New Year’s Eve Party Black & Gold Decoration Ideas

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It's New Year's Eve, and the expectations are high. If you are ringing in the new year with a party at your home, wow your guests with a sophisticated, black and gold color scheme that sets the tone for a night to remember.Plan your decorations well in advance of your party, so you have plenty of time to shop for necessary items, as well as place orders for anything that will need to be delivered.

Decorate The Table Area

The food area is always center stage at a party, so be sure to liven yours up with plenty of sparkle and interest.

  • Start with a black tablecloth to set off everything on top, then add gold plates, cups, and utensils for easy cleanup when the party is over.
  • Spark up the color scheme with a glass centerpiece bowl filled with glass ball ornaments. Mix larger gold balls with smaller black ornaments for a sophisticated look. If you can’t find black ornaments at the store, easily make your own by pouring black paint into a clear ornament.
  • Toss a few handfuls of gold metallic star-shaped confetti on the table, scattering it across the black surface.

Create your own party favors with a few simple household items.

  • Cut empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls into 3-inch sections.
  • Fold sheets of black and gold tissue paper around the tubes, allowing for an inch or so of extra length on each end.
  • Twist the tissue at the bottom of the tube to create a tail.
  • Tie a length of gold curling ribbon around the tissue tail.
  • Fill the tube with chocolate kisses, M&M's, Tootsie Rolls or other small candies.
  • Twist the tissue paper at the top of the roll, and tie another length of curling ribbon to hold the tube closed.
  • Display the party favors on your food tables for guests to enjoy as treats.

Makeover The Christmas Tree

If you still have your Christmas tree up, transform it for New Year’s Eve celebrating as the centerpiece for your party decorating.

  • Replace the Christmas decorations with glass ball ornaments in gold and black.
  • Use gold tinsel or beaded garlands to wrap around the tree.
  • Twinkling white lights will add a nice glow to your party.
  • Replace your Christmas topper with a New Year’s sign welcoming the change in large gold numerals.
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Decorate With Balloons And Streamers

  • Helium-filled latex balloons are a great way to create a festive party look in your home without taking up space. Purchase one or two dozen black and gold balloons printed with "Happy New Year’s", and let them drift up against the ceiling with their curling ribbon ties hanging down.
  • Use metallic paper star garland to accent your fireplace mantel, curtain rods, and the top edges of tall furniture.
  • Gold hanging swirl decorations streaming down from your overhead light fixtures will add a party vibe to your front entry and main party room. Curl gold ribbon and tie to light fixtures for quick and inexpensive hanging décor.

Remember The Bathroom And Coat Room

Be sure to add some party sparkle to your guest bathroom and the area guests will be leaving their coats and purses.

  • Light some candles in the bathroom. Keep your color scheme going with gold candles on black holders.
  • Set out disposable hand towels with gold metallic designs.
  • Decorate the coat area with a New Year's banner and a few streamers.

Resolution Board

Most people make resolutions for the new year. Give a little more staying power to those goals by sharing them with others.

  • Set up a large, black poster board near the main party area. Tape the board to the wall, or set it on an easel.
  • Provide gold metallic ink pens to your guests, and encourage everyone to write their resolutions on the poster board without signing their name.
  • Have everyone guess who made each resolution.
  • Guests with similar resolutions can help provide each other with encouragement and support in reaching their goals.

For Your Guests

Hats and noisemakers are a must for New Year's Eve. Be sure to have plenty of both in gold and black so your guests will be ready in style when the ball drops.

  • Gold tiaras, hats and crowns are in abundant supply in party shops, often decorated with "Happy New Year’s!", feathers or sequins.
  • Masks are another fun option. Provide a selection of black and gold masquerade masks adorned with feathers and trim. Your guests will love the slightly mysterious and entirely special feeling of wearing a mask as the clock ticks down to 12:00.
  • Inexpensive strings of black and gold beads add to the dressed-up glamour. Just be sure to have enough for each guest at the party.
  • In the final minutes of the countdown, pass noisemakers to your guests. Black and gold blowouts, clappers, trumpets and confetti poppers will create an explosion of sound to welcome a brand-new year.

Make your New Year's Eve party a glamorous and fun ending to the old year. Keep your celebration lively and sophisticated with a black and gold color scheme that will start off the next year in style.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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