered. Accent with cranberries, pinecones, poinsettia flowers or ribbons for a twist on the traditional pine wreath.

Natural Christmas Door Decorations

  • Moss wreaths are a beautiful take on natural décor, and are still easy to create. Purchase a foam wreath base from the craft store, along with faux moss. Glue the moss to the foam until it is completely covered. Use your favorite natural Christmas décor to accent the wreath, including cranberries, twigs, pinecones, magnolia leaves, poinsettia and even small faux birds.
  • Pebble or stone wreaths are another option, and work well in mountain homes with stone siding. Purchase a large sheet of craft foam, along with a package of decorative stones in grey and/or black and brown shades. Cut out the shape of a wreath from the foam, then glue stones to one side. Glue a ribbon to the back of the wreath so it can be hung, and accessorize with any other natural décor you prefer.
  • Nautical Christmas wreaths are popular for Cape Cod style homes, and anyone who lives near the ocean. Begin with a twig or pine garland, then accessorize with a combination of marine and Christmas décor. Wrap a thin rope around the wreath to replace a garland, hang small seashells and starfish in place of ornaments, and add small, blue Christmas decorations to tie in the color of the sea.
  • Rather than merely accessorizing your wreath with pinecones, you can create a wreath made entirely out of them. Begin with a foam wreath base, and glue small to medium sized pinecones to it until completely covered.


Along with natural Christmas décor on your front door, add touches to your entryway and porch railings to tie the theme together.

  • Wrap a large, nautical rope around railings with, or in place of, a pine garland. Hang pine boughs from the rope for added color and greenery.
  • Use white lights on a white wire if you would like string lights with the rope.
  • Hang seashells and starfish from the rope and/or garland in place of traditional ornaments.
  • Wrap twine around the top of pinecones for a DIY Christmas garland, and string across your front railings.
  • Tie pine boughs to a length of ribbon or twine for a DIY pine garland.


Top off your natural Christmas décor with beautiful displays around your front door and entryway.

  • Fill large pots with tall branches found around your yard. Hang berries, pinecones and natural ornaments from the branches.
  • Wrap pine, pinecone or leaf garlands around the base of pots, and around wall sconce lighting fixtures by the front door.
  • Hang a pine bough with pinecones and berries from the bottom of wall mounted lighting fixtures.
  • Drape a garland over the doorway accented with natural Christmas décor.
  • Line the walkway or staircase leading to your front door with lanterns. Place flameless candles inside, surrounded by pinecones, berries and leaves.


Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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